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  1. I'll hold on to it until tomorrow, so it doesn't go back in the pot for some other unlucky person tonight
  2. Probably in Harpoon...it kept throwing that one back to me earlier today ETA: Lol, yes, just for the hell of it, I tried it with an alt...Harpoon
  3. Hoping for a larger release tomorrow than what was done on Friday
  4. Ahhhh, that explains it, was never a Monty Python fan...
  5. Yes, I will agree with you on that one...I'm clueless
  6. Slow for me also, for the last few days...
  7. I think the few that do this, have a lot of friends in game...they give each friend the name and password of an alt, and they do the work for them at the same time as a release. Well planned ahead.
  8. Yay! We are neighbors, not sure where you are, but so far, mines the only gray Havana
  9. Some sims I've noticed have very few pier ones, others a lot
  10. One of the Linden's commented in the last few days (can't remember which one or which thread) but he said that they will not tell when releases are going to happen, because of glitches that could happen ahead of time, and people being disappointed/complaining
  11. No, you definitely do not have to buy anything....I won one time
  12. Yes, from Trompe, called the Belasco Kitchen
  13. Lol, I am so OCD about detail, I tend to go overboard. Another mistake most likely is, I love using Nutmeg furniture...not exactly low prim Thank you for the compliment ❤️
  14. Amazing!! I must be doing something wrong, lol....after i got done the outside and only one room partially furnished, I was out of prims, ugh. Will have to rethink everything
  15. You did all of that with 351 prims? Nice job!! Where are the slats for the carport from, if you don't mind me asking?
  16. Thank you for the lovely comment Not sure about the stilts, really limited on LI which I'm not used to. Will let you know when done or post pics.
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