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  1. I am a big Nutmeg fan, along with my other faves, Apple Fall, Dust Bunny & Hive. I constantly mix these guys up!! Marianne, maybe do the opposite....style a room with mostly others, and add a Nutmeg piece or two to compliment? Worth a try, have fun
  2. Apple Fall has the Lily Seating. Comes in sofa or chair. If I remember correctly, the wicker has 3 or 4 different wood tones The print I love is the "Vines" that might work for you, also has a sailor stripe which is adorable. Might be worth checking out!!
  3. Wow! Looks great, will give it a go, thanks
  4. Some type of wall unit w/decor already filled or a kitchen hutch or something on that big wall by the table & chairs
  5. Ohhhh....where is that long floating table from? If you don't mind....
  6. I just now got sent to Palmetto Shores once, and two different ones @Lei Miz....Stilt on water though
  7. It confuses me to think why do they make them in that proportion? Go figure...
  8. Lol, slowly but surely, I'm learning all these tricks of the trade
  9. 4 times in a row, same one...how does it even get out of maintenance so fast, a matter of seconds?
  10. I'm not targeting anywhere in particular, really don't care if new release or abandoned...just don't want to get the same place three times in a row, out of my 5 tries
  11. Yes, something is either messed up or they have changed things If results are not better over the weekend, they are going to start losing money with me, lol. Will downgrade my alts... ETA: For me, only seems to be for the SoL...the others are not happening that way.
  12. I don't mind using my 5 tries on new, and not like them, but I feel like I'm wasting the tries on all that I've seen before...going to have to wait a few days to try some more, it's frustrating the other way
  13. Yes, something goofy with all this. I got a pier, abandoned it, and got it back two more times within seconds of each try Then tried for a OL, got one that is horrible and been out there for days. Thinking all we see on the land page is not new releases, but all the ones people have abandoned...
  14. LOL, reminds me of my son when he was around 2...he thought if he covered his eyes and couldn't see us, then we couldn't see him also
  15. For sure, Jasper Beach, Jetty Point & Jitterbug released
  16. Thanks, but that didn't help Will put in a tix
  17. Controller doesn't give me options of housing...is there a trick to this?
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