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  1. Yay! Glad you found something that would work Happy Holidays to you!!
  2. Came across this one yesterday at Kustom9...scroll down to Studio Exposure http://seraphimsl.com/2018/12/15/hear-sleigh-bells-ring-at-kustom9/
  3. I will only add to be very patient...you could do hours and hours trying all the different combo's between heads, skins & shapes. It is a long process, not something to accomplish in an hour or two. Try LAQ also
  4. Hello I have a friend who runs a rental sim and this is happening.... https://gyazo.com/d68d225b8aebcebb9bc4e5a7e8589b31 https://gyazo.com/83722ccb80ddc4613803f6be09588bed Funny thing is, neither her or I can see this happening, only the person who is renting the parcel. To my friend and I, everything looks normal....strange. Any ideas? Thanks so much, Maddie...hugs
  5. Thank you all for the info...@Rolig, there was a time I thought to myself, perhaps I should stand on that side, lol
  6. Hello all Why is it that every time I rez a box or an object, the front of it is facing backward to me? I always have to zoom around to the front to see what it looks like, ugh...is there a setting somewhere that corrects this? I've looked through preferences and didn't see anything. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated
  7. I have them, but not sure about the number of them until I log in...will send you a message
  8. Trompe for sure, she has quite a selection with wood and lights, one room concept builds. Also check out Dust Bunny
  9. I do a lot of the same that has already been said...But I do breakdown, my tops & dresses in folders marked long sleeve or short sleeve, as I like to dress per season. (For those outfits that come together as a top & bottom? I do still sort them respectively, but add in the item title, what piece it goes with, in parenthesis) in case I decide to wear as an outfit, instead of separate.) I only have folders for either boots or shoes, and not broken down any further, but when I do first put them in inventory, I do rename the item to include such things as "heels" "sandals" "over the thigh" and so forth. Also, for some reason, I remember the hair by creator, not sure why that is, so my folders are labeled by the creators name of my faves, with a folder labeled 'misc" for places where I only buy one style here and there. Once again though, I add the style (short, updo, etc) to the rename before sending to creators folder. IDK, works for me
  10. Yes, 3000L$....sometimes goes on sale for 1500L, but it's been awhile
  11. That circumstance would be appropriate, but the OP made it sound as though it was a regular thing to do it that way... ETA: she uses it as a "proof of purchase"...unnecessary to do it that way
  12. I remember a time when no stores had a redelivery system and it always depended on the owner replying...never had a problem with that, they always acknowledged in one form or another. Also, not sure why you are spending L$ to upload an invoice
  13. Can never go wrong with Apple Fall Gorgeous textures when rezzed...has a few to choose from.
  14. LOL, Maddie....still have your great sense of humor, I see Hope all is well with you....
  15. hmmmm, just curious...why would Seraphim drop a vendor or event? I thought that was how they made their $ was the advertising of such events?
  16. Thanks so much to Cindy, she came through for me. Much appreciated
  17. Yes, same concept, I guess Hope all is well with you...been awhile
  18. Hello all A few years ago, someone had passed me a pose that was simply called, "Vanish." It would put me under the surface/ground when played inworld, so as to take me out of the viewfinder for taking a picture. It worked great and have used it hundreds of times, but for some reason recently, SL decided to eat it I've searched on MP and can't find anything like it and can't remember who I received it from all that time ago. Anyone know what I'm talking about, that could send me a copy inworld? Or have a clue where I can get something like this? Any help would be appreciated.
  19. It has been a solid week that SL has been acting up for me When your problem happens, I usually sign in to a different region...so far it gets me in
  20. Thank you, Cyka, for taking the time to show such detail in your answer...greatly appreciated. @Lillith, thank you too. The conversations between you & Cyka are mostly greek to me, sadly. Although having someone build one for me, is a possible option and makes a lot of sense from what you say. Will look into it. I do have a horrible problem with this one in terms of the fan whining at a high pitch, overheating
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