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  1. "elitist/dismissive/vitriolic/self important/self promoting/unsupportive" Elitist? ! Now you've done it...grrrrrrr.... RTFM before you come here. That's not too much to ask. This isn't an entitlement program where the intellectually lazy feed wantonly off the hard work of others. /snark Can anyone tell I watched Sarah Palin's sarcastic blither last night? I apologize in advance to any that I have offended with my displaced anger I used to be a nice person.
  2. Excellent advice. Move on it quickly. This isn't a joke and has crossed into your real life, so, be proactive and take back control.
  3. IMHO you would do well to upgrade to a better Nvidia graphics card, but you may need to also upgrade your power supply if you do. The 8800 or 8900 gtx+ are good for SL.
  4. Try contacting the sim owner to resolve this. They can see if the sim is over prim limits, check the land settings for you, and restart the sim if necessary. Until then, you can rez your objects on a sandbox somewhere if you are anxious to use them. Best of luck.
  5. What so you mean by "open"? Do you mean you cannot create an object on your land, or that once rezzed, you cannot "open" the object to copy contents to inventory? Or, do you mean something else? If you cannot create an object, prehaps your land settings have changed. There were problems with SL earlier, so if those are still occuring on your land, maybe restart your sim. Good luck.
  6. Ok, so now I'm not sure if the original question posted is refering to inspecting another avatar, or, your own avatar. My reply is about inspecting ANOTHER avatar's attachments. Usually this is done to see the creator of an object or outfit that you admire or are curious about, and might like to go buy yourself. I fail to see any reason to inspect yourself, since you know, or can easily know, what you are wearing, and where it came from -unless you are a noob I guess. Hope this clears that up. PS: I love the worn tabs in some alternate viewers and hope LL adds that feature, as I much pre
  7. Hmmm.... not sure about inspecting 'everything' the avatar is wearing all at once, or even why you might want to do that, but as a work around, you can inspect individual attached objects by selecting them. Short of that, you can always just ask. Hope this helps.
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