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  1. online av tracker

    If you are using online av tracker does it always pick up eveny log in and log out. Not speaking of the see freinds online feature but an online tracker device
  2. does online av always pick up your

    Does online AV always pick up your log in
  3. I have 2 questions really. Can you log onto sl under different operating system and not be seen on one of the systems. EX log onto XP one pc and log on say with apple with another pc. Same AV though. Could this be used insead of having an alt?? Would they not be visible when logged on the other pc? Also I was trying to sale some land entered an AV name I wanted to buy land. A second name appeared close to the one I entered but when I checked AV could not be found in any search. How can an AV not able to be found buy land?
  4. When I try to sit or use animations my AV continues to stand and disengage from any animations. The occurs im my home but have been able to go elsewhere and use animations
  5. cant clear my cart of items I dont want. so I can check out