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  1. Cuddlefluff - Another possiblity is you have intermittent connection problems. I was having those myself here recently. The fault turned out to be the cable modem - it would work for a few minutes and then not work for a few minutes.
  2. Well, you should TRY V3 before you dismiss it out of hand. No, it's not V1. But it's also not that tech afterbirth V2, either. It's very simple to use. Inventory is a button on the left - touch it and a floating window appears with inventory that you can move anywhere (or shrink to a bar up top). Same with all the conversations, maps, LMs, scripts, etc. Gone is the horrid sidebar (may it burn). And even with the floating windows, you get a great FPS improvement even on old hardware and weaker computers. I get great FPS on my supercomputer. I get doubledigit FPS on my wussy laptop with settings dialed low. Now that the stupid sidebar is gone, I've no reason to even consider a TPV. While I understand people becoming comfortable with a certain UI and not wanting to change what they are familiar with, it's not an acceptable reason to refuse so many of the vast and powerful changes that have taken place beneath the hood. And if you use it for a week, actually use it instead of retreating to your familiar programs everytime you can't find something, in a week's time you'll be just as comfortable with V3 as you are with V1. It's the Internet. Change happens, or you find yourself unable to use it. I started out using Mosaic -- if I stuck with that all the way to today because I didn't want to learn a new browser, I'd be unable to access any content on the web today. SL is much the same way. I can understand hesitancy about trying V3 after the doggy droppings that was V2. But V3 is nothing at all like V2. You should give it a real chance before dismissing it out of hand.
  3. Creating a minimum standard for how the world is viewed is a good thing. Saying that all TPVs must not have more features than LL's viewer, is not. LL's V3 is a good viewer. I get good fps with it on a whimpy laptop even. But if we are going to be honest here, many of the improvements we take for granted are solely because other TPV folks added them in spite of LL's refusal to consider them. Body physics. Multiple attachment points. Did they cause people to see the world differently? Yes indeed they did. But!! But did LL even consider adding these features -- features demanded by the customers for years and years -- before TPVs that had it had all but pushed the official viewer out of SL? No, they did not. A good and simple solution is the following: 1) a minimum performance standard is set. All viewers must be able to render every type of item - mesh, sculpt, prim. The user may turn off whatever they want on their viewer at their desire, but the TPV has to comprehend and be able to render them all. Users may have individual unique rendering methods so long as everyone elses's isn't damaged -- this even includes naked TPV, silly as they are. But the TPV must be CAPABLE of visualizing everything. 2) all RELEASE TPV must not have features LL doesn't, but BETA versions of TPV may have additional features other viewers do not have in order to demonstrate innovations and gauge customer demand. Popular improvements are then folded into the LL viewer and into all other TPV as well once accepted. This requires LL to actually act on customer demand for once and incorporate new features the beta TPVs show are desirable whether LL loves them or not. 3) an exception is made for text clients -- no visualization requirement exists at all for them. As for the tags... it's a silly thing for LL and for the users to worry about. If you want to tell the world you use Pickelodeon viewer, just add it to your nametag. Or even wear a titler -- they work. If LL thinks this will improve their PR problem, they greatly underestimate the anger their years of abuse have created within their customers. And if the customers think this is the end of the world, they need a dose of reality as well -- if your viewer can't automatically tell the world you use BurnedChicken, you can wear a titler instead.
  4. Are we permitted to use Traps to capture the love? How about nets? Darts? ... stupid restraining orders; makes it so hard to be with the one you love.
  5. Is this to be a full argument, or the 5 minute one?
  6. Yes indeed! Come to my store in Eros Prime! "Boyfriends R Us!" We are well stocked on all the popular and even some of the rarer models. You want the Jock boyfriend? We have several used models (mileage will vary). You want the Rock Band Boyfriend? We have plenty in stock - some even come with their own vans for a slight additional cost. You want the Couch Potatoe? The Gamer? The workaholic? The Yuppie? The Nascar fan? How about the sports fanatic? At "Boyfriends R Us" we have them all! We even have some of the more esoteric and collectible types of boyfriend, such as concert pianist, computer tech, single father, and chainsaw hotrodder (though we aren't sure all that red on his overalls is ketchup from a Whopper like he says it is). If you act now and can afford it, the Boy Toy is available in very limited quantities. Come see our showroom floor and meet our wonderful sales staff. Long term financing IS available and easy terms are yours for a signature.
  7. Well, first of all, unless you both decided to be monogamous in SL, then it doesn't really matter much. No ring on his finger, don't you know. But if you both said yea verily, you'll keep the naughty parts only unto each other, then what he did was out of line. But only if you guys had such a STATED agreement -- "you assumed" is insufficient.
  8. Loving partners should have backup communications with their loved ones.
  9. win7 on only 1.5G ram means you'll have maybe 1.1G of ram to actually do anything. And one fo the first things SL viewer does is take LOTS of ram and create a virtual disk drive in it (that's the VFS - virtual file system). I would say your problem is almost certainly lack of ram. Fortunately for you, RAM is very cheap today. You should be able to throw out that ram completely and just stick in two 2G sticks (turn on interleaving if your board supports it for a 50% speed boost.) That should only cost you about 60 bucks and will max out the computer (32 bit OS limits you to 4G, of which only 3.2G or so is usable.) Your cpu is nothing fancy, but will serve. Your issue sounds to me like you are simply running out of ram. And that's easy and cheap to max out nowdays.
  10. Land is Terraformed. Prims are modified, and only if the owner and the creator of the object wants to allow you to modify it.
  11. Most frequently this is caused by people not having enough UP bandwidth to stream the music, causing gaps in the stream that are filled in by repeats of the previous packets by the music players. You'd no doubt have the same problem turning your Winamp or Media player to the address of the stream. And THIS is most often caused by people who try to play music to a parcel and their friends directly from their homes, with no relay. Let's pretend I'm in your parcel and I'm listening to the 128Kbps music stream from your in-house music server. This causes your server to make and feed a single connection and 128Kbps upstream data flows. Now I invite 3 friends to come listen. Now your server has to handle 4 seperate connections and send four 128Kbps streams to four different IP addresses - you are now pumping 512Kbps upload rate, not counting commands you give the viewer (walking, talking, turning, touching, paying). Since many DSL and cable plans have 500kbps as a maximum upload rate (and usually slowdown to 400Kbps at peak times) you are trying to push data far faster than the network can accept it. This causes packets to be dropped and discarded before ever reaching the net. And this causes the stream to halt and skip. Unless you have something in the neighborhood of 5Mbps upload rate minimum, you aren't going to be able to handle lots of people in a parcel without a relay. A relay is a colo server running Shoutcast that you send your stream to, and IT is what all the computers around the world connect to. They typically have 100Mbps connections to the backbone (as they are designed for website hosting) and can send lots of music to lots and lots of people. And all you have to have is a single upload rate of greater than 2x128Kbps to send the music stream to your colo. It is not easy, it is not cheap, and it's something only the geekiest of us do just for fun. Most people rent time on someone elses colo and stream to it for a short while as it's more cost effective -- several outfits in SL are in just that sort of business.
  12. One, this is just a user to user forum. As such, we are not employees of Linden Labs. Second, all you have to do (assuming a PC here) is go to START, settings, control panel, add and remove programs. Then you find Second Life Viewer and SLPlugin and uninstall them from your computer. Third, if I may ask, what about Second Life did you not enjoy? Did you try it for a couple of days? Did you join thinking it was a fighting game? Was it too hard to figure out how to do things? I'm curious.
  13. Do you have a software firewall like Zonealarm? Is it configured to allow access and server rights to the viewer and to SLPlugin.exe? Because everytime you upgrade, you are replacing the program outright. And to many firewalls, it's no different than any other new program you installed -- you have to give the firewall permission to let the new program reach the web.
  14. You must use the About Land function in your menu to get a count of the prims. If you are merely looking and tallying up what you see, you'll miss the invisible prims, the hidden prims inside other things, and the skybox and all the prims in it.
  15. Frankly, even if you got that 386 or Athlon running SL, you would have abysmmal frame rates. We generally get poor results with a P4 running below 2.2Ghz -- a 386 running at 1Ghz would be painful to use under optimal conditions. If that's your rig, then it truly is time to buy a new computer. Consider that you can buy a new machine with an i7 running 3.2Ghz and 6 gig of ram with a decent video card for less than 800$. Turn the old box into a media server or storage farm, and get a new machine to handle the heavy lifting. And Kudos to you for keeping an old rig running for so long. That's at least a 1999 machine.
  16. You still have to have a 3D graphics card in the computer, even if you run Linux. Without the GPU the installer will silently fail when it tries to figure out what APIs exist to communicate with the card. Do you have a 3D card installed and all the linux drivers for that card correctly integrated into your system?
  17. The 3d world of Second Life requires a Viewer to visualize it, not a webbrowser. While an earlier experiment with browser based visualization was attempted, it simply streamed live video and mouse/keyboard clicks back and forth and in order to have 100,000 people inworld at once, LL would need to buy 100,000 visualization computers with highend GPUs. This was prohibitively expensive. Furthermore, LSL has nothing at all to do with rendering a 3D space. It is a scripting language that allows builders in SL to build interactive items within the 3D world itself. It is not a 3D rendering standard of any sort. What you seem to be asking is how to create Web3D. Take a look at the Web3D consortium, which has created a XML standard for 3D object describers that can be added to any website. There is also VRML, which never really took off.
  18. LL is attempting to create something like social networking through the profile pages. Thus when someone "friends" you in the profiles, LL calls it "following" and announces that said person is "Following" you. It is not a stalker you cannot see, don't worry. It's just a notification that someone wants to know when you put something up in your profile section.
  19. Absolutely. But if you are shopping, a GTX470 cost 1/3 as much and SL doesn't even slow it down.
  20. *rolls eyes* If you don't want to have a baby in SL, then simply don't have a baby in SL. Nothing forces you to wear the pregnancy thingabob. It's all make believe.
  21. The Sound setting in About Land in any land parcel has to be set to the URL of your radio station.
  22. Just PAY that account. Find the name in Search or your friends list and Pay them.
  23. There is no way anything they are running prevents you from getting your IMs. You can fly up high over their parcel and come down onto your land from above. 200m+ is good. Use the map to position yourself correctly. If you are on YOUR land then their device can do nothing but verbally harrass you. Should it do that, you have a reason to say they are being abusive. Likewise, the rules state that nobody can deny you right of access to your land. But the argument is whether or not being able to fly down into it constitutes access or not. And you can always teleport to your destination by entering the coordinates at slurl.com and pressing Teleport. Or creating LMs of where you want to be so you can just TP in rather than crossing neighbor's yard.
  24. @Drake I have a small (and I mean really small) marketplace store. And while I consider myself an advanced builder, I'm not a merchant. I'm in SL to have fun, and the stuff in the marketplace is only my most useful (or useless but fun) gadgets I've invented. So no, I'm not in SL to make money, but rather SL is how I spend my recreation hours. So I AM one of those creators who creates just for the fun of it, and I pump 110$ a month into SL in pure green US cash to do so. Since you are only 2 years here, I'll give you the nickle history guide. When I first arrived 6 years ago, there were few rules, no sim ratings, no teens (officially), and you owned your land. You could gamble in the same room where naked women danced atop of farm animals if that was your thing. But bit by bit, the world changed from "Your world your imagination" to "Our world as permitted in vol 1 - 23 of the TOS". You weren't allowed to be X or Y except in certain conditions. You weren't allowed to partake of Z in your own house. Etc, etc. We have been regulated to death. The mainland is a hodgepodge of sim ratings, and all a teen has to do to witness some nice hot humping action is look over any border into an M parcel house. And the serious tech problems have not been looked at over the last 6 years, much less fixed. LL has for the better part of a decade utterly ignored what the customers have been screaming while they embarked on their power trip, trying to prove to the world that SL is not a game by... eliminating anything that might be fun within it. We have been told in years past to take or silliness and git since that didn't fit GrupenFuerer Kingdon's vision of turning SL into a Business to Business tool. You want joy? You want happy? We used to have that a long time ago and those of us (who are left and are ) growling at the lab still, we want it back! There is a glimmer of hope in the new CEO comprehending that SL is not a cable channel where everything must be super serious (because the webz is serious bizznezz). He understands that it's more like a cable system, with a thousand different things for a thousand different likes. I'm pleased to see that. But as much as I'd like to go to the mainland, beat a tambourine and sing Kumbaya, the damages from the previous guy are STILL sinking the ship. And as much as I want Rodvick to succeed, he cannot if the entire virtual world disappears beneath his feet. People are dumping sims in droves because they can't afford it anymore and all their friends have quit. Newcomers are not hanging around because land costs so much and there aren't any people around. On the gripping hand, if the tier doesn't drop some, if the UI to V3 isn't improved, and if the community boards aren't returned to the newcomers entry points, concurrency and the associated land size will continue to shrink. Making the TOS simpler rather than legalese drawn up by a prudish lawyer would also allow people to actuall (imagine) have fun in SL again instead of worrying about which microscopic rule they are breaking just talking with friends in their own home but overheard by someone on the road. People don't pay money to have their property (land: see ownership) taken away from them and being abused by the staff for playing pixelated games. People come to SL to, as you put it, have a good time. And as SL overall is now as much fun as an antibacterial wipe, they aren't hanging around. The fun has to return and the fun has to be affordable for the oldtimers AND the newbs to hang around. Today, we have but a pale shadow of the fun we used to have.
  25. Another way to stop the "Cloud" problem is to change your clothing. Wear a different shirt and pants. When that has rezzed, you can wear what you want once more.
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