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  1. On the other hand, don't sign up and save 100%... I dropped mine to basic ages ago.. didn't think it was worth payin for it.. might be an idea to have it that price all the time lol Actually seriously i agree with pamela galli..support is like .. umm that is above my knowledge..goodbye.. If it was that good you woudnt need an incentive to join up..i never got one one ..
  2. yes you are correct, apparently there are a few vid cards out there that have issues with grafix, and what with a 1 gb video card..even my 5 yr old pc has that... btw a 10 yr old radeon ati 9550 with drivers from 2007 (not any later though) will still connect with earlier versions of viewer 2. I havent tried viewer 3 yet, but 18 fps is normal for me in my system..
  3. i feel that greifers are LL's way of saying.. excuse me, even though you are not doing anything wrong, we dont want you on our grid..
  4. You also forgot the other "benefits" that everyone else gets.. Lag Chat lag Griefers Event sims that dont rez, or relog a lot or are not on line "the problem must be at your computer end, not ours"..Really ? thats a new reply for "we dont know" I know this sounds a little negative, but to spend a lot of money and time on something, and then get fobbed off by lies.. no wonder people leave.. just personally, the grid is getting a lot slower in rezzing these days..and no it isnt my **bleep**ing computer end...
  5. Dont you mean "Live chat support" and not "Love chat support" ? but then again....you need something to keep you being a paid member lol
  6. and furthermore, its also true !!! http://www.kirstensviewer.com/Blog/181/__Sad_Farewell__.html
  7. Yar har har and a bottle of baileys ( i dont like rum ) Time to for to sail off i think and let someone play this lol.. P.S. heres a joke.. What do pirates have in their computer?...Pirate software of course lol
  8. oh noes i cliked on the link and got pwned by a rick roll.. aaaargg !
  9. okis okies u win... I was going to put up "Virus Alert" by Weird AL, but it either wont play in my country or i cant insert it for some strange reason.... There are some videos i could put up here, but they are a little rude..mods mightnt like it lol
  10. Okies Dres, mute away to yr hearts content !!!!! See if i care lol (well, i might a lil bit lol)
  11. Anything by the vengaboys was pretty terrible, in my opinion anyway.. oh dear cotton eye joe is barn dancing (giggles) Its been a while since i was in one let me tell you...
  12. In adult sims, yes.... oh and i ROFL'd at the sheep ones that you could get....
  13. LOL, ...isnt that the child avatar section ? I personally think though, the unicorn could have a purple mane, rather than pink.
  14. I think you can buy them inworld.. i know you can get alligator/crocodile ones...and primmy looking roosters
  15. Hm, never thought of being a plant lol...but if i was to ceate a new avatar, i think it would be a unicorn or buy one of those 4 legged horse avies i mentioned b4 (or maybe a racoon perhaps ? )
  16. I would like to register a complaint that there are not any sheep avatars on the newbie page (they are actually found in world, i bought one,) but usually i am a white rabbit, or a fox, a snake avatar is amusing, i bought one of those too lol (the 4 legged horse (not biped) avatars i have seen are pretty cool also)
  17. Interesting..the internet suffix .gp is guadalope which is in the caribean just don't click on links if you are not sure what they are..
  18. If you ping secondlife.com the ip is its hardly a secret but to get access to a server, it is possible, but you would really really need to know what you were doing... some people earn a living that way..
  19. Did u try it yourself..? if so, what happened ? You can also find info about this in your sl browser.. for example..scapoli sim is located at sim9124 agni.lindenlab.com so you know the ip adress already...
  20. Really ? go to command prompt and type in (without the "" ) "ping google.com" and see the answer you get on your screen, thats a simple test to see if you have a connected internet connection... The other bit could be a password sniffer...but it is possible they are still yanking your chain. (ever thought of just changing your password ? )
  21. interesting....the internet suffix is .gp, which is guadelope, which is in the carribean.
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