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  1. It has been nearly 2 months now and my listings are still missing. If they didn't have reviews and rankings I wouldn't care so much. Please restore my listings. IDs: 2595479, 5005979, 2772764, 2772826, 2772784, 3401638 and 3401639 Support Ticket #191380 Jira Ticket #BUG-202766 Thanks
  2. I submitted my support ticket with all missing listings 13 days ago; my product listings have been missing for over a month now. I also filed a JIRA. The day I posted (above) Spidey Linden fixed one of the 8 missing listings. I'm still waiting for the remaining listings to be fixed. Personally I don't think devs at Linden Labs are giving enough attention to this mater, but it makes sense economically from the business' perspective. They aren't loosing any money because of this, only us merchants are. When shopping for a product on MP, there's a high chance you're going to find what you're l
  3. I submitted my ticket (#191380) with my missing listings 7 days ago and they are yet to be restored. They show up under unassociated, but when inputing the correct id it fails and says it cannot find it. (see attached) Why does the SL status page still show this as a resolved issue when it is not?
  4. This position has been filled. Thank you to everyone that applied.
  5. Hello there, We are the team of Groovitz™, a current project that is being created within the game of Second Life. The team of Groovitz™ consists of four developers who have been dedicated to the project and it's completion into beta and eventually onto a full release. We are looking to hire a second scripter to work alongside our head scripter. The preferred candidate should have knowledge of HTTP communications, json structure, prim to prim communication, and be able to work with others on a team. The hud will need multiple ‘screens’. I have already wrote an animation system that can be us
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