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  1. Hello Prokofy, Thank you so much for the detailed description of the rental. I will definitely work harder to be sure of my choices and what really suits me. I will watch videos and search for relevant information in the forum, etc., because I have never been involved in renting a land, so I feel lost... In the future, I may bother you with some more questions. Thanks for your time! ☺️
  2. Thank you all for your advices. I cheked the settings of antivirus, I cleaned all the cache, I tried the troubleshoot compatibility, I read the informations from forums too... BUT the problem wasn't solved! After all, I downloaded the LL Viewer.. And I will buy a new pc as soon as posible 😂 Thank you for your time!❤️
  3. Firstly, thanks, both of you for your time! I really can't understand what happents... I don't have any problem with the antivirus... When I run the Firestorm, the following message is displayed:
  4. Good evening everyone, The last few days I use a desktop with windows 7 pro. Untill the previous week, I was using the Firestorm. Now, Firestorm doesn't start at all! ☹️ Is there a viewer that works in windows 7? Thanks in advance.
  5. Just incredible! So many thoughts and feelings... This is ART!
  6. Hello Victor, Eve and Mr. Nibbles! I just loved your lovely family! If I had met you some years before, I would love to join you, but now unfortunately I m so busy with other things... I wish you find interesting people to join your lovely family!! P.S. One day, I would like to visit you for a cup of tea, if you want it too of course. Good luck ☺️
  7. Hello Prokofy, Thank you for the advice. The truth is that you don't have to pay a lot of money, there is always a better and cheaper way. The problem is that most of the time you need someone to guide you to the best solution. The choice that you suggest seems good to me. But in this case, I guess I need to rent some land, right? I would appreciate if you could give me more information and advice.
  8. Hello Rolig, First of all, thank you for taking the time to write me this wonderful text with your own summary of recent years. All these informations are so usefull, because I spent so much time to understand what is happening right now in Sl, regarding education. In my opinion, SL has incredible potential that can be exploited in many areas. In addition, with regard to education, on the occasion of Coronavirus and its implications, I believe that Linden Lab deserves to be involved in education again. From my point of view, a person with a vision is enough to change the world. So, a
  9. Greetings, The connections and relationships in SL, are just like the RL. You must have patience, perseverance and time, to find the people that you will have chemistry between you and them. Just travel, talk with many people without be afraid, enjoy the SL and have fun...and then, you will find the genuine connections ☺️
  10. Good evening Site, Thank you for the informations. I didn't know anything about the meeting every Friday, very usefull! These days I m offline, because I m too busy RL. But in the coming days I will send you IM for more clarifications and I hope I don't bother you. Untill then, if you want to suggest me educational groups or locations, I will be glad to see a message from you. Thank you for your time! Best Regards, Sylviaangel
  11. I didn't know anything about these meetings...very usefull, thank you! My questions are about education, cause I am educator and I want to conduct seminars and lessons/courses for adults in SL. I have created content in topic Second Life Education and Nonprofits with more details. Also, I thought to ask general if there is a way to contact with a Linden Lab member/employee (except emails). Thank you for your help!
  12. Good evening everyone, Is there a way to contact with a Linden Lab member/employee for more specific questions and clarifications?
  13. Of course. These days I m not online, but you can send me IM and I 'll text you back as soon as possible ☺️ Have a nice day!
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