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  1. theres no sarcasm in it at all..LL is one issue to take.. i cant say for the sim owner.. who knows? put it down to experience perhaps.. i cannot say my 4 years in sl has been all smooth as either..
  2. I am in no way taking sides here at all, I am just suggesting that the mall owner might be on holidays, in hospital, or even jail lol, that might explain why they havent logged in, but if they were on holidays, they could have at least cheked their emails to see if they had any.. Oh, and please feel free to ring LL about your problem, and then if nothing happens may i suggest a good lawyer to you ?
  3. depends how low spec you mean...it also depends if you want graphics, you can use a text based browser such as metabolt (listed in the tpv list) to runs models etc from and you dont need a powerful pc at all I have run a petium 4 quite successfully with graphics...even a celeron will do if you dont need good grafix..
  4. I normally do not log in at this time i have, but i thought i would comment.. I do not have any land or build in SL at the present, maybe mesh might change that as you can use blender, Yes, even I have seen a lot of people in RL scale back a lot of their investment in SL, maybe due to to finances in the the real world, maybe they are unhappy about something in SL..I hardly see any moving avatars in SL anymore if i log in..(moving avatars meaning walking around, not just posing or dancing) and yes there are very few new one name avatars around really, i just think they are existing customers trying out the new one name avies.. Grid performance, well, tricky area for me as i do not know much about it...but what i have seen . I use the currrent SL viewer on a pentium D, thats a little like riding a dinosaur.. but mostly, lag is minimal, in fact its mostly client side (me), and i had a sim crossing the other day and i didnt really notice it, as much as i used to anyway.. But i have to say that actual customer participation in the enjoyment of the grid itself seem to be heading downwards, in my opinion, which is a complaint of the thread maker here, but that could be just a case of "im over it", or RL is taking a lot of my time".. I could not guage a response to that.. I will not say anything about mesh till i try it out. i havent yet.. Edit.. I fixed a typo.
  5. I think most sploders are against the T.O.S..best to check that firstly.
  6. give it me lol:matte-motes-big-grin:
  7. Funnily enough too, did you know that some people that play secondlife are not the same gender as their avatar ? And btw although i am a furry in SL, i actually am a human in real life ( not a furry lol )
  8. wouldn't a marriage between a furry and a human be against the TOS? :matte-motes-little-laugh:
  9. "Sometimes people want to "leave" or "take a break", but the minute they do - they realize they miss it." Quote from Cali souther. Please speak for yourself.. I am one of these people who are "taking a break" from SL, I still browse the forums every so often, hey i even logged in to sl for a few minutes this week, but as for missing it, no i don't .. neither do i miss having a toothache...or a migraine. Sorrys if this sounded negative..but i just wished to place my 2 lindens worth of comment here...
  10. the question is, how about 128 bit.. I have heard that M$ already has a going one...
  11. Although not being very knowledgeable on this, a newer higher end (professional gamer) video card will help, but these can be a little expensive for the best types, also as fast as possible internet connection definatly will help in loading times of sims, and on older cards, reducing the graphic quality in the actual browser can help.. but the machine itself sounds fine to me, actually...
  12. Quick translation ...snogging =passionate kissing..:smileywink:
  13. wow, i didnt know SL had been going that long.. I have been around SL since midway thru 2007, and so much has changed it is hardly the same grid anymore.. I have decided to give SL a rest for a while, and see what happens.. maybe i am just over it, but SL is just not the same, many people have come and gone since then...
  14. Hey I found these in my travels accross cyberspace, they could help, im not sure http://forums.furtopia.org/index.php/ http://furnation.com/ http://pounced.org/ And of course www.furaffinity.net Also there is heaps of information if you search for furries on youtube or a search engine such as google enjoy being a fur on SL ! I do ! Edit.. I fixed a typo..
  15. Hi melian, i dont actually go surfing in sl, but i sent you a notecard with surfing spots listed on it, its out of 2009, but some should be still there also here is an indoor one..the first wave at harkonne sim (137, 225, 22)
  16. Isn't there enough extortion on SL already?
  17. Well actually, a while back when there were all the lay off and the change in the outsourcing of help/support, from what I had heard, it could not have got any worse...so of course there is some improvement.
  18. dns could not resolve the host name.... I think that means that the dns.. (domain name server) could not connect to the other end (which is second life), but i cant tell you why.......
  19. Thank you dogboat, i appreciate your agreement on this issue..
  20. i have viewer 2.62, i quite often have difficultys in tp-ing, but as for crashing on logging out, once or twice , yes but not usually. ( this is the 32 bit windows version i am talking about), but i didnt know 2.63 has just been released, this might be the one you are talking about, as you didn't specify a version number.
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