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  1. Predominately looking for: Text Escorts Voice Escorts Cam Escorts Dancer applications closed - Thank you.
  2. SPUNK Is looking for some enthusiastic people willing to work and be rewarded for it! We are after: Escorts - We are specifically looking for VOICE and CAM but are happy to accept TEXT also Managers - Looking for someone who is prepared to put in the time to make the club as successful as possible Dancers - Even if you'd prefer not to type, voice, cam escort we are welcoming dancers also WE PAY A WAGE IN ADDITION TO TIPS Our only major requirement is that you're mesh! We are laid back, and really just want you all to have a good time The cl
  3. Are you looking for voice escort, dancing or cam escort jobs? -:{SPUNK}:- May be looking for you! $L15 per hour, 90% of tips at a new and upcoming ADULT club! PLEASE CONTACT: banksy hermit sassyncute resident starfire6916701
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