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  1. hey, havent you had any training in this ? http://www.freeworldgroup.com/games/kwikgames/sheepinvaders/index2.htm It is just space invaders really lol
  2. its because in some parts of sl it is winter, like in real life, and the days are just cloudy and overcast..wait one or two days, it will clear up ! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: Edit...actually, one day i had a play with some settings, and i turned the sea water red, but that was only on my computer, i reset it it and it was normal again.. I also think pictures one and two (the castle and the beach) are quite lovely, really.
  3. Its the viewer.. i noticed the same thing... but only the lindens would know why...
  4. yes, i hope im not letting out any secrets here, but you can partner your alt !!! And it doesnt matter if they are male or female, as long as it is not a child avatar.. Oh and there are really nice and or romatic places you can get married at, or you can just have a quick pixel bang behind the building in the bushes lol
  5. In my country it is a brand of dog food
  6. Oh Yay... brokoli is nice steamed or blanched..with something like a butter sauce on it..
  7. Umm, is that you tube song in english ? hmmpf..never like tom petty songs anyway..
  8. I LOL'd when i read this... I tend to type in us international english, due to the fact i not only used a u.s typing program to learn to type, and also html editors are also in u.s. language. but the sentance...billy bob going in the pickup to get his girl from walmart...is a little strange to me, but i know what is meant.. (billy bob is going to drive to walmart to pick up his girlfiend from there) lol...
  9. not only are invisiprims broken and the prim count broken, the "/me.." typed animations dont work either for example .. /me is angry, would come out as (avatar name) is angry.. it doesnt now... also ..has the steaming music bug been fixed yet ? if not that another one... and a fifth one is that i cant select an angry looking emoticon in the postings.. I know no-one asked me, but in my opinion the browser is heading backwards...
  10. I would not be surprised if this actually does happen, but you would have to be a little silly to believe it.. btw the way, your description .."qoute" the romance fell apart faster than setting a pile of unlinked prims to physical "unqoute" made me ROFL :matte-motes-big-grin:
  11. just remember, that if any one gives you figures that include the words "up to", that can also mean none.
  12. OMFG...what about the children !!!...what will people think !
  13. Well, im guessing we are here to help, even if it is badly lol:matte-motes-big-grin:
  14. when i read this i thought of necrophilia... :matte-motes-nerdy:
  15. sounds a little like the rest of SL actually, but on saying that, i actually have found a few other newer places i personally like to visit, but they are not rp sims though.
  16. Of course not forgetting internet charges for a mobile phone..which may be cheap in the U.S, but in my country are exorbitant..dsl is cheap here, thats why i like it so much..
  17. Actually, I found with kirstens viewer, that the newer releases only worked with dual core or newer pc's, as for my linux pentium 4, i cant get any sl viewer at all to work on it now.. lol but yes, in my opinion i think LL should upgrade the specs page. (edit..i have ubuntu linux, and upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04, and now SL won't open.. hmmm.)
  18. That is a interesting link.. The question i would like to ask is..If everyone knows where the system fails, why do they still continue to use it?
  19. I didn't have anything constructive to say, except this is my 666th post lol.. woe to you, o earth and sea, for the devil sends the beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short..
  20. I was reading the forums earlier on and i laughed.. I think thats a first !!!
  21. One name that has stuck in my RL mind, was an actual avatar name, not a display one, and the name was uneed muni.
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