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  1. just call it a wiki and be done ith the sharade
  2. one thing has been accomplished, the sterilization of the forms, why not just call it a wiki? Ive been here over 7 years and thi is the most disappoint load of crap Ive seen in a long time, cngrats I will no longer bothger reading this...., you winn LL you've castrated the forums
  3. A very cutesy blog entry however you are only immersed in the program itself. To truely bcome immersed in SL you hve to deal with the never-ending quirks of the billing dept. and trying to explain a problem to someone who doesnt speak ennglish as a first language. You have to deal with the everyday problem of griefers. You have to deal with Live Chat that is tied down to a very short list of what they can and cannot do. Right now you are living the dream life of SL, one that every user wishes they could enjoy. I will have been here seven years next month so please dont pump sunshine up m
  4. wow, Jack, seeems Ive known you forever. I hope things are bright for you and thanks for all you've done!
  5. SL BBB has been tried several times but since it has no teeth and subject to ARs itself its failed. Best option is the 3rd party sights, cant be ARd for posting on them. Ithink the OP is out of luck as far as the money situation and land however it could be ARd for use of a club on a homestead sim.
  6. Hi Pris, only the prims on the land count, worn prims dont count
  7. If you are Premium and are gone for quite a few months you can restore your acct. I had health problems and was gone for 8 months, I then had to contact billing and got my acct restored. I would say you have up to a year before a premium acct is deleted, perhaps longer... sometimes you dont have a chance to downgrade to basic so there is a leeway.
  8. Dont ever worry about a threatened AR... the only time to worry about one is when LL contacts you hehe Seriously, I have been threatened repeatedly over the years but never been banned and as far as I know ARd. Just ignore it, I would say filing a wrongful AR, such as that, would be more serious than the original AR. BTW I enjoy your posts in the blogorium
  9. Daria, never change, I find your posts among the most enjoyable at the blogorium!!!
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