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  1. If they think I'm going to setup SL with Facebook or Twitter just because I (MAY) see a great deal on something, they have another thing coming. Now, a way this COULD work out good would be a "Daily Deal" on the Marketplace itself. In this setup, the Lindens find a neat item and ask the vendor if they could sell it for half price one day only in exchange for the promotion it will bring to the merchant. In such a scheme, few vendors would turn down the free money and advertising. And more attention would be paid to the marketplace homepage (which I only see as I go to search for something, once every 2 weeks or so). THIS would be a wonderful way to showcase items that most people (let's be honest) would never see or even know existed, much less searched for them. The current setup is merely an effort to make more people connect SL with their Facebook accounts. I won't have anything to do with letting Facebook into my SL, so this effort and any other effort at cramming FB down my throat is a waste of time. If Facebook was so amazing, there would be no need for SL to push it as hard as they are pushing -- it would attract us automatically, just like Second Life did. (emphasis on that past tense.) Brooke, if you have to bribe us to go someplace, then clearly it isn't someplace most want to go. And had LL not run things so terribly the past 3 years, Facebook would be paying LL to connect up their FB accounts to SL accounts instead of the other way around. Doesn't that just grate your cheese? If it doesn't, it sure grates on those of us diehards who are still in SL.
  2. Glad to hear it worked for you. Usually Framerate being wonky is caused by bandwidth problems, usually because you have the movie at full resolution. For our movie nights, we convert the movies to 360x240 and limit bandwidth to 450Kbps total. While not as slick as a raw DVD, it is acceptable for getting friends together in SL and enjoying a show together. Take a look at the size of your movie - it should be no bigger than 220Meg per hour for best results. If left at full resolution and bitrate, your server won't be able to throw the data out fast and steady enough and many users won't have the bandwidth to take it all even if it did.
  3. Sandboxes are where you will have the merchandise you sell. It handles the delivery for you when an order comes in. It MUST be rezzed at the same sim all the time. ALL the time. Otherwise, there is nothing to deliver any merchandise at all. Sandboxes are only for temporary usage and for folks to play with building stuff. Almost no sandbox lets people just leave something and stay rezzed forever and ever. You will need to have a small parcel in which to keep your box. If you are a premium account, the LL provided houses suffice for this. If you have a friend with land, ask if you can put down a single prim there. Otherwise, rent a 512m spot in Mainland for cheap, decorate it some, and put the box there. No, your sandbox plan is certain to fail.
  4. You need to create the file not as a straight MOV, but using Quicktime Pro you Export the movie as a Hinted Movie (important). Then when the prim is seen and the avatar is in that parcel with it, the user's viewer will go out to that URL and get the video, which Quicktime will begin playing after only a couple of seconds of buffering time. This is a very common issue -- MOV is not automatically hinted. You have to take your movie and export it as a Hinted Movie file for QT in the viewer to begin playing it without waiting for the entire file first.
  5. L purchases with Paypal are notoriously slow. Always have been.
  6. Oh, now we see the violence inherent in the system. Help! Help, I'm being oppressed!
  7. Is your avatar the same racial identity as your offline self? Not even the same species!! Are you more likely to interact with avatars of the same racial background as yourself/or your avatar? Nope. What someone is in SL is variable and doesn't matter one whit -- it can change with a Keystroke. (I was pink last night incidently...) Do you take into consideration other avatars racial background when in Second Life? I know zilch about their RL selves. And I don't care to. As for avatar race, as I said, it means nothing. Are you more likely to explore places in Second Life where you are more likely to meet other avatars as the same racial background as you? I go where I go and I wouldn't even know HOW to narrow a search so that it was limited to "gray wolf" in the first place. Do you think avatars hold the same preconceptions from the offline world in terms of racial background? No. That's silly. It's a cartoon body, and nobody I know of thinks that Cartoon is a race. Have you ever come across any confrontation because of your avatars racial identity? The only thing close to that has been "Furry Haters" where someone doesn't like furry avatars and asked us to change to human. In that case, I didn't make a fuss, I simply left. (I have no human skins...) Do you think it is ever possible for an avatar to be anonymously raced? Avatars don't have races at all. Black or white, Aisian or Hispanic, Furry or Neko, they are all under the label "Computer generated image".
  8. I would no more want to emulate real life religious restrictions in SL than I would want to emulate my age, graying hair, or failing looks. I come to SL to leave the real world and its baggage behind. I make no pretensions that I'm anything but a free-wheeling and carefree creative type in SL. If I wanted to be myself, I would have no use for SL itself to start with.
  9. RL is RL. It's real and requires hard and fast decisions about what is necessary for your real existance. Mistakes will have dire consequences. SL is SL. It is NOT real and no mistakes in SL can have dire consequences. The absolute worst harm anyone can have in SL is hurt feelings. (And yes, someone killing themselves because their feelings are hurt is not SL's fault, anymore than Toyota is responsible for Road Rage.) Many people have hooked up in RL after SL. Some have worked out. Most have not, because the harsh truth is that in SL, everything is perfect. It's the perfect fantasy because it's not real, just in your mind. But as soon as you try to make it real, why, then reality issues with body odor or size or that grating whistle between his teeth come into play. If you want a RL love, then RL is where you need to find him. Long distance relationships almost never work out and SL is a poor substitute for real arms and real warmth. You can keep your SL flame in SL and have a RL lover as well. Two worlds, two solutions. Unless you subscribe to the "it's all real" viewpoint in which case you'll have to have only one of them, preferably in reality.
  10. Then they should create a forum called "Adults Only" and limit it to an R rating. (No graphic images of plunging or graphic descriptions of same). Simple as that. "Identity and Relationships" sounds like a forum created to discuss Genderbending.
  11. "Hi, I'm Shockwave Yareach, and it has been 3 months since my last drink..."
  12. I have a 460 and yes, I get the same message. However, the card runs SL like greased lightning and my FPS and quality have never been better.
  13. Remain Calm citizen. The beating is for your own good. It shall continue until citizen morale improves. And when it does, clearly the beatings are the reason and thus they shall continue. It is best not to panic, citizen -- all is as it should be.
  14. Um, what? I fail to understand what you want us to discuss here.
  15. I was utterly underwhelmed by the SL in a Browser experiment. It was slow, looked poor, and ate even more bandwidth than the SL viewer does. And anyone with a bandwidth cap (that's all of us) will find themselves unable to log in for more than a couple of nights a month. Great idea on paper. Terrible idea when you look at how much extra it costs -- the computer in the computer farm that's rendering the imagery and simply pumping out compressed video to you isn't free, so the already too expensive SL would be priced even higher. It was an interesting experiment, but should be treated as nothing more. And while making a basic mode for the viewer is a step in the right direction, it is still LL's gross mismanagement and refusal to just leave customers alone to enjoy their purchases without micromanaging them that is driving the current shrinkage of the grid. Also the loss of our ownership -- nobody is going to drop 4 figures on anything without owning it, so no more land buyers are coming in to replace the ones who are quitting because LL has made the grid about as much fun as a powerpoint presentation.
  16. At least now men can be honest when we say we aren't looking at her chest.
  17. I want some birds for my aviary. Let's do a search for Tits. Huh. There are no tits in second life? No problem. How about the blue footed booby? What do you mean that's an adult term? It's just a seabird! Okay, okay. Calm down. How about a yellow breasted sapsucker? Who wrote this filter -- Captain Kangaroo?!
  18. When people began noticing 1 pixel images all over the place and that web advertisers were using them to track wherever you went on the internet, folks claimed we were just conspiracy theorists. When Facebook demanded more and more of your RL data and repeated "made mistakes" that they then blamed users for not setting their (changed by FB) settings right, folks claimed we were just conspiracy theorists. When SL began trying to cram RL into the VW and many of us flatly refused, folks claimed we were just conspiracy theorists. But now Google logs almost every place you go on the web via the image and adware. Facebook knows everything you type in, and employers have fired people for what they wrote on THEIR facebook pages. Forget the advertizers, the people you work for want to stick their noses into your personal private lives. It's routine now and they even admit to doing it. And now, here we are, in this mad world where anything you say or think can and will be used against you at work, home, church or court, and SL wants to let allll these people know what I do in SL for fun. They want to allow these intrusive pests to be able to press a key in their office and get a list of all the things you are involved in in SL. We weren't conspiracy theorists; we were trying to warn you all. Just like we are trying to warn you all now. If you don't care if your boss knows you bang Shiney Clinginus in your parcel every night, good for you. But don't force the rest of us to have to expose everything that WE are doing in the privacy of our own virtual and real lives just because you can't be bothered to think more than 5 minutes ahead about who will get that data and how many DECADES they are going to hold onto it and use whenever it suits them.
  19. The limit used to be in the viewer, but I do not know if that's still the case. That was what enabled folks to create Megaprims in the first place -- TPV with the limit code commented out. Today, the server checks sizes when an entry is made, thus existing prims are not check on rezzing or moving. The change of the upper limit to 64m is coming. But it is not yet out. It has been seen deployed in Blue Steel a few weeks ago so it is apparently still in work with some bugs to be ironed out. While it should be simple to just change the MAXDIM constant in all the server code, this has to go hand in hand with a new "encroachment" check that won't allow you to have a prim so that ANY part of it intrudes on a neighbor's parcel. This new encroachment test seems to be what's holding up the 64m maximum show rather than Mesh. There appears to be a problem with it working under a certain condition, presumably corners overlapping when you rotate blocks. I'm not certain how their code does the check, but for blocks I would do a test for all eight corners and if all eight were not in the same parcel, the change is canceled. It's a problem with the new Encroachment code that's at issue with the 64m limit change; not mesh.
  20. float deltaZ = 0.0; vector start = llGetPos(); vector end; deltaZ = end.z - start.z;
  21. No, I'm not seeing that problem on LL v2.6
  22. Vat? Vat you say? Vat are you tokking about Villis? I dunno. Maybe. Is ESA hiring?
  23. Also, since I didn't see you weren't building, the most common error with new builders putting out merchandise is setting prims inside beds as No Copy. Then the bed can rez only that one ball one time only -- then it's gone from inventory. Your bed's creator may just need to send you new balls (something you only hear in SL...) that are set correctly and that you'll drop into the bed's inventory. Or just a whole new bed is usually easier.
  24. Building a bed with poses and such? Take a look at the Multi Love Pose system, which used to be free and easily found. What you will find is that the ~ball is a prim (a sphere) which is in the inventory of the bed, and gets rezzed on the bed for the couple to sit on, thus starting the animations. The poseballs are in communication with the bed and after the bed rezzes the balls, it positions and rotates them so they are in the correct location. Without the ball in the bed's inventory, there is nothing to rez, thus your error message. and incidently, the ball has code in it as well, so simply making a ball and dropping it in the inventory of the bed won't help.
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