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  1. I've been having an issue for quite some time now and I've searched and searched for a solution that I can't find so I'm coming here in hopes someone can help me. I am guessing it has something to do with lag. But my edits are not "holding." Sometimes I change the texture on something. Other times I simply move a prim from one location to another. Then, all of a sudden what I changed will "snap" back to it's original texture or location... or whatever I changed (rotation, glow, shine, it can be any number of things). These are items I've made myself so I have full perms to change what I want, so that is not it. It's almost like I moved or changed something and my computer forgot I changed it and jumped me back to the way it was. Like I said I am inclined to think it has something to do with lag but this happens in many locations around the grid. Any ideas? Any suggestions on what I can do to stop this? It's become VERY frustrating and I've almost completely given up creating things because now I have to fix something up to 10 times before it will stay the way I want it. Thanks :)
  2. Hugs you so tight!! You have saved my sanity and it works like a charm!!! I made up two identical prim, I put one behidn the other. The prim in the back is the root prim and it is set to the group land. The prim in the front is set to my group and it is the one that contains the group only script as well as the present I want to give. That, too, is the prim they click on because the one in the back is burried in the wall. It is perfect and I thank you SO very much!!! Ambyer <3
  3. I have searched the market until I'm ready to drop and I simply cannot find what I need. It sounds simple enough, so I don't know why there isn't one out there. I rent a small store in a big city. Therefore all items I rez have to be rezzed under the group that owns the city's name. Also, once those items are rezzed you cannot change the group to another because it will be auto returned. This is not a problem, except for group gifts. I want to be able to give out gifts to just my group members for my store. I use Caspervend, and in order to give out the gift, the vendor needs to be set to my group, not the owner of the land's group. What I need, then, is one where you go in and edit a notecard or even the script itself with your group ID and that is the one that they use to go by to give out the group, rather than what group the inviter prim is set to. Does anyone know where I can find something like this? Thank you
  4. I believe you might have nailed it with the lag issue. It seems when my connection is experiencing a lot of lag is when it does it the most. I have a few choice tails that I use more than once so I have them in my inventory still with the plywood texture on them, that way when I decide to pull them out and use them in one of my outfits I simply need to apply the texture made to go with the suit and it's ready to go. They are already all linked, and the tail is made so I just have to select the entire object and texture it, that is when I have the issue, I still see the plywood on certain prim inside my tail. Maybe I need to have a bit more patience and let my viewer catch up to me and I will see after all that it has been textured, I just do not see it. I will give that a try. Thank you
  5. I have been having this issue, well as long as I have been building, but lately with my building more it's becoming quite annoying. Whenever I attempt to texturize something, for example let's say a flexi skirt with 60 pieces, and I want to texture each of those pieces the same, I will select the skirt and choose my texture and apply the traits (repeats, rotation and such). My problem is often those traits will not stay applied to all the various prim. My build, full perm, even my textures, full perm. It happens the same way if I edit parts and select parts of an item I want textured the same way, it always happens that some of those prim will "jump" back to the old look. At times it's really strange to watch as I can sit there and watch them cycle through the old look, the new look and back to the old look. Those stubborn prim I have to end up selecting by themselves and texturizing. It becomes a problem when I have a build, say a tail, that has 200 prim most of which would be the same, but I have to go in and do it prim by prim. Anyone else ever heard of this? Is there a work around for it?
  6. I found this discussion through a search as I was having the exact same issues. I have randomly had them for a while now, but lately it has gotten more and more to the point that it is really very annoying. I was hopeing there might be a work around but I guess from what I am reading here I might have to just wait this one out until it is fixed.
  7. I got to digging and I think you might be on to something. I am using a dated version, plus I believe I have attempted to use too much "memory" adding too many animations. It looks like it's now time for me to cut their names down and see if I can squeeze a few more out of this. Also I went to jPose Island last night and picked up the newest version. I think that will be a huge help to me. Thanks for the advice.
  8. First I appologize for being long winded, I just want to try to explain this as best and clear as I can so hopefully someone sees the issue and can help me. I was going along doing wonderful. I had my poses put in the bed, and now what I was doing was adjusting them so that when a customer climbed on you wouldn't have the man hanging off the headboard while the woman was laying on the floor or some stupid something like that. I wanted them relatively in the right position then so all the customer has to do is tweak them for their sizes and they are good to go. I adjusted the Doggy menu. Just wonderful. Then I went to save the poses into the notecard. I didn't use "dump poses" because I had simply copied and pasted each new pose in notepad as I saved them because I have the poses separated into separate notecards in the menu (doggy, oral, cuddle and such). I went to reset the shut down and restart the bed so that it would read the new poses so I could check and make sure everything saved properly and this is what happened. [21:00] : Restart [21:00] Cardinal Sins Bed Overlay: Reading .POSITIONS [21:00] Cardinal Sins Bed Overlay: Reading .POSITIONS.3some [21:00] Cardinal Sins Bed Overlay: Reading .POSITIONS.BDSM [21:00] Cardinal Sins Bed Overlay: Reading .POSITIONS.Cuddle [21:00] Cardinal Sins Bed Overlay: Reading .POSITIONS.Doggy [21:00] Cardinal Sins Bed Overlay: Reading .POSITIONS.Female Top [21:00] Cardinal Sins Bed Overlay: Reading .POSITIONS.Kissing [21:00] Cardinal Sins Bed Overlay: Reading .POSITIONS.Male Top [21:00] Cardinal Sins Bed Overlay: Reading .POSITIONS.Oral [21:00] Cardinal Sins Bed Overlay: Reading .POSITIONS.Standing [21:03] Cardinal Sins Bed Overlay: Reading .POSITIONS As you can see it almost looks ilke it's trying to read .POSITIONS a second time. Anyways it gets stuck here and just simply doesn't do anything at all. Ever. After 15 minutes I gave up on it and picked the bed up into my inventory. Then I re-rezzed the bed and this is what happened. [21:03] Cardinal Sins Bed Overlay: ===> WARNING: Multiple .POSITIONS* entries for 'default' [21:03] Cardinal Sins Bed Overlay: Reading .POSITIONS.3some [21:03] Cardinal Sins Bed Overlay: ===> WARNING: Multiple .POSITIONS* entries for 'MFM Double Penetration' there were a LOT more warning multiple positions that it gave, but to save space I just listed those. Now to make sure I wasn't being stupid I went back through and no, there are not multiple .POSITION entries. I checked and checked and checked again. Once again it almost seems like it's trying to read the notecards more than once maybe? Has anyone ever encountered this? Do you have any ideas what I might be doing or what is going wrong here?
  9. Exact same issue here and it seems to be getting worse. This is quite frustrating to say the least. Can you please talk me through this cache folder work around you spoke of? I don't want to mess up anything, but I would like to give it a try to see if it would work for me.
  10. This is hard to explain so for that I'm sorry. When I go to my marketplace manage inventory page. You know there is options there to sort and view your inventory by All, Listed, Unlisted, and Unavailable. Well when I click to sort by Unlisted I have one item that comes up in there that IS indeed listed, it even shows listed as under the Actions headding it gives me the option to unlist it While this is not technically causing a problem it is a bit annoying to me as I like to use that option to see what items I have just added that I need to list, and keep track of my seasonal items that I have but not listed until that time of year. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  11. Is there a way to "clean out" items from your top selling products list on the marketplace? I have a ton of old merchandise clogging up this list. I would like to see only my top selling items that I carry NOW, not everything from the time I first began selling. Is there any way to do it? If not isn't this a good option to have? In theory we could end up with hundreds and hundreds of pages of obsolete items and that top selling products report becomes useless.
  12. Well, the mystery of the alien bot infected computer is solved. I spoke with the technician who replaced my hard drive and did the update from 32 bit to 64 bit today. I explained to him what was going on, minus the second life problems because I already know he knows NOTHING about Second Life, and he agrees with what Peewee and I were talking about inworld yesterday. I need a complete reinstall of Windows. The hard drive needs to be wiped clean and then a fresh, clean and correct (with no errors) version of Windows put on there. It sounds extreme, however at this point I really do not care. As long as it takes care of the issues I am happy.
  13. I am getting that same idea as well. It must have been something lingering there on my old system that is causeing the problem. I THOUGHT I had deleted everything to do with Phoenix as well, however I must have missed something important when I was doing the full clean. I did clean out the Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Second Life folder already so that one isn't the cluprit. But must be something still lurking around I have missed. Unfortunately I don't have any saved restore points past that, and I'm not sure what all was installed back on here. I was more than disgusted and just took it to a techie and said "fix it" lol. Yeah not the best help there but I was beyond disgusted at that point. Believe me had I known that this issue would have been such a pain I would have never upgraded when I changed out. LOL. It just has not been worth the added boost to my system.
  14. Okay we are doing better!! Sorry I took so long to get back but I wanted to make sure I did everything step by step and not miss a thing. I had uninstalled SL and reinstalled it but I never went through the complete get rid of everything uninstall, so I did everything this time. Now... my items are appearing when I use the default SL viewer. I can edit, or open and see the items inside. However, when I downloaded and installed Phoenix and use it, it is as it was, whenever I go to the contents or try to open something I still get the "no contents" issue. I HATE the sl viewer and so want to be able to use my Phoenix so I would like to find out what is going on there, but at least we have made some headway.
  15. Good question, I'm logging in to check that just now as I answer you. After noticing it not registering anything I never tried to "use" anything on that computer. So I'm not sure if it is registering anything or not. I did just double check and I can create and manipulate prims with no problems what so ever. Also anything that has scripts in it works fine, sits, poses, animations, anything and everything still works as if the stuff is in there, just not showing. Ok I just created a new script, and it said hello avatar as it always does when you have the new default script inside of something, but once again went to No contents. So the script is inside there, but not showing for me. And yes... this is gotta be the strangest thing I have ever encountered. LOL!!! Maybe Alien bots took over my pc while it was being upgraded.
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