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  1. Parrish Ashbourne wrote: There's no reason not to use both platforms. The new world will be new and exciting to explore to see whats new, and the old one familiar and filed with the things we all ready own. I see it like going on vacation then comming back home. exactly this....in fact when the new world gets going, i think we should have notices in the original world of things to do in the new world - maybe an interworld newspaper? they can definitely coexist, and ebbe has said over and over they have no plans to get rid of SL i'm looking forward to checking the new place out and seeing
  2. Ebbe Linden wrote: Again, I have not said there's any end coming. We have made no plans for any SL shutdown. None. We are simply working to make an even better product from the ground up. You will have plenty of time to evaluate it and decide. Your identity and L$ will be the same for both so it will be easy to hop back and forth. Thank you Ebbe ...this all sounds great to me
  3. i have 24 thousand or so things in inventory....5 years....i start feeling twitchy around 20K and start dumping stuff or boxing things up, but i've been too busy to mess with it lately...it's time to start culling... hehe
  4. i have some mesh hair that i like, but the majority of the time i still wear my favorite flexi hair....it just looks more natural to me...i've noticed if i wear mesh hair that hangs down over a mesh blouse, from certain angles either the hair or the blouse will disappear...i'm figuring it's like the alpha sorting problem we already had with alpha textures on prims? i'm not even sure if i'm saying that right hehe ..there is also the problem with alot of mesh not loading at a high traffic event, and bald just isn't a good look anyway...for now, i'm still wearing alot of old style stuff i
  5. yes....derender/block is your friend in this case to get your view back....i do that all the time when new neighbors put up boxes around their parcels
  6. i love mesh for boots and shoes....and i have some mesh hair that i like but seriously, fiddling with my body to make something fit just irritates me....i want to get dressed and go...hehe and i hate the void caused by the alpha under skirts and tops...i think the whole mesh thing has a long way to go to be really nice looking so, while i do have some mesh things i wear, i still wear alot of older stuff i've also noticed that when i go to events and live music, mesh is the last thing to rez...lots of disimbodied heads and legs and arms with their clothing hanging off their hands....so if
  7. just go to a store that sells guitars, and buy animations....you don't need a guitar to use them can't think of any store names at the moment, but most of them have seperate animations to buy to add to the huds
  8. Alice Project has Infinity Packs of hair...they come with a color HUD, naturals and colors....you can have the same hair in pink, purple, blond, brown, etc etc they are also really nicely priced, and come in tons of styles, and you can delete the scripts after you make a copy and color Alice Project is inworld, and on the Marketplace
  9. mesh just makes me tired...hehe very few of them fit, even with a shape that is supposed to be the right one...something is always sticking out...or i have to set my body fat/muscles at zero....or i have to change my cleavage....or the alpha is too long....it's just exhausting i have a few mesh things i've picked up in hunts or as gifts that i wear, but for the most part, system clothes are just easier, more dependable, and i can be ME i do love mesh hair (except for that weird halo effect they have) and shoes and boots
  10. i have time...if you still need someone, send me a message.....i could do it in text Bliss Zufreur inworld
  11. unscheduled maintenance http://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  12. to me, the chat interface looks and acts very similar to what i was using in firestorm...they added some nice stuff to it that i'll probably never need, but overall, it looks pretty nice the camera controls still aren't resizeable...please fix that the only part that worries me, is when i use the new SL viewer, my computer works really freakin hard, which i have never had with firestorm - which may be settings i need to tweak or something... anyway....change can be hard, but since the chat area is resizeable, and you can minimize the whole thing down to icons, i don't see how this is a 'dea
  13. yes...four years in sl....i've yet to meet a rude merchant....yet to be scammed...never gotten a bite request...have been in a couple of griefings at the shelter....not a big deal...was shot once...not a big deal....threw myself into a volcano once and 'died'...again, not a big deal must be all that clean living i do...hehe seriously, people treat you the way you allow them to...avoid the drama, be polite, share your crayons, and if things go squirrelly, tp out i love sl...doesn't seem to be dying to me
  14. no, mainland is not free for all...tier must be paid sorry, i couldn't resist...hehe and since sl is "Your world, Your imagination", that means unless you are paying the tier, it's non of your business, and in that case, derender is your friend if you want a HOA, rent land from a private estate...it's that simple...
  15. to me, the avatar is a representation of the operator's soul....their form, gender, hair color, species, etc really doesn't matter....if i like/love the soul, that is all that is needed
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