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  1. Yay! Now on 20th February some of the same issues that Magnum had some weeks ago just came to Main Channel server too.... great
  2. Some time ago I filled a JIRA under Security Exploits and on the following day it was closed with the status "Closed-BI". I wonder what this status mean since I wasn't given any answer to my request.
  3. From what I see it looks like the legitimate message that's sent when you use the option "Forgot your password". If you didn't request it, most likely someone else may have attempted to log in and requested a password request. Anyhow, the reminders given above are valid, don't click on links in emails that you didn't solicit and LL never solicits password resets by they own.
  4. By chance is it possible the founder's name of a group be changed? I don't mean by creating a new one and re-inviting all members or defining someone else as group owner, I mean really change the group's founder. @ Arwen: Yes, I have seen that too. But if a group's founder can't be changed, I suspect someone must have used illegal ways to change it. I have see that the founder of 3 groups was changed to the same person. I have contacted LL and it seems they didn't worry about that. I even filled a JIRA under Security Exploits and the case was closed with the status "Closed-BI". I wonder what this status mean. I wonder if someone else has seen it happens around there. One of the changed groups was founded by a friend of mine and we need a help to figure out why that. The current name in founder's name is the same person that owns the group currently.
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