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  1. Oh for real?? Thats sh!t. It was really handy for knowing when a creator was online if I had a question or problem with a product, I guess now we either have to send an annoying "are you there??" message, or resort to sending notecards all the time. Matter of privacy my butt! If it showed where we were inworld...yes thats an invasion of privacy...but just showing that you're online....no, that just comes with the territory. :matte-motes-sour: Thanks for the response though Void.
  2. I scanned the earlier comments, but not all of them, so I apologise if someone has already said this....but....from looking at the new profiles, it doesn't tell us if that person is online or offline does it??
  3. Yeah my inventory items are being stolen too. First, was a bunch of furniture. Second, a plant pet a friend had very generously given me from his store as a gift, valued at 500L. Thirdly, and most recently, 3 clothing items I bought just the other night, and which had disppeared the next day when I signed ...I've NC'd the owner but have yet to hear back from her. This is seriously annoying, and I have tried numerous suggestions from the forums, on how to get these items back, but nothing seems to work. Thankfully, when I uninstalled 2.4 and went back to 2.3, that fixed the graphics/rezzing problems I was having. So, at least that issue is no longer a problem.
  4. Wishful thinking probably....but has anyone heard anything yet about when to expect some of these issues to be resolved (in particular the problem of avi's not rezzing properly). I'm about to uninstall this latest viewer and go back to the previous V2 release as I'm tired of not being able to even wear a jacket layer and a shirt layer together without being all blurred. Molokai mentioned something earlier about having doubled up chatlogs, I have the same thing. Though haven't experienced the missing responses that you have.
  5. That would be awesome. I'm not a sim owner, but I do love when sim owners change the seasons, so if they were to change the weather aswel, that would be a huge plus when I'm looking for new land to rent. It can get very boring to look at the same surroundings all the time, I think you're onto something here Kristen.
  6. I didn't try the Beta version, but downloaded 2.4 the day it was available. I haven't really noticed any difference except for when it comes to rezzing.......on the previous version I could take advantage of the multiple layers option and still see my avi perfectly rezzed. On 2.4 if I have any doubled up layers, my avi is blurred. It also seems to take longer for my surroundings to rez fully, even with a low draw distance and at my home which is in a low lag sim. Not fond at all of everything being blurred
  7. Alternatively, the following always works for me when I become a cloud.... On the top menu click on "Advanced" (enabled with Ctrl + Alt + D). Choose "Debug Settings" . Type in 'RenderUnloadedAvatar' and set it to TRUE. And don't worry about the ??? names, its happening to a lot of people using the latest LL viewer, it comes and goes for me. Hopefully they fix that glitch soon. Good Luck.
  8. Baeric.Constantine wrote: I vaguely remember a sim that allowed for people to transpose a photo to their avatar face... I never did it, never felt inclined to, however I was on the sim several times and others did it. I am not sure how successful it was, but it was expensive. Whether that sim is still about, I do not know. It was about 2 years ago. I remember that....can't remember the name though either. I tried a demo version of it....uploading a photo of myself etc.....I remember being horrified by the outcome....but perhaps it was just a bad photo, or bad photo/shape combo. It seemed very flat and oddly unrealistic. I ran as far and as fast from that place as I could.
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