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  1. OK, I promised some more data, and the more I delve into this, the more crazy it gets. Basically, @ChinRey ist right on all accounts - the metric is more or less completely useless, the way it is implemented right now. The following screenshots come from the tracker I mentioned before. I am tracking arrivals, departures and movement with it, and added the registering of render weight to it. Exhibit A: This avatar moves between 3 parcels on our sim. I confirmed with her (she's a good friend) that she did not change her outfit during that visit. The tracker shows she was the
  2. The range can be read via llGetEnv - any idea, when it will be settable as well? The bug report you linked doesn't shed light on this.
  3. They seem to be. I chatted with the one, he was there to verify the location and take a screenshot. He sent me the link: The location IS in the Destination Guide now.
  4. I am just having a visit from "dgtest14" https://my.secondlife.com/dgtest14 on my parcel. New profile, joined today, simply standing around. Curious, I checkd if there is a dgtest13 - and there is: https://my.secondlife.com/dgtest13 - joined a month ago. Apparently, the dgtest-family goes all the way back to dgtest 1 https://my.secondlife.com/dgtest1 who joined 18 months ago. Anyone knows something about them? Update: dgtest1 has the explanation in their profile: It's apparently a bot for the Destination Guide.
  5. There's definitely enough of them. My tracker counts about 3-7 visits a day. A bit less during the weekend.
  6. OK, the difference between your script and mine was that I did not have that line in it. Will try it later. Thanks 🙂 Update: Yep, works now. Thanks again!
  7. Well, I tried exactly that the other day, and got an error message about missing permissions on auto-detach.
  8. In order to detach automatically, the object needs to ask for permissions. So this would present the wearer with an additional dialogue. That's why you barely see an unpack HUD that detaches automatically. Unpack-on-wear is relatively easy, as is unpack-on-rez. With unpack-on-rez you can have the object auto-delete as well.
  9. I recently stumbled across that topic, and scripted a tracker for those bots. They ARE getting more. There is some background info here: https://lounetizen.com/botdata/
  10. Yes, that was clearly visible from the thread. *hugs* I read the trhead carefully, and to me the conclusion was, that initially it was upon feedback from other viewers, but that that has changed in the meantime. I tried to move the llGetObjectDetails as far back in the detection, as possible, but that brought no concernible change. I shy from using llSleep since I consider it bad style. So the best bet for now is grabbing that metric upon departure from the region.
  11. I'm late to the party, it seems. These three pages have been an interesting read, and especially @ChinRey's input was valuable and her backstory all too familiar. I now know, that OBJECT_RENDER_WEIGHT is unreliable (I'm one of ChinRey's "clueless developers") and incorporate that information into my planning, however, something else has brought me to this thread: OBJECT_RENDER_WEIGHT does not get reported at all in approximately 2/3 of the cases. I need to get the data extracted - probably should have done before reopening the thread - but the situation is as follows: I placed a test
  12. Few people notice there is a loophole in the ToS here. They only say you can't post chatlogs inside SL or the SL Forums. They do not say you can't post them on your blog or email them. The reason behind this is that only SL itself and the SL Forums (as long as they still exist) are under the "jurisdiction" of LL. They have no way of enforcing rules on blogs or social media websites. And what is worse, they would open a legal can of worms even trying to do so.
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