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  1. Nice! I have been a premium member for a year now and recently have got a Linden stilt-house on Bellisaria. So far so good. They are great, these new regions: you can sail everywhere by boat and even by wheeled vehicle you can get very far. So I thought, I'm going to do some exploring today and sail towards the "old mainland" and try to get all the way north up to my old resort on Fairchang and after that to the Blake Sea. I passed Belissaria completely unscathed (without crashes) and after a long time travel I looked straight into the south of the "old mainland".... There I could maneuver with a bit of difficulty between the first parcels with my micro-boat (water scooter), but it soon became apparent that I could not sail anywhere via the western or eastern corridor than back. Total chaos everywhere I looked, and everything blocked by residents who had bought or rented a spot with a house on it and also installed off-sim junk. To make matters worse, on my way back at one of the parcels I had already passed, I encountered a wrongly programmed security system and I was teleported straight home instantly without a boat (timer was programmed at 10 seconds: not enough time for me to aware that I was threspassing and turn the waterscooter 180 degrees to get out). My 50 minutes fun-travel ended in a few seconds mainland, thank you for that... My question: I thought that in the past a waterway around the mainland was always kept free to serve travelers by boat... Apparently not so anymore, luckily I can fly in this world... provided I don't come across a cheap security system...
  2. Wish I had read this earlier... Same problem, bought the AO about a year ago and tried several times to update en reconfigure the HUD on the webpage, but never could... Always a server connection problem. I still haven't tried to contact Henmations about it, but if I read this thread I don't have to try it.... Henmations HUD? bad news...
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