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  1. ok and i know i'm nto the only one that has this issue but every time i try and resing in on the marketplace even if i click remember me on this computer i get signed out is ll labs gonna ever fix this
  2. First i have off lines turned off in my account and also i can tell the difference between a fake email and a real one. So that's how i know when i get supposed offline messages
  3. OK one last question how long does it normally take for ll labs to look into reports and do something about it and no it wouldn't be i have off lines turned off
  4. hello i have an avatar in world that keeps threatening and has already tried to hack my account once by sending illicit programs to my email address two things i am wondering can ll labs do anything about this i have reported him for the threats but i'm not sure if i can for the attempt at my account from sending fake ll labs emails if anyone can answer this ie preferable a linden i would greatfull thanks you one last thing i am wondering is there any way to stop people seeing my email on my dashboard??
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