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  1. I would like to see: - demos better tied to products so they do not show up as their own listing - ability for store owners to make their own sections/categories within their store - better statistics - how many people who clicked on my featured listings actually bought it? How many people visited my "view similar items"? How did people find my listings? - a showcase or treasury list as a way for shoppers to share their finds with each other. Think of Etsy's Treasury. Iris Ophelia wrote a good post on this at NWN a few months ago. Search for term "marketplace" to find it. (I'd post the link but last time I checked it was not allowed to post links in the forums, tho that could be way old news.)
  2. I have found one work around, to associate deactivated listing to another item, then that frees up the first item. Not the best solution, but it works.
  3. Is there a way to unassociate a direct delivery item from a folder so I cann associate it with a different listing? (I messed up a listing and had the demos associated with the main product and vice versa). I can't seem to find a way to unassociate an item tho - seems like there should be a way! I've deactivated the items for now.
  4. I think it is in LL's best interest to make Marketplace the best it can be. After Hamlet's article on just how many people are (probably) using marketplace, LL needs to make the best impression it can with the marketplace. And I agree, I'd love to see someone like Pink Linden who has a real vision of what consumers want back at the helm.
  5. RE search glitch: It's not a search glitch, unfortunately. It's people gaming the system. I went and checked all the entries I cited and they all have the keyword "madstyle" in their source code. Including the meero nests. I see about 1800 too (with all maturity ratings). I think people are just gaming the system, because it is very very easy to game the promotions.
  6. Yeah, I just started another thread on this - you have to look until page 3 to find 2 items that I think fit the Mad Style definition. And when I searched 'new items' - I saw a meero nest.
  7. Marketplace needs a better system for its promos. I think having promos for certain categories is a great idea, but the current system of just allowing merchants to add the keyword to their listing. Why is it flawed? - Well, let's take the current Mad Style promo - on the first page of the most popular listings I see a lot of sex poses and hooker boots, but only 1 set of makeup that is vaguely 60s. I have to go to the 3rd page before I see a listing for a hair style and one for a dress that fit the Mad Style look. Now if I search via "new items" - then I see a meero nest. Don was TOTALLY into meeros, right? What I suggest - A better way to do promos would be to take a page from Etsy's playbook and do something like user generated treasuries. Users create a page of items for a certain theme or style and LL can pick from the best of those and feature that list. Any other ideas?
  8. My understanding is that anyone can flag you for keyword spam and LL just takes it down. They don't look at it to see if that is actually the case, they just take it down. So if you feel it is the right style, relist it.
  9. I have found this is an issue for me using Firestorm. If you hit the send button on the MP folder in world, and it says everything is sent successfully, BUT two items remain there, they will not resend. You need to delete those two folders and put the folders back into the MP box and resend.
  10. It would be really nice if you could put a message up on the Marketplace PAGE (or whenever someone tries to click on a MP page) for customers and merchants using the marketplace so we know what is going on. That would look professional, instead of just looking broken. Very few customers and merchants CHECK this forum. A simple redirect page can't be that hard, can it?
  11. I am also getting this message on Firestorm this morning when I try to send folders. Last night I did not have any error messages (but I was sending boxes). It's LOVELY that LL is giving us SO little time to switch stuff and stuff doesn't work. LOVELY.
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