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  1. Is there any way to see who rates your product if they don't leave a message? I have ratings from 5 stars to 3 stars to one star. I would really like to contact those that gave it a lower rating to see what they didn't like or possibly offer a refund. I really wish they would have left a reason. Its hard to improve your prduct with no feedback.
  2. I live in lower Michigan so my power was out for most of it. So I was staying in an apartment with 8 people! So I was giong nuts since I have social anxiety lol. When the power came back on I was in sl catching up on work and dealing with drama at our race track.
  3. Temp rezzors are very popular with vendors. I know many that use them, I use them as well. Many have them set up so when you click an object the product rezzes out for a set amount of time then goes away. I have a very simple system that I made that is triggered when an avatar comes within a certain distance of the trigger. When it gets triggered it turns on the temp rezzors and all my product gets rezzed. It stays out until no one is in my store anymore. Then all of them die out. So I have no inventory in my store until you walk in. You walk in it all rezzes out and repeats until you leave.
  4. wow lots of typos in that one lol. I am not fixing them on purpose since it still conveys what I wanted to say wink.
  5. I have not seen anywhere here were anyone called you stupid. I see you calling us stupid though. Let me give you some simple forum advice to make things smoother for you in the future. People do not like to be corrected on spelling and grammer in chat and forums. It is considered bad form on most forums. Especially when most of them are typos. I will assure it is not a good way to make friends or get help. It just ends up going bad from there on, as it has here. Don't just assume that because someone does not spell or type well that they do not know anything. Some of us didn't take english cl
  6. Well here is the deal as I see it, but since I don't work for LL I can't say for sure. Your a 14 year old girl and you lied about your age to get into adult second life. Which is againts their policy and a bannable offense. Sounds like you must have told someone in world and they turned you in, since as far as I know LL doesn't go around doing background checks on its 100,000 some members. Being under age in sl is no trivial thing or a laughing matter. Its an adult playground and no place for young children. Sure you say you were there for nothing adult and that is fine, but what if you are li
  7. Hmm, I don't know much about using multiple video cards or if that would be the issue. I do have a friend inworld that is using two or three 250s I think. Not sure if he uses windows 7 or not though. When I see him online I will link him to this thread and see if he can be of any help. Glad I didn't have any issues with mine lol. I just installed the card and drivers and it worked for me. I tried a really kick ass ATI card to begin with though and SL does just not like ATI drivers for some reason! Vladi
  8. I am using windows 7 RC with a NVidia 9800 GTX+ video card and it works great. And I have tried the Kirsten, Greenlife, Gemini and Cool viewers, all work. If you do not have windows 7 yet you will love it. Vladi
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