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  1. Personable but frequently absent sim owner seeking roommate to share costs of full-prim sim. Easy to get along with and respectful of your privacy. You get: -- entire ground floor of sim + skybox space, up to 12,000 prims, including estate rights, parcel capabilities, parcel description rights, full terraforming, etc. You can use the ground floor for residental, sandbox, commercial, whatever -- I'm easy. All I need is to maintain a 3000 prim personal skybox/worshop at 600m for my occasional visits into SL. You can do whatever you want with the rest as long as you abide by LL's TOS and are on-t
  2. Need a flexible, full private island with lots of prims for a fraction of the cost of renting a full-prim sim? Ideal for shop/business owners or those needing an inexpensive personal residence/sandbox with LOTS of prims! I am offering a long-term rental of the ground floor of my full private island (with up to 12,000 prims) for only $15,000L per week. For that price you receive estate management rights and the use of the entire island (including the "ground floor"), minus a 3000 prim skybox at 600m that I will maintain for my personal workshop/residence. The island is surrounded by w
  3. Porky Gorky wrote: Pamela Galli wrote: It makes sense for the Answers forums I guess. But still don't know what the point of credits would be. I thought the benefit would be obvious.....it will make Proks life a lot easier when she compiles her FIC list every year. /me gives Porky a good-natured but very wet raspberry
  4. Argus Collingwood wrote: It has been fixed, Rachel.. now I need to get the hubby to give a good review on those glasses I sent him. It was almost easier to leave the review myself... since I was the one who had the link to the product in my order history. Yup, yup. On XStreet there was a Quicklink sort of reminder to people to rate their purchases when they signed in, at least...even as a customer I am really missing that link, as I used to like to rate purchases. It's so hard to click through to my order history now and go back and forth to rate items, that I either forget or just don't bot
  5. This is good news, Brooke, thanks. Question: has SLM been fixed now so that the recipient can rate an item on the site, rather than the purchaser? This has been a problem in the past, and since many use SLM to "gift" items that are no transfer in-world, I suspect it adds to the reduction in ratings we've seen with the new site.
  6. Toysoldier.Thor wrote: Exactly my point Rachel regarding the Clutter Tax. You were very much for it - I was very much against it. So using the example I posted, you are in Focus Group #1 and when asked by LL you promote it, I get invited to Focus Group #2 and I express to LL how stupid an idea it was. LL has 2 Merchant Focus Groups, two opposite messages. So... how much guidance do they get from these two groups? Reaction - "Merchants are not commited to either dirction so we will make up out own minds. There is some presumption that just because LL or the Commerce Team are listening t
  7. Yes, but pretty much what Dart said. As for the "Freebie & Clutter tax," as I'm sure you'll remember I'd have been on the opposite side of that issue, so I doubt that a group comprised of those who opposed it would have been willing to let me have my say...which speaks to some of Dart's points. I'm not too worried what they name it...that part is pretty much semantics, and therefore a low-priority in the grand scheme of things. The point is that some interaction will happen. I just hope that part of the plan is not to completely abandon the open-to-everyone meetings without replacing tha
  8. Ciaran Laval wrote: I'm of the understanding this is a general initiative by LL to replace OH's with user group, a blog post is rumoured to be in the pipeline. Yes, I'd heard that as well somewhere. While I'm in support of the user group concept, it seems as if it'd be a wiser idea to create them in addition to, rather that in place of, the OH. While user groups will be more productive in terms of two-way dialogue, ulimately if you eliminate the opportunity for participation in an open forum it will result in claims of favoritism, as well as a perception of non-communication by the rest of
  9. Loving Clarity wrote: ah! I misunderstood. I thought that was to be in addition to they standard style open invitation meetings. I didn't realize it was a replacement. I also thought it was meant to be "in addition to." That's a shame, if it's the case...after a couple weeks the trolls would have found better things to do and the OH meetings would have begun to be productive. As annoyed as I was with the "problem children," I would like to think that LL realized the first few meetings would be overrun with pent-up frustration, and given it a few weeks to settle itself down.
  10. Toysoldier.Thor wrote: ... You know yourself that these meetings take on 1 of 2 scenarios: Because of the severe damage the executed LL change has done so so many merchants, the meeting will become a forum of venting frustrated merchants that are still suffering from the slow response LL has done to repair the damage to their sales. ... Toy, what I would like to avoid is exactly what you've outlined above in the extract...which is why I responded and suggested we give her the benefit of the doubt -- if for no other reason, than because Brooke has bent over backwards to make discussion with
  11. I read the Transcripts as well, Toy, and did not get the same thing out of it. I believe I saw an inference that they are looking at other ways to identify Maturity besides the present filter. Darrius and I have both suggested an idea for a more robust and accurate filtering system, and the group meetings (whatever they're called, I really don't care) are the place to weigh in on that issue, as well as the current decision to keep the Blacklist unpublished. @Loving -- my input wasn't meant to chastise others for suggesting additional topics for this or other meetings, and I apologize if it wa
  12. While there are a great many issues that I and others would like to see addressed, my personal preference is to focus on depth rather than breadth, and spend the time discussing issues and potential solutions for Maturity ratings. I know I personally will not be directing any efforts into modifying or adding any listings until this has settled into something more manageable, which also delays any plans I had to purchase banner advertising. If there is time, I am also still interested in getting a better understanding of how items will be set for sale and managed when Magic Boxes go away. I di
  13. It seems to me that, given Brooke's extensive and on-going efforts to "reach out" to the merchant community, we can and should give them a bit of slack here. While I'm not happy with the way this change was implemented, what I'm currently seeing is a) an admission that this could have been done better, b) a willingness to think about ways to fix it and do it better in future, and c) opportunities for us to offer additional insight and ideas via the blogs/forums, additional in-world group meetings, and polling various merchants in smaller groups. She's reading and responding in the blogorum, s
  14. Thanks for the update, Brooke. The communication and transparency is very encouraging. My thoughts/input: 1. Interim decision to default to Moderate settings for logged in, over-18 users: Good. 2. Longer term plans to enable persistent Maturity settings, with defaults set to in-world Search defaults: Even better. 3. More communication via User Groups and rotating in-world Group Meeting times: Not sure I understand the full plan for this, but it sounds good at the moment, and would be welcome. I am absolutely delighted and encouraged by the increased engagement with merchants overall, and a
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