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  1. Just out of curiousity... How many Non Delivery's = Slammed or Swamped...? I get maybe 1-2 a month requests from customers needing an item re-delivered out of 2-3000 items sold and they range from single item carts to 10 item carts....I have quite a few freebie gestures besides the many for sale...Everything has been on DD since it was available...I don't believe that I have any worse or better experience with DD than MB...Other than the advantage of not havung to put MB in multiple sims...
  2. You can use multiple windows to make the wait time better... I have used as many as 4 windows concurrently on Marketplace... 3500 so far and another 2000 to go LOL Kurt Ludd "the Gesture Maker"
  3. I have been dropping gestures into the create folders box then sending to Marketplace...I just noticed that out of about 1000 items so far...I have about 100 gestures in my lost and found folder...It was empty before I started the DD migration... Any Ideas or anyone else seen this??? Kurt Ludd "The Gesture Maker"
  4. I had someone on the SLU forum drop a copy on me...So Taken care of
  5. I had someone drop a freebie Gesture on me called Lollypop :) plays the song and has a wacky dance anim called Uma_Uma ... Anyone have any idea who or where they might find a copy of just the anim ? Kurt Ludd
  6. The way I understood it, you can still have all the components Boxed up as you do now, but will still need a seperate folder for each listing...
  7. I think there is one main folder for items listed which will contain the subfolders that are used for each item listed...
  8. My understanding is that each listing on Marketplace will need a folder...You can have any mix of items or boxed items up tp 200? in a folder and it will be delivered as a new folder to the customer.
  9. I watched the SLC presentation on Marketplace and the new Direct Delivery System... I like the idea of no Magic Boxes... However, the way I understood it will work is...I will need to have a folder with the item being sold in it... Some of us have a lot of single items for sale on Marketplace...I have almost 3000 Gestures...Does this mean I will have to set up 3000 folders when we go with the new system? I still like the basic idea, just wondering if I will need to schedule my next RL vacation to make folders LOL Kurt Ludd
  10. Thanks Oskar, I don't own quite all of Malra...So will wait for it to comeback
  11. Le Tigre doesn't seem to support Mesh since the restart a few minutes ago...I am in Malra... Was just playing with uploading a Mesh object and no longer have the option... Also can no longer create larger than 10m Prims... What's up ??? Kurt Ludd
  12. I can only select and change the properties on 6 or less prims when I go to 7 it greys out the option in edit mode...Cant change them in linked mode also...This seems to apply to prims rezzed before today...and doesn't apply to new ones rezzed after update... Is this Server related.... I am in the LeTigre group in Malra Region... Kurt Ludd
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