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  1. Oh, that is weird and I cannot reproduce it even with a big wide font. Have you loaded custom global styles that could conflict with the pages here? (Oh I saw it jump and do that now! I do not think ta smaller font will help, it looks like a layout error.)
  2. Hi Cheetah, do you use Snowglobe or another client with the new plugin API? none/none is a known problem in those clients and it is not fixed yet. SNOW-346 tracks that bug.
  3. Hi Aurie, objects will be returned to their owners. If the objects were deed to the group the sim will try to return them to the avatars who owned them before then. Sometimes returned deeded things will go away if the permissions do not allow a return. You and your partner can look again in inventory for an icon that looks like this. That is a coalesced object. It have any name bu that icon means there are many objects stuck together, they will reappear when you rez it. I hope you can find those in your inventories! SL WIki: How to retrieve coalesced items If you do not find objects like that then the inventory loss page is good for things to try. If you are still in trouble then it is time to call in support!
  4. Bah and double humbug, we cannot mix and match the source code and color and bold.
  5. Ricky.Yates wrote: PS: How do I generate these indented script boxes without pasting them?LL turned on source code formatting so we would scream less! It is the >> button in the edit tool bar. It is still the most easy if you paste code from a text editor but Shift+Enter can give a line break instead of a new paragraph if you want to enter code inline. P.S. Void I am pleasantly surprised to see you here! I hope this place can work for you!
  6. Joe Linden announced voice February 28 2007. Public beta started March 29.
  7. You can click on the browse button and then Discussions but that shows blog threads too. There is a little circle beside the Communities section so it can get collapsed. The junk links still load if you collapse them so it stays slow.
  8. You cannot really really hide, not totally! Online status can't be hidden 100%. Other residents can still see when you are online if they are in the same group and they can use scripts to tell if anybody on the grid is online. Map hiding does not work as much as it used to. If another resident is in the same sim or near your sim, she can see your name on the mini map in SL 1.23. Busy mode is dangerous. If you try to buy stuff from Xstreet or a scripted vendor you will pay your money and not receive the item. It does not even go to your trash, it vanishes! Access lines only work for 50 meters over the ground. Ban lines only work for 768 meters over the ground. Other avatars can still see you with camera controls. You only get real real privacy if you use a secret avatar and hide on a closed island.
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