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  1. in response to my  last comment, i just removed linux 2.4 viewer and installed linux viewer 2.5 (manually, not auto-update).. I logged in ok, not checked out anything else though...

    By the way.. one of my main issues about this is as follows..the mesa drivers that i have to use with my ati radeon r 300 (9550) card have texture rendering issues..it's the only drivers that work with the card, and yes they are the current ones.. (maybe if i could get an older nvidia card)..any chance of someone further developing these ? ..thats one reason i dont use linux on here..only windows.and viewer 1.23.

  2. Danny dwyer...From what I have heard, you are not alone in these thoughts and feelings you have expressed in this comment.

    Oh, I only have viewer 1.23 on my main computer, but I have viewer 2.4 on a linux pc i hardly use, and as it is not on line, would not have updated even if it was set to update.and to be honest, i have not even looked to check that setting !

  3. I have to say, with the extra restarts the grid is having, which i think is actually a good idea personally, the amount of repeat logins from bots and models will rise. I dont think this is actually good for anyone except making figures look good, but thats what happens i guess..

    I dont have a lot of confidence at the moment due to the redundancys in LL, but as LL is a RL business, this is all part of a restructure of the business, and obviously is neeeded for them to continue viably.

    I am not sure that a lot of people like the new browser either..

    but we shall see...

  4. This is good to hear, I have to admit that the few times i asked for support in the past were quickly answered, but from the cutbacks lately, from what i have heard only ( no actual first hand knowledge ) customer support is now a joke and practicallly non existant. if this is correct anything is an improvement.

    but what i do appreciate is making the grid accessable even for the members of the general public, and not just universities with their mega dollar budget.

  5. I have to say that no customer has the right to tell LL how to run their business..

    but realy LL,  all these comments are not just whining..they are real feelings..

    and to be honest,  the only sound on the grid you might  hear soon is the sound of empty sims..

    and if anyone says..Yeah Like who? the answer is ..your customers.


    edited..If you rented a house .building..or whatever, and the landlord suddenly put up the price 200 percent, you would look elsewhere wouldnt you? thats almost seems what might be happening here..

  6. I will remain non committal to a comment here, i am just sitting on the wayside and seeing what happens next..I have to say these things though without trying to be negative..LL less 30% of their staff, customer service not 24 hours anymore, there are less live events on the grid nowdays, believe me, i have spent time in world researching this, less user hours, but this could be less bots i agree, but if you keep a check on the log in figures they really havent changed, and dont tell me bots dont add to a login figure, i might be a little silly, but i am not that stupid, and as for user to user transactions, well it could be quite easy for someone to have a script to constantly transfer money between 2 avatars, the question is, what benefit would be achieved here, apart from making LL's figures look good ? and there is a LOT of abandoned land everywhere, not just on the mainland, this could be a big oversupply though as people are buying islands, and the failure of the new viewer to attract customers, i never thought i would personally..This is just what i can make out from another country that isnt in the U.S, and what i see on my p.c screen..

    Oh, and i do find it a little odd that a certain  third party viewer  had almost half the market of logins before it got banned..

    But overall, LL seem to be constant in what they are achieving..I think caution is the best advice here.

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