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  1. Hi Cinn and UnkleBob, Thanks to both of you for your help. Upgrading Flash did not work, but installing Viewer 1.23 did work. Joe.
  2. When I go to log in to Second Life. It comes up with a window saying "Please read the following Terms of Service and Privacy policy carefully. To continue logging in to Second Life, you must accept this agreement." The only problem is that there is no actual agreement (even after waiting 6 minutes). The only other things that appear on the window is a "I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy" check button (which is "greyed" out), A "Cancel" Button, which is Active and a "Continue" button (which is also "greyed" out), leaving me no option other than click the "Cancel" button and exit the application. I am using the Version 2 Viewer and have previously been able to use Second Life on this computer. I have attached a screen shot to help.
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