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  1. Imnotgoing Sideways wrote: My name is sillier than yours. () Hello Miss Imnotgoing Sideways. I have posted that my name was chosen with Germanic seriousness because I like internet written word performance and my Spitzname when I work in England is Knotter but it is pronounced with the o as a u like my real name and everybody laughs for different reasons but I do not mind. I am here to entertain and make some people think greatly. Knot
  2. Phil Deakins wrote: I only started using this forum again not many days ago. If there's something I should know, please tell me - publically or privately. You call me new? I laugh greatly!!!!! I tell you something you should know. Everybody should be careful when they post after a holiday or they resemble a hypocrite or stupid even if they are just ignorant. Knot
  3. Freecilla Kuhn wrote: Some people that pose questions just don't know where to post them so they post them in the wrong place but still it's not like they killed anyone so it doesn't really matter, we could just as easily choose to ignore it or send them a private message rather than blasting them in public. People are people we all amke mistakes some times. The good part is a question that has an absolute answer gets answered and the post does not go on and on for pages, next. However there are times when a question is answered here, (that should have been posted in the question area) but now others have the option to go beyond just the basic answer to expand the topic with differing perspectives that the correct answer does not even touch. I think this is a good thing since it promotes a more thoughtful understanding not just of the way things ARE but the way they could be seen, used, shared and built upon. Do you think it is rude to explain to someone for other lurkers to see that there is an Answers section for technical facts not opinions? I think it is better than the thread disappearing with no explanation because Mister Linden has decided it is in the wrong place and deletes it. Does what you say mean you think that the Answers section should be closed down because General Discussions is better? Knot
  4. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: What is all this 'universal feed' and 'trending'? I'm completely lost on all this now. On my.secondlife.com you have a Home page which has a Following tab and a Trending tab. The Trending tab steals posts that people share on their own Profile if they are loved two times. This means that lovers and advertisers can be Trending as you can love your own post and so it need only one more love to be Trending so Mister Linden publishes it for everyone to notice. Sorry for posting an Answer in a Discussion forum!!!!! Knot
  5. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Knotter Blogfan wrote: ...Do you think that General Discussions does not have enough Discussions? Why? Please re-post your question in the 'Answers' section They can not give me an Answer there only an opinion. So I ask people to discuss their opinions here. Knot
  6. Phil Deakins wrote: What bigger picture, Storm? He's new to the forum, and he's already telling people to go and post elsewhere - more than once - because *he* only wants discussions and not questions here. I believe that it's just a game to him (even his childish "Mister this" and "Mister that" is just his silly game) and, even when I was writting my first post in this thread, I did realise that I may be doing exactly what he wants for his game. But that's irrelevant. What is a game to him could well affect those he objects to. E.g. someone started a thread to ask something. He tells them to go and post elsewhere, and not here. That could well negatively affect the poster's use of this forum. Good game, eh? I am not new to the forum. Look and see when I register. Because I choose to watch before I post does not make me new and it means I read the Guidelines better than you Mister Phil Deakins or do you prefer that I am not so polite? I read the Guidelines and it says "Off Topic Content: Please keep your commentary relevant to the discussion and within the format that the forum, board or question and answer area require." This is what Mister Linden says not Knotter Blogfan. Mister Linden makes a General Discussion subforum and says it must be for General Discussions not Answers to Questions that is another section on its own. Because I lurk before I post I know that you ask Questions that Mister Linden should answer but does not in Answers and Questions that Residents should give opinions on in General Discussions. If Mister Rod Linden comes to General Discussions and says he thinks there should be more games in Second Life I can disagree with his opinion. If Mister Noob Knowall says in Answers you must press the alt key three time to make your avatar invisible I can not say he is wrong. Do you understand the difference? Perhaps it is lunchtime in England now. Knot
  7. Venus Petrov wrote: What is 'enough'? Is there a special number or do you seek quality over quantity? I like the numbers 7 and 2. I read that the Native Aboriginal people of Australia count "One, two, many" because that is the great concept in sheep. I am German and I count "Insufficient, enough, too many" because that is efficient. Knot
  8. Phil Deakins wrote: What *you* want is irrelevant. Au contraire Mister Phil Deakins. A statement of what I want is 100% relevant to this forum. Your statement is 0% relevant because it is 100% wrong because you can only say what you think, not what you think other people think. If you say that you think what I want is irrelevant then you are 100% correct. When you say that an opinion is 100% correct or is 100% incorrect then you are wrong. It can be correct or incorrect for you but that does not make it correct or incorrect for anyone else. I hope this is not too difficult for you to understand before you have lunch. Some English people I notice do not eat breakfast and their brains do not greatly work in the morning. Germans get annoyed but we do not get angry except when people cheat at football. Knot
  9. MargieG wrote: Hi Knot - not sure what this means but story sounds intriguing. Do tell me more. MargG There used to be a Void in our Second Life. Now there is a void where a Void used to be. Look here and here. Perhaps we have a wake. Knot
  10. It is not a bug but what psychologists call a nudge. Mister Linden does not want you to delete friends. He wants everyone in SL to love everyone else. In the next version of Profiles everybody will be your friend by default and you will not be able to delete them. Knot
  11. It is difficult to email you if your email address has been deleted. It is specifically allowed for you to advertise yourself with an email address in your signature so perhaps you wish to do that. Knot
  12. I come to General Discussions to hear opinions and feelings and philosophy not to suffer the ennui of technological fact. While I lurk it seems there is not so much answering starting "I think" because people ask questions that have answers. These questions are greatly better in the Answers section. Go away those people. I want discussion here not boring instructions. Do you think that General Discussions does not have enough Discussions? Why?
  13. We now mourn the death of a poster called Void who has had her heart ripped out by Mister Linden. Please return after the period of mourning. It will be a long time. Knot
  14. Perrie Juran wrote: But it can be amazing what effect a few customer comments on Facebook can do. Of all things, Sam's Club deciding not to carry a Bible!! http://news.cnet.com/8301-13772_3-57330639-52/brick-breaker-lego-bible-too-racy-for-sams-club/ I followed the link and noticed this which has nice images and makes me understand that there are censors all over the entertainment world. Knot
  15. Venus Petrov wrote: I am just wondering aloud here. Should all Linden staff who interact with residents or who have in their responsibility to interact with residents have their profile feed open for comments? Yes or no? ETA: Not directed to only you Knot, but to anyone who wishes to comment. I looked shortly at Rodvik Linden and Linden Lab and Viale Linden. Only Viale is closed to everyone I think. Knot
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