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  1. Mindy Spiritor steps in really quick just to say this: We added a wanring for people to receive that not a Phoenix build in case they ended up with a build that was compiled by someone else. Unfortunately, we've encountered a bug with it and people are receiving that message in error. There is no reason to be concerned that you do not have a Phoenix build if you downloaded from our site Jessica Lyon: also, this is an issue we can fix server side. Jessica Lyon: Ok folks, the problem was server side on our end and it has been resolved. Those who recieved that message please relog at
  2. Daria.Afterthought wrote: Eternus? nope, not me. though some of the reasoning is similar and i can identify with it except that my females are straight, they prefer males.
  3. SimonT.Quinnell wrote: Using a media stream to find out someone's IP# is not against TOS. *Obtaining* this data is not against TOS! *Sharing* the info with others IS against TOS. I sugest you check the new TOS. There is a specific mention on data collection without consent. So it is against TOS to collect and store peoples IP addresses. The relivant section is 8.3 8.3 You agree that you will not post or transmit Content or code that may be harmful, impede other users' functionality, invade other users' privacy, or surreptitiously or negatively impact any system or networ
  4. Ishtara.Rothschild wrote: Yichard Muni wrote: However there are cases where you should be careful not to harm your play mate's feelings: if you engage into sex activities, or love activities (or some professional activities). Some don't really care about your RL gender, but the majority will feel deeply hurt or raped if they realize that you are not the gender they expected. It's strange, but in my experience, the vast majority of sexual roleplayers in SL either don't care much about the RL gender of their partner, or they simply prefer to leave the question open, out of fear to
  5. Unklebob.Hotaling wrote: /me rubs his eyes. wut? clear your cache and check the air in your tires. i just stumbled back across this because of another thread i am replying on, you'll see why and decided it was funny enough to get helpful answer points
  6. Sierra.Leirdrow wrote: Just bought a parcel and if I plotted it right it is 31 x 59m (did Show Land Owners, walked to 4 corners, logged coords). Found a great skybox that is "about" 30 x 40 per vendor (it's not a rectangle, more like several linked spheres so harder to measure). I am wondering how close to the edge of parcel I can place the box if it's way up there above 500m, I know from reading these forums it is a violation to cross the line . This is my first real land and big rez so any advice would be appreciated! when i need to know the exact footprint of a parcel, i build a p
  7. Ophira.Quillitch wrote: So any facial adjustments, like eyes, lips, etc. are modifications made to the shape? if you mean thin or thick lips, wide or narrow mouth, high or low, arched or not, pointed or not eyebrows yes. some of that is how the skin is drawn/painted but it can be affected by the sliders too. the eyebrows are a special case as they are actually a part of the 'system hair' which is usually made with all the sliders for head hair set to make it disappear and wear prim hair, and sliders to set for controlling eyebrow shape. that saves and is worn as a separate item from
  8. ugh i never post looking for stuff so i dont really think that much about where to post. i didnt even remember there is a 'looking for something' category till this minute.
  9. im pretty good at finding nice freebies for grownups but apparently i suck at shopping for kids, at least in world.  any suggestions or recommendations?
  10. Ansariel.Hiller wrote: You forgot to mention the skin. what i get foor answering before i've had my coffee. lol skin too and skin is tricky because of the difference between system skin and painted skins. system skin without textures applied to it can be slider adjusted to colors and dark or light. some painted skins have some transparency which allows those sliders to also affect how they look but most don't. but the basic truth is the same, you are always wearing a skin, and it can only be replaced with another one, not removed.
  11. a little extra information there are certain things which go together that make up your base avatar, and you are always 'wearing' those basic things no matter what, they can not be removed, only replaced by wearing a different one of the same component. these are system hair, eyes, and shape. most people usually wear hair created from prims and wear a system hair that has been adjusted using the sliders to be unseen, in effect bald. that system hair can also have a texture applied and sometimes a transparent one is applied to further make it invisible. by the way the system hair is also h
  12. i dont think it'd be that bad if it wasnt so loud, and if there was a way to detect the surface for being a surface that should click or not. the real life ones are loud and annoying, the sl ones shouldn't have to be too.
  13. hmm i dont either now i've tried it, it pretty much has to be an attachment if Emerald is the only place it shows up. even if it was a Windows something it wouldn't be stuck to being inside the Emerald interface because Windows uses DirectX rendering and Emerald uses OpenGL.
  14. this is not a way to tell for certain but it can help you make some fairly appropriate guesses. if you enable Show LookAt, especially if you have Emerald or one of its siblings that puts names on the crosshairs, and if the people you are observing don't have Emerald and disabled their LookAt broadcasting, the crosshairs change color when they type even if it's in an IM, but i dont know how it is affected by voice. the Emerald radar also has icons for a whole heap of activities. radar: http://modularsystems.sl/index.php/plugins/templates/jsn_epic_pro/images/components/com_agora/style/Olympu
  15. Edit > Preferences > Text Chat > Translate Chat: Use machine translation while chatting (powered by Google) disable it
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