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  1. As an aside, 2.7.1 has given me a remarkable speed improvement, even with AA and Shadows turned on.
  2. If you compile a script and it fails, you have an error in the script. Most common are: * a capitalization error -- Index and index are not the same thing. * spelling errors. * using a variable you've not declared yet. * neglecting to put an ; at the end of a line somewhere.
  3. First, I know of no way that the money server can be tricked into giving you free L just by running a program on your machine. Even if it faked the protocol to purchase L, the real cash would be deducted from a real account somewhere (and if it was from a stolen credit card, you'd be an easily found accessory to the crime). There is no free lunch or free L. Everything costs something. And if you were foolish enough to run this program, there is no telling what else it will make your computer do. Perhaps this is simply the carrot someone is offering to put your computer on his botnet. Most likely it'll add viruses and other malware and not even give you any L, as the feature will be "temporarily unavailable" when you run it. Anybody offering you cheap L or free L is a criminal. The only legal way to do that would be for them to buy L from the lab and then sell it to you at a discount. But that would cost them lots and lots of money! Do you go around looking for ways to throw away your money? No? Well, nobody else will either. So either this is trying to get your credit card number for the cheap L, they are selling L with a stolen credit card, they are trying to put malware on your computer... or they will ask for your name and password so they can hijack your account. None of these are good for you. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is.
  4. The first thing you need to do is DISABLE SCRIPTS in the estate tools. That'll prevent it from replicating or moving or spamming or whatever. Next, see who owns the device by finding one and going to Edit. Write the name down and be sure to file an abuse report (for all the good that does.) Finally, using the estate tools, find ALL the objects owned by that name. Select the first on the list and then all by that person by holding the Shift key and pressing the last on the list as well. Return them all to the owner. Repeat a couple of times to ensure you've gotten them all. Then you can reenable scripts. What you describe sounds like Prizm as well as poofers. Prism is a bunch of madly spinning and wildly changing textures on megaprims up in the air. But the entire thing is transparent, so you cannot see it. But the poor viewer is trying to download the textures over and over again and cannot keep up with all the wild changes in the Prizm, so the viewer lags very badly. Fortunately getting rid of all the griefer items by this guy will get every "lulz" item he left; not just the poofers.
  5. The only way the island could be "gone" would be if you allowed anyone and everyone to edit the land. Do not worry about your horses as they will be fine floating in the air temporarily. Just say that the horses have gas today or something... What is needed is a Rollback. Get a Linden to roll the sim back to how it was 24 hours ago. If you are renting, you'll have to get your landlord to issue the support ticket. And in an absolute worst case that nothing can be restored, hey, it's not too difficult to terraform a new island.
  6. it is ALSO possible that you were given a piece of griefer jewelry and you are wearing it. And that device is what is doing the blathering.
  7. This is a very simple greifing device designed to get other people in trouble with folks who are new inworld. Commonly seen in sandboxes or new citizen centers. The device can be worn as a piece of jewelry, so simply setting an area as No Build won't help you. Note the color of the name of who is speaking -- Green indicates it's a prim speaking. You can easily mute such stuff btw. How does it work? Simple. The device now and then scans the area with llSensor and makes a list of the avatar names around it. Then it changes its name to the selected nearby avatar. Then it starts talking trash. Very simple indeed, even if the griefer kiddies don't just copy the script from one of the many Lulz sites on the web and have to write it themselves.
  8. http://ttcsweb.pbworks.com/w/page/11098471/Cable_modems_in_Trinidad Cable systems in Trinidad The one you will want is the Unlimited 1 for 189$ a month; 2Mbps down and .256Mbps up. Not incredible, but sufficient to run SL.
  9. Do you mean "Why can I see inventory of items when I click EDIT?" If so, then everything in SL can be looked into. Nothing stops you from examining anything. But people making items to sell usually lock down the scripts and text files within the items to prevent copying or damaging the product. You can still see they are there, but you cannot look into them. And some stuff isn't secured at all, since the scripts are public knowledge and there's no point in doing so.
  10. If the item is Transferrable, you can nicely ask the person you gave it to to return it. They are not required to do so though. And if you were unfortunate enough to send it to someone who never logs in anymore, well, not much anyone can do about that. Odds are that in a couple of days if the person hasn't returned it, you are simply going to have to chalk it up to experience and buy another one for your friend. There's no way to force return it.
  11. The fact that your E key is working well enough for you to make this post, indicates that the keyboard is not the problem.
  12. Unless you are paying tier for land and premium, you don't have to cancel anything. If you are a basic member, simply stop coming to SL. There is no need to cancel anything. The plus to doing it this way is that your inventory is saved if you should one day want to log in again for some one-day event or meet someone inworld for something.
  13. Most RP here is simply wearing the avatar and talking the talk. You are surrounded by the scenery of the RP and your fellow RPers are in character with you -- it's a snap. Be advised that the biggest problem society-wise is that we have people who think nothing here is real and it's RPing, and we also have people who insist that SL and real life are the same thing. So when you mix the two, you have complications.
  14. Lots of folks would like that. However, since SL is now open to 16+ players, we don't want little Timmy Thunderbottoms to read any naughty 4 letter words, now do we. Oh, he can watch a lesbian 3-way on M while standing in PG all he wants, but just so long as he doesn't read any bad words... In a word, no -- LL requires that its public face here appear to be free of dirt. So most discussions of Adult nature take place in other forums. And since the TOS prevents us from mentioning these other forums here on this forum, I'm afraid that you'll have to scour the SL UNIVERSE and search for leads to where such discussions take place.
  15. The idea behind V2 is that everything is in a drawer on the right side of your window. Want inventory? click the tab that looks like a suitcase. Friends list? The little peoples tab. Landmarks? The globe. etc, etc. And in inventory, clicking the little + button on the bottom lets up upload a texture or sound. Much improvement has gone into the back end and getting rid of some of the things which made up the UI of V1 is what made those reliability and speed improvements possible. While not ideal, and it is different than V1 I admit, it's not the abomination it was when it first came out. The very first one had major flaws and the buttons were black on a black background so you couldn't use them unless you already knew they were there. The current version is what I use because of things like HTML on a prim (which I use to make weather radars that work inworld) and the finally-reliable music and video capabilities. A version I would prefer to have would put the entire sidebar on a second daughter window. And then the user can have it on a totally seperate 2nd monitor (home use) or place it just below the world with only the friends list showing (laptop use). This is my idea of ideal. Even making it so you can tear off the sidebar into a daughterwindow would make me happy. But that's not going to happen for me, and the UI isn't going to go back to V1 for you, either. And eventually all the V1 viewers will be kicked out of the world so that improvements like Mesh and Dynamic Shadows or whatever else is next can be implemented. But there's no way to implement the new tools with the old toolbox, so eventually V1 is going to be history. So it is wise that we get used to V2 and it's more logical (if sometimes not where we expect it to be) layout. And hey, I hated V2 with a rage that came >< this close to seeing me leave SL and never returning. If I accept V2 as it is today, then the lab has truly accomplished something. You should have been here when it first came out and I was, shall we say, vivid in my terminology for how incompetent a programmer had to be to create black buttons on a black background. The worst problems are fixed and I can work just as easily in V2 now than I could in V1. So keep an open mind and try it for a week when you aren't going to be busy and give it an honest run instead of running back to old and familiar. Steam boats are old and familiar, but I wouldn't want to make business trips on them. Progress is change and change isn't simple for us sometimes. But please, give it a try. You may grow to like it if you give it an honest shot -- I did, and I got banned for my sometimes colorful language here over a year prior.
  16. It is called Open Sim, but it really isn't a copy of the Second Life system. Many things you take for granted in SL like money and physics (multifloor buildings) are absent in Opensim. My understanding is that they are very close to implementing physics though.
  17. 500US = 130,000L Are you certain you need so much? But yes, you are likely hitting the upper charge limit LL uses to prevent fraud. You will have to manually go into your account settings and increase your monthly spending limit.
  18. Display Names is a new feature on the V2 viewer chain. It was added in February, not long ago at all. Unless Emergence was built on the very latest open source code from LL, I doubt you will have it. If you want the newest SL features, you have to use the latest SL viewers.
  19. This sometimes happens when Money server is overloaded and can't respond in time. A simple way to make it reappear is to pay someone or something 1L -- that transaction forces Money to respond and your current balance appears.
  20. Make certain that you are in ADVANCED mode in your new version of the SL Viewer. If you are somehow in BASIC, your inventory is almost invisible to you. Another suggestion is to clear your cache when you logout; your stuff should return when you log in again. http://www.stedwards.edu/it/sites/default/files/second_life/media/clearmanage_disk_cache.pdf
  21. No. You will stay on their friends list, but they will simply never hear from you again.
  22. How do you know it is you? Have you asked the club owner to please take it down because it embarrases you? So quickly everyone goes right to guns nowdays -- most people are just as decent and honest as you yourself are. Treat them like it. Ask if that picture could be taken down because friends who know you will recognize you and you are embarrased. Toss in a quick couple hundred L to the club's tipjar afterwards, and everyone will be very happy indeed.
  23. I also suggest that you be totally sure that you have NO land holdings at all when you cancel the premium. I still had a 512m spot given to a group, and I was charged for the land after I downgraded because I was no longer premium thus couldn't contribute anything. Not a terrible cost, but if you are leaving and think your costs are Zero, they can build up over time because you don't know the charges are continuing.
  24. I would council that it's not necessary to delete/cancel the account. Just cancel any Premium subscriptions, and walk away. That way if you do come back later, your account, password and all your stuff (I assume you've bought stuff and don't want to lose it) will still be here waiting for you. If you do the whole cancellation thing, the account and all your inventory are utterly irreplacable and gone forever. While it certainly sends our lords and masters high in the Linden towers a strong message, it also burns the bridges behind you. If you can avoid kicking yourself for destroying everything you already have, go ahead and Cancel. If you think you may want to see a concert or some other event inworld someday, just drop from premium to Basic and never log in again -- you'll lose no inventory at all.
  25. You have to be a premium account to buy any land. But you don't have to be to rent land from another resident. You can buy the land directly from LL, or from a resident. That's a one time purchase. After that, you must pay LL a monthly fee based on how much land you own.
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