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  1. From a guys point of view: Maybe we don't know why? We are guys after all wink. I think women with weapons and especially those that know how to use them are sexy but I honestly couldn't give you a detailed list why, I just do. And it certianly helps if the women are sexy are to begin with. Would I find a 60 year old 300 lb woman all sweaty holding a butcher knife sexy, um probably not. But a good looking woman holding a beautifully made sword, yes I find that sexy. Men like sexy women, men like cars, men like beer, men like weapons. Combine any of these and its just a bonus lol. But on the
  2. I care to a point since I build in sl and work with sculpties quite a bit. It will all depend on how they implement it. Think mesh as a super sculpty. You can get more detail and a smoother look with mesh. So for a vehicle builder mesh is a way to fix some of the minor problems we currently have with sculpts and may help in making the vehicles a bit more realistic looking. I for one honeslty don't know how it all works, I have a basic idea but at this point I couldn't make one. I do know they have programs that will convert sculpts to mesh, so that is a plus. Once its up and running and every
  3. By rebooting your modem and router it resets your connection. You may be experiencing a slow down in your connection. By resetting these it might fix it.
  4. straight from the sl wikki: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Streaming_Video_in_Second_Life
  5. A tuner card in your computer just lets you use your pc monitor for a tv screen basically. Which is kind of handy if you don't have a tv near your computer. You can watch live television on your computer while you do other things, or just use it for a tv screen. In order to use it for sl it would have to stream from a server. Just like being a DJ, you would have have to have a server or a stream in order to use your computer as a server. And I am not entirely sure it would work with video because it may have to be formated a certain way. SL tvs basically work the same way the radios do, they
  6. ya heat will cause you computer to shut down. As well as not having enough power to run everything. If its not an over heating problem possibly getting a bigger power supply might help. It could also be a software problem. Something might be conflicting with the sl program and crashing your computer. The power supply problem is pretty common though. People go out and buy a newer card or other hardware that requires a beefier power supply and are still running it on a stock one which just can't keep up. And power supplies work a lot like car audio amplifiers. You can't always take the ratings
  7. Nope, not our shop but that is our shell and our track in the background. We do supply shells and parts to lots of car makers though. I can't say for sure if that was obtained legally or not but I can check. His name is familiar but I don't know if its from doing business with him or banning him lol. I will check with the owner, she has records of all of it. In order to get our stuff full perms you have to sign a license agreement stating that you will only use the parts in builds and they have to be no transfer when done. For 500L I am sure it doesn't have our scripts unless they are the old
  8. hyp·o·crite     noun 1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. 2. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.  According to that definition, no it doesn't make me a hypocrite, nor does it discredit my advice. I would look at more as I am a person with first hand knowledge of the dangers of doing it, which makes me more qualified
  9. nope, once you purge them they are gone as far as I know.
  10. Is that mustang one of our cars Keli? It looks like our mustang, one of our shells for sure. and its infront of our track too. https://d3qcduphvv2yxi.cloudfront.net/assets/2707062/view_large/gasser%20front2_001.jpg?1292935485
  11. I am the CEO of Kustom Klassics, we sell and build custom cars that are high prim and moddable. We sell parts as well. And do custom paint and mods. As for posting pictures, I have hundreds of cars, I wouldn't know were to start lol. We also sell full perm shells if you want to build your own car. We mostly sell American muscle cars since we have a drag strip on the sim. But we have all kinds of shells available. And we currently have a buy two get one free deal. Buy any two cars in the same day and you get one free, and you can gift it as well. And I will custom paint any of our cars for 50
  12. I don't see how they would know the difference, most debit cards show up as a credit card. Just depends on how you use them. Not sure about the prepaid ones, never used one.
  13. Just go look at some and see what looks right for you. Prices range all over the place. My advise is don't buy the cheapest one you see, and you don't need the most expensive either. I personally use a GameCom by Plantronics and like it. Its big but its built well and has a good mic in it. It wasn't very cheap either, over 50 bucks if I remember correctly. And for sure get a head set, not a desktop mic, those have serious echo problems in sl. And when you use a headset remember to shut your desktop speakers off or it will echo too.
  14. I normally except friend requests from anyone, then just weed them out later. As for random tp requests, that it is the easiest way to get off my friends list. If it continues just AR them for harassment and mute them. I have many pet peaves in sl, that one is kind of far down on the list, but its on it. One of my biggest is that I do customer support for our products in sl. It drives me nuts when someone asks for help then doesn't pay attention, doesn't do what I tell them to do, or goes afk while I am helping them. I dropped what I was doing to help you, you can at least pay attention while
  15. You can switch to a viewer that doesn't have that, but be forwarned all of the older viewers will eventually stop working or be broke and not function very well. For starters if you use a viewer that doesn't have web profiles you won't be able to change rights for others our yourself. Like give people edit rights and stuff like that. And then when mesh roles out there will be even more issues with an older viewer.
  16. Ditto what madman said. Never give your password out period. You can not imagine the amount of people I have seen stabbed in the back in sl by so called "best friends". If you give someone access to your account just expect to never use it again. Sl may help you, but I wouldn't bet money on it since you willingly gave them the password. That being said I have done exactly what I said not to do. (Do as I say, not as I do lol). My inworld boss and business partner has all my info incase I for some reason bail on sl or something happens to me in real life. But my account doesn't have a valid cre
  17. Like others have said, the radio simply changes the radio stream url in the land settings. You can do it manually or a get a stream changer. There are many of them on the market place ranging from free to rather expensive. Most sl TV's will change the radio stream as well. In most cases you will have to deed the radio to the parcel though to make them work. I actually sell stereo systems for sl, using the fada script which works pretty nice, but you don't need one really. You can down load win amp I think its called and go to the shoutcast website and browse all the channels then pull the url
  18. The SL veiwer should work fine on widows 7, it must be some other program conflicting with it. Possibly a security setting, or maybe a firewall or anti virus setting. Try dissabling any anti virus or anti mallware programs you have installed and then see if it will install. My guess would be you have an anti virus software that is flagging it and not allowing it to install. You may also have to logged in as administrator for it to install. Its hard to say without actually seeing it. But I run windows 7 as do thousands of others and I can assure you the viewer will work fine on it. I have be
  19. probably depends on where you go and what time. I show almost 60,000 people online right now and its the middle of the day in the U.S. . So most are probably still at work, providing they have jobs considering our crappy economy.
  20. Kind of curious what his orginal criminal act was, being from what I read he went to jail for violation his parole, among other things that they dropped. I wonder what he did originally that got him in trouble. Obviously from the terms of his parole/probation it was some sort of computer fraud. Could have been something else though. And having contacted with two other known felons, both with the three felony charges. Um what happened to the 3 strikes your out thing? Guess it depends on the felonies you commit.
  21. well in the bottom picture it looks like you are on the ground and its sunset. In the other picture it looks like you are at a fairly high altitude and its mid day. The time and the altitude will effect the sky. To make an accurate comparision both pictures would have to be in the same location at the same day cycle setting.
  22. Sounds like an issue on your side, I don't have to tweak anything. I do, but just because I like things a certain way. I tweak various graphics and debug menu settings to where I like them. But I could just as easily log in, set the slider to ultra and be on my way. And that is with Phoenix, firestorm Kirstens and official LL viewer. I haven't tried the new mesh viewer yet. Rather than using analogies why don't tell use exactly what you have to tweak and what sort of problems you are having. Maybe someone could help if we knew what was really going on. As for you original analogy, I used to
  23. are you using a headset only? or do you also have speakers attached to the system? If the sound is running through the speakers as well the microphone will pick it up miliseconds later and cause an echo. Same for others. If they are using a desktip mic and speakers you get this quite frequently, but you can have a headset and have it happen too. If say the headset is really loud or they also have speakers and have left them on. I am guilty of this sometimes lol. Also if you are using any voice morphing or filting software the setting may be wrong and you are picking up an echo. You have to m
  24. A security system would be one way to keep unwanted people away. And it doesn't matter if you have doors or not. Most of them you can set the distance so it doesn't have anything to do with prims. You could have an empty lot but set the perimeter to 20 meters or something and anyone that comes in that area will get booted. The down side is they are pain in the ass if you have frequent visitors. You will either have to shut it off before someone comes to visit, or put them on a White List so they don't get booted. You can aslo restrict acces through the land manager for that parcel. You can s
  25. If it was serious enough and you can get a LL aware of it they will ban them. Like say someone confided in me that they were gay in real life, or that they were playing as a female but were really male. If I went around telling everyone this person was gay or was really a guy and he didn't want others to know LL could ban me. You can even get banned for discolosing someones alt. An even more serious case would be if you knew persons real life name and address and were giving it out. But in the end it is the internet, and the golden rule is unless you don't want everyone to know, don't tell
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