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  1. I bet you have ar'd more than once. You would be shocked how many have AR's on file that don't know it. I made this mistake of asking a friend that works for LL if I had any and he said I had like 15! I was sorry I asked lol. He said not to worry about it, people AR others for most stupid things. Unless you broke one of the big six most likely nothing will come of it. Just about everyone in SL has an AR filed on them. And if you run a business I bet its a lot more. If LL even sees the AR I am sure they will ignore since its over something petty. I just laugh when poeple say they are going to
  2. We are not talking about anything you didn't originally bring up. You broached the subject of under aged people in your original post. As for money, you do know LL just laid off a ton of people right? So they probably don't have the profit margin you think they do. My advice is if you feel so headstrong about TOS and Community Standards being translated why don't you do it for them? You take the effort to have it translated into the 100 some different languages used around the world. And if LL has to do it, that means every other web site in the world has to do it to. All these things you a
  3. I would agree that most people, especially the younger ones in other countries do have a pretty good grasp of the English language and others. Especially in Europe. We had two foreign exchange students in the 90's one from Switzerland and one from Denmark. They both spoke and understood perfect English. As a matter of fact the girl from Denmark was helping me assemble a piece of furniture and I asked her if she could read me the instructions while I put the stuff together. I made the mistake of asking if she could understand the instructions lol. Her reply was " I read and speak at least 4 la
  4. Quite simply it is not LL's job to translate everything into every language on the earth. When you join SL you are stating that you agree to and understand all the rules. If you can't read English and agree to something you don't understand it is on you, not them. If you don't understand it, there are plenty of translators on the internet you can plug the text into and have it translated. How well it gets translated is another story. But in the end it is up to the consumer to understand what they are agreeing to. As for griefers and people that sign up that are under age, knowing the rules m
  5. Pretty hard to say without knowing what your interests are. There are lots of RP sims though, think of a genre and I am sure someone is doing it. I used to belong to a Avatar movie rp sim called Navatar. But for me RP gets boring. If you like cars there are quite a few racing sims you can check out. At our sim we do drag racing and build custom cars. There is a road on the sim next door too. We also have other shops and stuff and nice 50's style diner that hosts events. If I am not working at the shop I usually just like to explore. Lots of really cool places to see in sl.
  6. Simply putting it in the group charter would not do any good either. That is no different than putting a disclaimer in your profile. You need to get consent/permission from each individual separately so you would have a log of them agreeing to it. And then depending on how LL wants to view it, that may only be for one instance, not every IM or chat you make while you are there. LL may view it as you need consent every time you share the information. I think the best bet would be call or write a letter to LL to see exactly what their stance is on this. And honestly it could vary depending on w
  7. You don't need to be a LL employee to know the answer to this, its in the Community Standards. Which they call the Big Six. Number 4 of these rules reads as this. DisclosureResidents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Life experience. Sharing personal information about your fellow Residents without their consent -- including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, alternate account names, and real-world location beyond what is provided by them in their Resident profile -- is not allowed. Remotely monitoring conversations i
  8. This is the first I have ever heard of anyone getting banned for swearing in an IM, or even open chat that matter. Normally in order to get banned it has to be something pretty serious or you would have to have a lot of AR's filed against you. I would say 80 percent of AR's don't even get looked at. LIke someone else eluded to, you would be shocked at some of the reasons people file AR's against others. Its just petty and rediculous. Now if you threatened the person or were constantly bothering them, then yes you might get banned. Just defending yourself and calling someone the B word or to F
  9. nope, not legal within the tos. A better way to word it would be that by you agreeing to role play there you allow to have your IM's shared. Even then it might get tricky with LL.
  10. Normally the reason for not hiring someone at a club under a certain age is because you want them to have a skin and some nice clothes. And you want them to have a fairly good idea of how SL and the viewer works. There is also the emotional thing and wondering if they will actually stick around. However regardless of age, there is a high turn over rate in clubs. If none of those things bother you, then there is nothing wrong with it. I started in a club within weeks of joining SL and stayed there for almost a year. As for being able to get banned from SL for it, no way, that is nonsense. Now
  11. We have lost a few recently and we had some sort of gathering or ceremony for them. And we put pictures up at our track to remember them. As for me, I really don't want one in real life let alone SL. I personally don't like them and feel they are waste of money. I want my body donated to science or something for research and then disposed of. But then funerals are more for those that are left behind, not the ones that died so I guess it would be up to them. Not like I will know one way or another.
  12. I just installed it last night and it seems to work fine for me. I was using a special dev version before that, not the beta version that was on the website. I really like the preferences layout on this one though. I run mine in phoenix mode too.
  13. well if its doing it in windows media player than it isn't anything to do with SL. It has to be something to do with your computer or connection. It is very possible that media player requires more resources to run than your other program does. And sl certainly will. Also if you are having any kind of packet loss that would effect it too. However I would think it would do it on the other program too. It really sounds to me like your system is having trouble buffering the media. Without knowing all the specs and seeing your system though its really hard to tell for sure.
  14. That machine is actually a bit overkill if all you are running is sl so it should run just fine. As for the subforum thing, I didn't even know there was one so I wouldn't take much heart to the chatter about it. I don't understand why so many get there panites in a bunch over posts in the general discussion forum, unless its spam.
  15. In simple terms there are two major ways creators can render graphics in games. One is Direct X which is the most widely used. The other is Open GL which SL and some other games use. I will be honest I don't know what the differences in them are either or how they work, or which one is actually technically better. What I do know is in the past ATI has focused more on Direct X rather than Open GL and is known to have issues with it. This may be something that has been fixed with recent cards and drivers. It has been a while since I have tested an ATI card, especially a high end one due to the
  16. Just goole ATI and open GL. You will get tons of hits about how ATI has poor performance with open gl. Especially with older cards and drivers. One of the problems is for some reason on some ATI cards and drivers with open gl it won't see the video cards installed memory and will use system memory instead. This has been an issue with ATI for years actually. Maybe they have fixed it with the newer cards and drivers, I don't know since I won't bother getting one for use with sl. I do know for a fact though it isn't just with SL, ATI has been known to have issues with other open gl games as wel
  17. In our case we use one when sell stuff to people. Like you buy car parts or a shell from us full perms. Our contract states that you can only use these items in a build, not sell them individually. For instance lets say you buy a car shell from us full perms, and instead of using it in a build you decide to sell the shell on the market place for 500L, or just start giving it away. Which hurts our business. And it is a real business for the owner of our company, she gets her real life income from it. Sl has no obligation to punish the person that violates this contract, as far as removing the
  18. Its not so much the cards that have problems but rather the drivers for the cards. And its not really SL's fault that ATI cards are hit and miss with it. SL is Open GL where most games are Direct X. And ATI just doesn't seem to handle Open GL that well, its not just with SL. Where as Nvidia seems to work better with Open GL for whatever reason. I read a technical article on it and it has something to do with how ATI handles memory when using Open GL. Take for instance how different computers handle different cards. On a pc based system SL and ATI seem to have problems. However the same card
  19. Same computer, I just keep upgrading it. Basically the only thing stock anymore is the case, the dvd drive and one of the hard drives. I started with a stock Emachine single core 2.0 AMD processor 2 gigs of DDR 160 gig sata drive ATI 2600 pro video card with 256 megs of ram windows vista And a 19" CRT monitor Then I upgraded the video card, OS and monitor AMD 2.0 processor 2 gigs of ram 9800GTX+ video card with 512 megs of ram 450 watt power supply 21 inch dell wide screen lcd monitor And the release client of windows 7 Then I upgraded the cpu and ram to 4 gigs of ram and
  20. Vampires have never been a problem for me in sl. I actually joined to be a vampire, but when I saw how it worked I wasn't very impressed. Really, I am a vampire and I have to roam the world begging for blood? Sorry not exactly what I had in mind. Easiest way to get vampires not to bother you anymore, just let one bite you. It does nothing to you, but keeps most other vamps away because the first one to bite you gets your soul. And if you do get an annoying vampire in sl, the mute button does wonders. I look at them more like mosquitoes than vampires to be honest.
  21. Keep in mind copy botters can also make it look like they were the creator. So often times the only way to know is you were the person that made it, or you know the person that made it. for vehicles one indication that it was copied is if it uses different scripts than the orginal since you can copy scripts. Most copy botted vehicle have crappy scripts in them. Another thing to keep in mind is not all stuff is copy botted. Some stuff is out there because the creator ended up giving or selling the item with the wrong permissions, or trusted the wrong person. If this is the case often times LL
  22. Like others have said, it will depend on the type of stroller and baby and how they scripted if at all. I don't know much about sl babies or strollers to be honest. If you want to link the baby to the stroller, and the stroller is a physical vehicle the linked set will have to be under 32 prims or it will not work. Also make sure you select the stroller last so the root prim stays the same. The stroller will also have to moddable, and maybe the baby as well. It's been a while since I have messed with non mod objects I don't remember if both objects need to be mod or not, but I would think the
  23. My conover flight assist does that too, but only when you first wear it or log into sl. I really can't see where its a problem myself. Never had anyone complain about it before. And I don't even notice it anymore. Its better than those darn tummy talkers or evil titler things that is for sure.
  24. might be the ati card, if you were building a system just for sl you should have went with nvidia. For some reason nvidia's seem to work better with SL. You might try using Kirstens viewer. I think he has more support for higher end video cards. Its not so much the card as the drivers. But if you know someone else running the same card and it works with the SL viewer that probably isn't it.
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