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  1. Clint's Joint is looking to hire a club promoter. You would be expected to use your knowledge of Second Life and bring in people to party! You should be trustworthy, hard working, and capable of bringing in lots of party goers. Pay is a $500L a week stipend and 1% of any donation made to our donation thermometer. Please contact Clint Snowfall for an interview and feel free to stop by and check out the club anytime. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pi%20Rock%20Creek/158/195/22
  2. Pi Rock Radio is now on the air AND Looking for more DJs.. Tune in to hear our live DJs via the web or use the URL on your land! Soon to have live DJs 24/7!! http://webstreamer.co.uk:10400/stream Contact Clint Snowfall for hiring information and/or stop by the station anytime! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pi%20Rock%20Creek/140/205/22
  3. Two 4096sqm lots are available on World of Dreams. They are side by side and can be combined! weekly tier is a whopping $1250L per parcel (per week) and both have a sim edge view. Stop by and see them! Contact Clint Snowfall for more information. Region is 80% residential 20% Commercial with extra light traffic and super low lag. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/World%20of%20Dreams/155/220/22 Discounts available for monthly paid tier. Pi Rock Dreams Corp.
  4. While I totally agree with what has been said here..I question if you have spent any time in the newb rezz areas in the last two years. Veteran residents do indeed harass newb residents into using a TPV. They make up any number of creative descriptions of the LL viewer to get the new people to drop v2/v3 within mintues of joining SL. Now, not all new residents fall for it and not all newb rez areas have this problem 24/7, but it occurs enough that you can find the problem. I personally started on v2 and I loved it, I will still use v2 over any of the v1 style TPVs. BUT as soon as Firestorm came out for download in any form, I got it and I will swear by it. It is hands down better than v2. But I enjoyed the fact that I had the decision to choose whichever viewer I wanted to use, a freedom I still enoy at this moment. If in fact LL decides to push out the TPVs, they will lose me and my SL businesses.
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