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  1. I would really like to see HTTP on a prim work much better. There was a lot of work done on this years ago and having dynamic web pages as HUDs would be great. I have done a lot of work on this but those who worked on it before have gone on to other things and a lot of the media on a prim scripts no longer work. I feel that this feature was a great idea and greatly reduces script resources needed on sims. Please feel free to contact me for more info. Nathan Zetkin
  2. It was much better in the previous release, so somehow they folded in maybe old broken code that was fixed once or decided to start over. But this release is not usable in any way. Those who think they can just fix everything will be greatly disappointed when the issues are resolved. Because they will have to do it again. So I won't use this release. I can't stand the lighting and if I were to adjust everything then I would just have to revert it back. I don't know who is responsible for this fiasco or if anyone cares. The EEPs project should be reverted and say goodbye to this horrible mess f
  3. To Miller Thor, Your skies are completely white now instead of blue. So you over brightened a scene that should not need it. It's still broken. I had to go back to the regular viewer for now, hope they fix it soon.
  4. If I didn't know that it was 3 PM I would guess it was moonlight. Even the sky looks dark instead of bright blue as it should.
  5. Those scenes do look great but it is light objects that have a problem along with HUDs. Lights are overblown and HUDs are too dark. Looks great outside and awful inside. Daytime shadows may be a bit too strong. There should be plenty of global ambient light in daytime but it looks more like night time even in Miller Thor's post above.
  6. Just me and the poor lighting from the latest release. Please fix it. That's not how I look.
  7. The May 16 EEPs viewer update really messed up lighting. Everything looks horrible now. Can we revert and fix it back the way it was? Seriously this is the worst it has ever been, everything is so flat. Lighting is way blown out. I am using advanced lighting model with shadows on. Also all HUDs are darkened a lot. First pic is the way it was before. There are just 3 candles lighting the scene Second Life Release (64bit) Release Notes You are at 123.1, 186.7, 2,298.5 in Elpenor located at sim10760.agni.lindenlab.com ( SLURL: http://maps.
  8. After many years of promise we still don't have a LL viewer with over 512 M of graphics memory. Come on guys, this was available in 2004. Textures and mesh items still flicker like crazy. I have 1080Ti with 11Gb of graphics memory that I can't even use. I don't know, do LL developers still run on ancient computers? If other viewers can solve this problem, why can't LL?
  9. SpaceMouse Like the older Space Navigator's, this is an amazing device to use for Second Life. I had a Space Navigator for SL fo about 7 years. The cord was starting to break so I ordered a new Space Mouse to replace it. I installed the software, plugged it in and sadly to say it did not work at all. I got a hold of 3Dconnexion and they told me that Second Life was no longer supported even though it is still listed on their supported software page. They explained that Linden Labs is responsible for making it compatible and they haven't done so. Well, I was very disappointed but not ready to gi
  10. I am definitely seeing these issues too. I am using the latest Interesting Viewer which used to load scenes very quickly. I cleared my cache recently and it took 30 minutes to load a scene which is crazy. Looking at the bandwidth on the statistic panel, it looked like I was on dialup. Sometimes meshs take forever to load. Somtimes textures never load. I am on wifi, but my statistics bar shows 0 packet loss. I have noticed setting higher peak bandwidth (>5Mbs, I on a 20Mbs interenet connection) caused SL to reduce my bandwith for other uses such as web browsing. Speedtest.net shows dramati
  11. In the real world we look people in the eye when communicating with them. Thisis a very important part of our body language which tells the other person that we have their attention. When in Second Life our avatars stare off into space looking anywhere but the avatar we are communicating with. Wouldn't be nice if there was an easy way to establish eye to eye contact with someone? As it turns out it is a very easy thing to do. Second Life provides the abiulity for your avatar to look directly at someone if you want to, it's just defaulted to not active. Some knowledge of editing files is requir
  12. Great film about Second Life and Virtual Reality. Loki examines the history of virtual worlds and their disappearance and remergence with the advent of new technology like the Occulus Rift. I especially liked the way the graphics quality improvement in Second Life was demostrated over time. For everyone in Second Life this is a must see movie. The Lost Virtual World
  13. I have also been seeing degradation of SL server performance over the last several days. Bandwidth heavily reduced, chat lag, script lag and lots of lag when editing things. Wonder what the heck is going on. On a 25 Mb iternet connection with a fast computer and things have been great until recently.
  14. Lumiya in the play store now allows editing LSL scripts on your android phone. It is a pretty good SL client considering you are on a mobile device.
  15. If you look on the media address bar, there should be a speaker button that you can use to adjust the media volume. Also check your media volume in preferences.
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