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  1. I currently own a private region. When I view the information, it indicates that the region supports 20,000 prim. All the documentation that I've seen on SL land says that private regions support 20,000 prim. Today, I was on a private region and when I looked, it said that the region supported 30,000 prim. Is there a new type of region available? Can my region be updated?
  2. Thanks for the replies... yes.. the region is divided into two parcels.. each 1/2 the region. Both parcels are set to 15 mins. The autoreturn normally works but i've found on a couple occasions, objects rezzed by guests (not in the land group) remained for over 15 mins. forcing me to autoreturn them. All the objects rezzed by me (regardless of the tag) and those rezzed by the people in the land group remain as designed. Kind of weird since MOST of the objects rezzed by non-landgroup visitors is returned correctly... Just thought it might be a bug but wanted to make sure my understanding of autoreturn mechanics was correct. i'll drop the lindens a ticket.
  3. I own a private region. I have a few people in the group which the land is set to, however the land is NOT deeded to the group. I am the sole owner of the land. If I understand the way auto return works: Anyone in the land's group may build an object while wearing the group tag. I may build and object tagged with any tag (not necessarily the land's group). In these two cases, the objects will remain and will not be auto returned. I allow anyone to build in the land but have the auto return set to 15 minutes. This means that while me or my builder's group members may rez objects permanently on the land, anyone NOT in the group wil lhave the objects returned in 15 mins. Is this correct? because i am finding that many times, people leave objects rezzed and they are NOT autoreturned. Any ideas? or am I incorrect in my understanding of how autoreturn works? Thank you.
  4. How about bailing on Viewer 2 and bringing back the old viewer. Viewer 2 is the most UN-user friendly, poorly designed, worse layed out viewer. No wonder everyone wants to use third party viewers. Whoever wrote the Viewer 2 code should be fired. And don't even get me started on concierge support. I have a premium account, am the sole owner of a private region and have one group owned parcel (the group consists of me and my alt). It took 4 months to get prims from the neighboring parcel on my mainland parcel removed from my land. My neighbor had 5 prims intruding into my parcel and neither the concierge techs nor the people who handle tickets did anyting. As far as givng money to Linden Labs, I've had my private region since January of 2009. That's almost 2 years. It was $1000 US for the region, $295 US per month. My premium account is just $15 a month but that's been active since I started in May 2008. In addtion to the monthly fees, I've deposited just under $20,000 US for my spending money. And no.. I don't own any businesses. I play SL for fun.. but it's getting to the point where it's NOT much fun anymore.
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