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  1. Ionic has a one story, not sure if it's big enough for you. It was a gacha, so not sure if you can purchase outright now since they did away with them. Will have to check their store, I suppose. C'est la vie Le Cottage
  2. Not sure I have the name right, but MD Labs is another vendor I've seen used for delivery.
  3. Yea, that's what sucks when they released the last of the stilts....now they are all mixed in with the abandons of people going after the Fantasy homes
  4. Just out of curiosity, what is the Labs thinking behind not releasing all, for example, stilts before a new release of another theme? Also, I can't imagine that the Fantasy theme is as much popular as say the Trads, Stilts, etc...so how many fantasy regions are there, compared to other themes? Ugh, I'm sure my grammar composition is not the greatest, but hope you all know what I mean
  5. I get what you are saying, but from someone that has lived in Florida for years, all palms are not the same color in fronds or the bark everywhere.
  6. Must be in the same region, sorry
  7. Sometime, I even end up feeling quite queasy !!! (Don't laugh!) A little off topic, but I know how you feel...I go to one event every month, and it has neon lights, see-thru roads with cars moving, and I actually get queasy every time
  8. Looks like the pedals to a piano...
  9. Jordon...go to World > Show More > Property Lines, it will highlight your boundaries. Sink your platform down to bottom of water, then you can adjust the size using that guideline. Not sure what she means by the hollow reference, sorry
  10. I cancelled a couple of weeks ahead of when it was supposed to end, and although I still had the perks of more groups, etc, it did not let me get another linden home...I had to go to live chat, and she reinstated it for me in order to continue with that perk I waited until the day before expiration to cancel again.
  11. When I realized what was going on, I had neither the inclination nor the time to be disheartened every single time a region was released Though LL must make a ton of money on people who play that sort of game, they lost my money. I downgraded both my main and my alts...on to better things
  12. I, for one, am glad you call attention to that. I had no idea. I do love Nutmeg, and when I do a Trace public sim, Ioad up on her stuff for decor, never noticing if it causes big time lag for residents coming to visit. The next one I do, will be more conscious of this, for sure...thanks
  13. Divider: Total stats: 1 objects, 6 prims Faces: 15 Vertices: 22,876 Triangles: 40,788 Complex.: 5,272 Textures: 13 TMem: 37,891 KB VRAM: 49,156 KB Throw: Total stats: 1 objects, 1 prims Faces: 1 Vertices: 27,344 Triangles: 38,000 Complex.: 667 Textures: 2 TMem: 6,144 KB VRAM: 8,192 KB
  14. I have it rezzed...what am I looking for? ETA: Divider only shows this: https://gyazo.com/9d6b1fe547ec604b29c1000d22e61fd9 Throw only shows this: https://gyazo.com/e21e5002f8c11e373fd704797d2991ee
  15. Yes, haven't seen any available for a few days now It seems when they release these regions, that they do OW & OP first, so they have been taken earlier then the OL ones. Will need to wait it out for other new regions to be released or someone abandons one here or there....
  16. Well, I think your work is gorgeous!! Have a good day!
  17. Yes!! Have to give her credit for sticking with the agenda I also love the fact that she doesn't do rares for the holiday gacha at the place that I won't name, lol. Nice & cheap for all. Kudos to Cory Edo, she is not in it for only the money, but truly enjoys giving us a bang for our buck. I always support her for that fact alone!
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