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  1. No but you could still lose inventory because Emerald isn't loading. I had the same thing happen without ever running the standard viewer. It'd be worth uninstalling it, and manually deleting all folders, then reinstalling to see if it comes back.
  2. Ok, for some reason, when Emerald shares the same folder as the normal SL viewer, it stops loading inventory and it appears as an inventory loss. To fix it, do this: -Uninstall all versions of the Second Life Viewer on your PC. -Uninstall Emerald. Then, go in an manually delete any remaining folders, particularly the one that is likely under your user settings where your cache is stored. Look under the Application Data, Users, or Roaming folder. -Once it's all deleted, reinstall the standard Second Life Viewer. Once you log back in, you should see the 'fetching inventory' and your inventory should reload in it's entirety from the asset server. To fix in the future, be sure under preferences your Emerald cache is set to a different location than the Second Life viewer cache.
  3. Have you: -cleared your cache then relogged? -reinstalled your viewer from scratch? Also, which viewer are you using? There's a bug with Emerald that will cause this to happen, and if that's the case the inventory items are recoverable.
  4. Alts are usually pretty easy to spot. Why? People are creatures of habit. The most common way alts are 'outed': joining the same groups as their main typing style. Personality does show through in the manner one types. similar profiles, including pictures visiting the same sims/clubs/location hair/skin/clothes made by the same creator the main wears using the same home as the main having friends who are aware of the alt The last one, revealing the identity of the alt to a friend, is the biggest. People talk, even people we trust. Your friend obviously revealed the alt to you, so chances are she did to others as well. There's also the chance of chat spies in the area. For instance, say you and your friend are discussing the alt in local chat and making reference to her main (or vice versa), if there's a chat spy it's relayed back to the listener and you're outed. The only 100% fool-proof way to have an alt? Completely different EVERYTHING- shape/hair/skin/home/friends/hang outs. Otherwise you will more likely than not be discovered.
  5. I once was given a box of building aids, but it the box was apparently just called aids. So, I recieved this message: "Dylan gave you Aids" ...priceless. LOL
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    LOL! Larisa, it can be having long visits with "Uncle Inventory"
  7. ROFLMAO Unklebob!!!! On my previous av, a few years ago, I actually got shot out of a skybox by a penis shooter...naked...wearing moon boots...stuck in the monkey dance animation. As luck would have it, my neighbors were apparently having their wedding...which I landed in the middle of... naked, wearing moon boots, doing the monkey dance. They weren't amused and I was banned immediately. *snorts laughing*
  8. The reason is because you have marked yourself "Online to Friends/Groups" only under your preference. By doing this, it hides your online status to anyone who's not on your friends' list or in shared group. Two options to fix this: 1. Unhide your online status under preferences- make so anyone can see whether or not you're online. Then, anyone pulling up your profile can teleport you. 2. Or, if the person trying to TP you uses CTRL+ALT+V, it will pull up administrator options. One of these options is it will "ungray" the teleport button, regardless of whether the person in question is actually online or not. Or if their online status isn't shown, such as yours, it allows them to TP you.
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