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  1. Rather than searching for groups, perhaps you should search for the events or the sims where the members of those groups hang out. Whether this makes sense, of course, depends on what your interests are, the sort of folks you're looking to meet up with and the sort of things you're looking to do. In any case, the destination guide and the events list seem like they'd be a better starting place than groups. As for the reason for the "closed membership" barrier, at least in some (many?) cases, there's a good reason for that. Panhandlers who join open groups for no purpose other than to spam
  2. Sadly, Mike, I came to this conclusion way back during the whole Homestead debacle. Any environment where base costs (such as tier) are subject to the kind of unpredictible swings that we had been seeing there and in the two years that preceeded it are simply not enviroments where a 5 year business plan can be developed. Without such a plan, it's just not reasonable or sensible to think a business can thrive. I'm not just referring to when Open Spaces became Homesteads, but in the two years preceeding that where sim pricing had swung way up, then down again. I mean the price of the set up.
  3. /me scratches her head as she wonders how we got from the title "Impoving our Lines of Communication with the Community" with paragraphs on ending the voting on Jiras, amending the timing and structure of office hours, establing user groups and watching Facebook and Twitter for announcments to tax cheats. /me scratches her head some more as she futher wonders how many of these people are actually making enough money in SL to make the IRS even give a hoot whether they report it or not. /me stops scratching, shakes her head and walks away mumbling to herself.
  4. Best answer I can offer is the Phoenix viewer. That's my fav anyway.
  5. Where is the notification about land/group owners being required to assign new permissions to their hosts allowing the host to post notices in Events and that this new group permission being available ONLY in Viewer 2.4 and not in the third party viewers? So, I got a frantic email from one of my hosts today. She was trying to list tonight's event, but could not select the venue from the drop down because she didn't have permission to list events on the group owned parcel. She has permission to do everything else short of selling the parcel, but suddenly she couldn't list an event at the par
  6. In my case, it's not irrational, it's based on a single issue. The im notifications/windows are simply too difficult to see. In my business (live music venue owner/promoter) being able to track and respond to multiple ims (often half a dozen simultaneously) while keeping eye on my surroundings and open chat is simply too important. In V.2, it's just way too difficult to see when you have an im incoming and keep track of multiple simultaneous conversations. When I want to see someone's profile, Phoenix lets me do so by just clicking on the name in the chat or im box. I can't function with
  7. Fairness here. I tried the site from work, where we always use the latest version of Internet Explorer and the site worked just fine. When I got home, I tried again using Firefox and Safari and got the same horrible looking result I had in the first place. There should be a disclaimer in the initial post. The site only supports IE.
  8. I don't have to worry about wasting money on this. I tried to go in to see what kind of costs might be involved, had to bypass Privoxy (which was blocking the site and recommending that I not go there), found a web page that had no layout and looked like a child had cobbled it together and absolutely nothing worked. The fonts weren't even consistent. Okay, I figured maybe I was using the wrong browser so I shut down Firefox (which I use to access LL sites on recommendation of an LL employee some years ago) and tried Safari. Same thing. Okay, I know it's Beta. But I work in software devel
  9. You don't really need to make a prim, if you right click on any modifiable item and choose Edit from the pie menu, you'll be able to access the contents tab, then drag the script from your inventory to there.
  10. This happened to a guest at one of my live music events recently. This was a semi-regular attendee, so I know she was telling the truth when she said she was fully clothed in her view. This was not a problem with her video driver, she WAS seeing the clothing, the other guests were not. If it were her video driver, that should have been the other way around. This was not a problem with the clothing being high resolution. That would have caused her to show as all grey. Her skin, in all it's detail, was showing. Her clothes were not. Fortunately, I saw her, let her know, she ran inside
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