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  1. Mony Lindman wrote: Theresa Tennyson wrote: I think I've got the relationship between the new world and the existing Second Life figured out - it has a very simple real-world analogy, but one that doesn't immediately come to us because of how our world currently works. If this was happening one or two hundred years in the past or possibly one or two hundred years in the future it would be instantly understood. The new world will be a colony of Second Life. Colonies are created by existing cultures in some new territory. Only a few settlers arrive at first. Anyone can come and bring t
  2. Gavin Hird wrote: This is probably the most important announcement this CEO is going to make (working for LL). Yet, he comes across totally unprepared. Such an announcement should not need any damage control at all. People should be positively excited after a major announcement like this. ;-) I agree. Huge mistake. And if you read back my first posts in this thread, you'll see that I was not happy at all, and I'm still not. I'm just trying to see things from a more positive perspective now. Given the mistake made, I think he did a good thing coming here, but I'm not saying all is well
  3. You can rewrite my post all you want, but I do think he did some nice damage control here. It did give people some answers, at least it did give me some. And I expect that reading our comments will have given Ebbe some insight in our concerns that might actually help them make the transition better for us. They will soon have to come up with their official announcement for all residents, and they should know now, because of our comments, what concerns to address. Because right now, prolly no one who heard the news will be investing in their business anymore or buying anything. So they better c
  4. I agree. It was a huge mistake to not inform their own residents first. And they still owe us an official announcement that reaches all residents, and they better do so quickly.
  5. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Have you seen any of the chaos in the inworld groups because most people Inworld have no idea what is going on? The FUD is running rampant and all it would take is a simple post on the main page and on the log in screen to fix. This has been going on for 9 days. It's not whining, it's smart business practice. They have the means to tell everyone about it, but they choose not to. And you are impressed with him... I think I did say this in my post: "It would have been good thinking from LL/Ebbe to sent an email to all residents with same information, I still thin
  6. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Suspiria Finucane wrote: I'm really impressed that Ebbe told everyone about the new product sooner than later. Too bad he has only told a few select people over on SLU and came here when the FUD was runnning rampant.. Still nothing on the official SL website. So, no, he hasn't told everyone. Most of SL is ignorant of this. He did not tell SLU first. Go and see. He did not. He only visited there in february to say hi, because a member of SLU invited him on twitter to do so. Then about a week ago, someone from SLU posted a message saying he had been at a tpv me
  7. Mony Lindman wrote: So why telport at all under these circumstances ? Maybe to keep ones identity, ones unique name one has since registered, keeping ones groups, friends, and not having to upload all textures again, and all notecards. It would at least save all stuff that would be compatible with the new world.
  8. Gavin Hird wrote: Zena Zemlja wrote: Whatever you call it, the point is that not everyone now using sl will have a computer compatible to go there. There is bound to be some collateral damage, so you are right about that. We can also assume that "something" that will run on a mobile device will handle better also on less powerful traditional PCs so it might not be so bad as you think. If you are right about this, then that would be a major improvement for a lot of residents for more than one reason only.
  9. Gavin Hird wrote: Zena Zemlja wrote: I have to agree with you on this. Not everyone has the last new high tech computer. Making a new high tech world will not make them buy one. They simply will not be able to afford it. This is not about developing high tech, but moving into the mobile space where all the action and big revenue are these days. Whatever you call it, the point is that not everyone now using sl will have a computer compatible to go there.
  10. Gaia Clary wrote: Medhue Simoni wrote: After some deep thinking about what compatibility will actually mean, in reality, I started to think that backward compatibility might be completely convoluted. Please, take a long look at what the reality of asking for this means. First, it can't actually happen, without converting EVERYTHING over. That means scripts too... My point is, IMHO, all this energy spent on backward campatibility is energy misspent, for both LL coders, and SL creators. That energy could be much better concentrated on making the best world possible... Embrace change! Don't
  11. kiramanell wrote: Tanita Blackburn wrote: Ebbe I hope you read Macklin Deckard's original comment because I couldn't agree more to this ! Straight to the point. I will not migrate to any new grid - I will stick with 1.0 as long as it is fun and my business runs stable and after that I am done with Linden Lab. Migrating ? Investing all that money again ? tens of thousands of $US ? - Maybe only to find out after a year or two that 2.0 is not working out and they shut it down ? Migrating back to 1.0 after that - or to 3.0 ? - It was you who said in your original posting they you cannot
  12. Parrish Ashbourne wrote: Phoebe Avro wrote: The viewer will be all and end all, if its not 100% right and LL should not be asking us whats great agout TPV's they should be testing them out! Put it this way if another company started a new fantastic world next week dont you think LL staff would go look see what they had and check out the viewer if any? so why dont they know whats the alternative viewers offer i would want to know? one word "arrogance" Until Ebbe got here, sounds like the went even allow in world for a while, so wern't using any viewers. But good point, and besides
  13. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Most, but not all, options available in Firestorm's Preferences menu are also available in the official viewer through the debug menu. Firestorm simply makes it easier to access those features. Obviously, LL has chosen not to make them as readily available. I can only imagine that this is because they wish to keep their viewer as uncomplicated as possible... therefore, only supplying us with that which they believe to be most important to the common user. I don't necessarily blame them for doing so. The Firestorm team has classes where people can learn how to de
  14. Mony Lindman wrote: I wanted to participate in this viewer discussion so i dared to log in today via the last version of the official viewer. For the first time after 2 or 3 years .. at that time i wanted to use it but didnt succed to stay in longer than a few minutes.. it drove me crazy.. Now i am still in it as i write in order to study it but i cant promiss i will stay too long because .. it drives me crazy .. Am I blind or there is no setting where i can tell my head or at least my eyes to no longer follow the mouse? Typical noob question, i know but in this viewer i am noob and in F
  15. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Zena Zemlja wrote: Dresden Ceriano wrote: Phoebe Avro wrote: The viewer will be all and end all I disagree, I survived for years on the official viewer simply because I was intrigued by SL and it was the only option there was at the time. Of course, the difference now is that I know how much functionality that TPVs can provide and would surely be disappointed by any less. But that in itself wouldn't be a deal breaker. ...Dres It would be a huge dealbreaker to me, as I totally hated the new viewer sl forced upon us a few years ago, and I might have lef
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