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  1. Hello Summer, I'm Mama Allpa staff and I'll reply to a few points you've made. You are right, there's not randomness in the HUD. It is based on real life female cycles. However, it's not true that you are guaranteed to get pregnant. Your fertility is somewhat like a line graph with a mountain in the middle. During days 1-4 (menstruation) and at the very end of your cycle, the possibility of becoming pregnant is extremely low. However, during days 10-19 (ovulation) chances are very high. When during your cycle you mate is going to have a high impact on if you become pregnant or not. The HUD will show you these times by changing text color. Also, how the male uses his HUD can have an impact. If the male repeatedly presses the release button during mating (not realistic) that essentially gives him up to four chances to make you pregnant, instead of the realistic one (although with each click of the button the likelihood drops significantly.) It is also not true that the first person you open to will be the father. If you mate during menstruation, as noted above, the chances of someone getting you pregnant then are really very low. If you open to another person later in the cycle, say during ovulation, it's a much higher chance that they will be the father. I would, or the creator, YT Recreant would, or any of our over 40 doctors would be happy to look at your detailed settings to see if there are any issues in how you have things set up. My first pregnancy took me five cycles to acheive, just based on how I was using it, and my second happened right away. We would be happy to look into how you use the HUD to answer your questions further. Best, Ava
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