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  1. Hi

    I'd like to get some of your feedback on the whole demo version thing.

    In my own experience, I haven't seen a single client buy the demo version and the full version. It seems the customers who buy the full version just go for it without trying the demos, and the ones buying the demos don't buy the full version

    Weird no ?

    In my case we're talking about shapes - the demo version is of course no modify and has abnormally large hands, arms.  I'm thinking of dropping the demo versions if that continues

    What do you think? what's been your experience


  2. Hey everyone, I'm loving the Phat Azz mesh buttocks and legs, however have a few issues:

    - it appears a bit lighter than my back , although it's using the same skin textures (Applier)

    - how do you get back the default panties? I love them but they're gone as a wore another panties applier..

    Thanks !


    Here's a little photo showing off my recent avatar (going very hourglass here ;)

    lollipop chocolate.png

  3. "The Chocolate Bar" is a new club dedicated to the love of ebony

    all are welcome to come and dance and earn money - priority to ebony T-girls of course but all welcome

    Also I would like to recruit an experienced club manager and a DJ or two

    Posh upscale lovely environment and very popular owner, popular interracial role play that does attract traffic


  4. Harlem 66 Club - the fastest growing urban community need addition to its group of staff

    We need experienced staff and wil pay hourly rates (negotiable) + tips

    Beginners are welcome and will be helped and trained - we'll help your avatar look good too

    You can also pop in and work part time on your schedule






    Come and check our big tipper boards - we got cash flowing and need more staff now !



  5. The hottest new Urban club in SL - .: Harlem 66:. is hiring now !

    DJs and Managers - Send note card with your credentials to JasonBaller
    or Chocolate Pizzaro. We pay hourly rates in addition to tips
    Dancers and Hosts too.. Once you are recruited you will be paid a hourly rate in addition to 80% of the tips
    Free clothing offered to staff

    Freelance dancers welcome to come work a few hours in the Club at their own schedule !

    12 dance poles and chairs to chose from

    Weekly events and DJ live mixing
    We have a lot of traffic.. need staff

    Experienced managers and DJs welcome to join and will be paid accordingly

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