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  1. Es kann auch einen anderen Grund haben. Wenn du deine eigenen Eingaben tatsächlich nie siehst, kann es sein dass du dich selbst aus versehen geblockt / gemutet hast. Schau mal in deiner Blockliste nach, ob dein eigener Name dabei ist. Wenn ja, entblocken, und dann solltest du dich selber wieder reden sehen können.
  2. first: for some reason I see your post twice, you might want to check on that and second: I think this is some explanation, though no help to you: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-21121
  3. okay first of all.. don't panic. lol. there is always a chance something can go wrong, but that is all there is. a chance. and as with all thigns in life, people talk more about what goes wrong than what goes right. I have cashed out many times successfully to paypal, just for perspective though I wish it were as high a sum as those 250 k lol. secondly: keep in mind it is 5 work days. there was christmas inbetween. and I think payment processing is still in the UK, where monday and tuesday actually was holidays still. not much of an excuse, but even without that if you cashed out last tuesday, coming monday would be your 5th work day. so maybe even wednesday. if you don't have a paypal booking by monday I'd send a ticket, but be aware: they are as understaffed as the people processing the money. so be prepared to wait for a couple of weeks till the ticket gets answered. likely you have your money by then any way.
  4. Rachel Darling wrote: The long reason for "why" is that LL feels it necessary to manually review EVERY cashout transaction that goes through Lindex. Apparently XStreet's cashout process was not considered secure enough for them, which is possibly one of the reasons they closed it down. in addition LL cancels cash out requests if in a period shortly thereafter some payment is to be deducted from your USD account (premium fee, tier), which would likely put your ballance into the negative. so the "safety" is more an insurance than anything else I guess.
  5. I think you might want to check your settings for "fIltering" and "antialiasing" in preferences, graphics, hardware... these both influence edges and "depth" and might actually not have been properly migrated to your new driver. experiment with them and see if it makes a difference.
  6. uhm. not all sure as i can't find any specs on it but isn't the Radeon 7700 about... 6 or 7 years old? so my guess is it is probably a 256 MB RAM card, which isn't much. you could try disabling VBO in preferences, graphics, hardware, and you could also try to disable http-get for textures in Advanced menu, debug settings, ImagePipelineUseHTTP (and set to FALSE), which I think you already did though in Phoenix if I read that correctly. if i am right though with my age guess i'd assume a new graphic card is overdue no matter how much you tweak settings.
  7. could you maybe provide some system info? like which bare bone OS exactly, graphic card, core, and peripheral stuff like internet connection speed? Unless it's a known issue with some hardware component or driver it might be something starting to fail as well. Especially since you say "it seems to be getting worse". But that's groping around in the dark.
  8. while there can be all sorts of technical reasons that add to your problem (bad connection or low bandwidth, using wireless, a not quite cooperative firewall) which you maybe should check on in the future as well, here's a procedure that often fixes it at least short term: in preferences clear your cache (in viewer 2 that's clear history) take note where your cache is located on your harddrive (you can see that under setup in preferences) clear your group cache in the advanced menu (if you do not see advanced in the menu bar, hit CTRL ALT D to make it show up) close SL find your cache folder on your harddrive. delete whatever is still in there. (but leave the folder as such where it is) restart your rooter or modem if you have one (usually done by simply unplugging it from electricty, counting to 10, plugging it in again. if you have soemthing fancier you probably know how to do it ) restart your computer log back on, preferably to a region different from the one you logged out of. For performance and appearance sake, open your inventory and wait till it's loaded. as for the other things: keep in midn that SL uses lots of bandwidth. and what is more significant is that upload bandwidth is technically significantly smaller, however as important to run SL. so if you have a 2 k connection but try to run SL with 1k in your preference settings for bandwidth - you will sort of hit an invisible wall. SImply because your upstream is permanently clogged. Do not attempt to teleport at a giant draw distance unless you know your graphic card and connection can handle the load of data coming in when connecting to a new sim. And maybe check how many scripts and prims you are wearing in general. maybe you are just "too heavy" for your own computer.
  9. If this is in the current version you should definitely file a bug report on it. I haven't tried to reproduce it inworld I admit, as I am currently working on a tiny and not really wearing clothes however there seems to be something wrong in the way the rightclick menu "talks" to the outfit folders, and that's something that very likely cannot be fixed by the "usual suspects" like "clear your cache, don't use wireless, delete your settings file, oh and update your drivers". I know, the JIRA is scary for most people, however it is the only way to actually point out bugs. and the only way to get a bug fixed is to point it out. https://jira.secondlife.com
  10. that does indeed sound like a bug... lol... some questions: Which viewer are you using? since you mention a pie chart I am assuming it is not viewer 2, and you will probably have to take this to the developers of the third party viewer you are using. and how do you "strip down" - via outfit tab, inventory, or rightclicking your self and detaching / taking off everything? if the last one, try to take off everything from the outfit area, and see if that "sticks". or rather unsticks.
  11. still - what does it actually have to do with the second life service? if someone uses a proper name at a game of scrabble, though you said in advance "nah, basically anything that's a word works" do you call the police? cause that is basically what you are trying to do here. you are talking abut a game which the players choose to play. As long as you can't evidence that the game as such is a violation of TOS this plain simply is the wrong place to talk about it.
  12. won't explain, and frankly i don't even care, I admit. And I don't even know what it's about and won't bother to find out, but I am assuming it is a more colorfull version of bloodlines (which I am not interested in either). however you are taking the entirely wrong route here and i am surprised this post is here as long as it is with no one moderating it out. this belongs into Abuse Reports. or maybe a forum. or a blog. and even then I would advise you change the names. furthermore I assume the shop owner was either waring a meter while inactive, or had damage enabled on her land. both are.. not really clever. It is her choice to play that game or not. So basically, I think not even an Abuse Report would be apropriate. as the way the "rules are interpreted" is not Linden Labs business, but of the players of that game.
  13. Hi Have, (and love the name ) a while ago I read something about some email providers filtering rather brutally by email headers, and if they so much as "think" it is a not valid email header you will never receive the emails. top of that list was Gmail if I recall correctly. you might want to try usign a different email procvider and change your contact info on the account page, and if it works with the different provider that is most likely what is causing your problem. Note: Many providers allow you to "auto-forward" your mails to another account (even with a different provider) and as that should rewrite the headers it would allow you to use the new email simply as some sort of "buffer".
  14. C4 Tempest wrote: . . . . in a virtual world like SL where our appearance options are only limited by our imaginations my reaction to someone wanting to do this is always . . . why ? . . . could it be because of a limited imagination ? Not a criticism . . just a thought .Well I can't speak for others, but personally? I simply feel most comfortable being myself. edit: maybe I should clarify that this has nothign to do with limited imagination. howevr I have no urge to role play, and definitely no need to turn my human form from a pale, pudgy blonde with an a-cup to a super-slender redhead with supertan skin and "gourgous" double-D's. some people are simply happy with themselves and all their imperfections. (and btw, can't really imagine double-D's to be perfect - at least I can see my feet.)
  15. one thing that maybe should get a mention here, though it is only of use for those "daring enough" to try mess around is Eloh Eliot's skin templates... while personally I am not fond of the male skin as it is.. uhm.. a boy skin, it would be a good basic to start layering one of your own photos into.. but again.. that is realyl only somethign for people who are not afraid of failure lol. http://sites.google.com/site/another/Home is her google blog (though it is hardly wordy lol). some ideas on wrinkles and such might be borrowed from http://www.brazenwomen.com/ClassicLinesSkins.asp Note: the later site is basically doign mods based on ELoh's skins and according to the "share alike" license makes them available too. everyone who is reading this please remember that you should not abuse these great resources for commercial uses but for learning and improving your skills.
  16. there definitely is skin makers who work from photos and will make you an individual skin from a RL photo... however I know none and I am not sure that actually is always the best solution. What I did when I started SL way back when was put a RL photo on my screen next to my self and modded my shape and face accordingly. the shape is probably as much of a "trademark" of your own avatar as the skin is - quite often more so than the skin in my opinion. It is like.. the bones and posture of your self, whic for me means way more to identify a person at first glance than the actual face. don't be too ocd editing your shape, just get it close.. cause the way the avatars are rendered will not make skins look too good if you overdo some aspects. once your shape is close to what you want it to be, you can start thinking about a skin. ironically, it is way harder to find a skin that makes you look like a mature person than to find oen that looks liek a teen trying to pretend they are grown up lol... but that is simply because it is hard to paint wrinkles and other "character traits" into a small UV. I tried bunches of demos and went with the one that resembled my skin tone, facial (and other body-) features best. and am pretty much sticking to that skin since years lol. only using others that resemble that one. the bad news: due to the character thing I mentioned this is even harder for men than for women. finding a characterful, somewhat mature male skin is hard. female skins can get away with lookign somewhat soft, where male skins need facial definition.
  17. Please also leave a comment on this JIRA, LL has doen some changes to time out procedures and such and wants to see hwo ti works out, so I guess any feedback is welcome: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-6193
  18. Kirk Dartmouth wrote: Can I claim a "blonde moment"? no i used that excuse already
  19. okay... first off, I am a blonde, so if i suggest something stupid you tried already, I do because i did that mistake before lol... and I think they are actually not listed in the FAQ is the microphone working in other applications? you can either try the system tools for trying that, or maybe the test call thing in skype. and yes. I happened to have my microphone turned off and wondered why it didn't work lol did you select the right device in the input/output devices? while on some system the default system setting works, it is usually safer to select the actual device. have you made sure the SLVoice Appliction is allowed by your firewall? for me it often gets flagged just as application or as executable, without a "proper" name. and I blocked it. if you actually see the device settings move very slightly but can't hear a thing, try checkign if the microphone boost is enabled in the driver settings. and while you are there you maybe want to check if stereomix is disabled for the recording section. avoids interference and feedback and the one thing I almost don't dare to ask, but I have messed it up my self... have you tried to use it in different regions / parcels? might be the one you were in had voice disabled. feel free to yell at me now
  20. white fuzzy big spot or small tiny white spot? white fuzzy big spot means your inventory is not loading properly (usually), and the instant fix is usually clearing cache. tiny white spot means you only see your voice chat indicator - and that would mean you are probably wearing an avatar hider or something similar. Or that you have turned avatar rendering off. do you see other people normally?
  21. Cory, do you upload files? I recently posted on a JIRA that often on viewer2 failed uploads do in fact upload when you log on next time.. sometimes silently, but you still pay the money. (and that would include screenshots). maybe check the specific folders if you have unexpected duplicates of things that actually didn't upload.. in hteory. and then maybe post about it here https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-6478 - if it is applicable, that is.
  22. Hi Suki, that is actually a settign of your browser. I can only tell you for firefox (and might be inacurate on the words as i use a german version), but I am assuming it is similar for them all: in menubar, click on extras, options or settings, and then the tab "applications" or programms. in the list there, find the entry "secondlife". as i use several clients and always want to send ot the one I am right now using I have it set to "ask me every time". if you want to connect to the Phoenix client you can probably either select it from the dropdown, or have to locate it on your harddrive with "other application".
  23. you all have to be able to edit each others items. and once you drop a notecard created by avatar A into a prim owned by avatar B the notecard belongs to avatar B. and if they are full perm and if you all can edit each other's items, you all should be able to copy the notecards from content with drag and drop to inventory. alternative: create a group for your alts, and use a prim that is deeded to group and shared with group. then basically all goup members who are allowed roll wise to edit group owned objects can treat it as if it were their own.
  24. all your alts need is to be able to edit one another's, or your, object to be able to copy the inventory in there. at least if it is things like landmarks and notecards that usually are full perm by default. simply set that ability in the pricvacy tab on the profile of the alts from yoru friendlist.
  25. resettign teh scripts with the "reset scripts in selection" should definitely purge your avi's key from the script. and without a saved avatar key the bath cannot talk to you at all. however.. if it rezzed seperate poseballs maybe (like in multipose engines) and one of them balls has "gone rogue" that ball has to be tracked down and deleted or reset as well... and if that really doesn't work maybe ask for a sim restart. that should definitely clean you from the scripts memory, as it si the only thign that clears script memory usage definitely and terminally, and make the scripts let go of permission requests and other handles that might be stubborn in this.
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