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  1. Really cheapens the overall look and feel of the site. Classic. Things must be going really well for LL lol.
  2. Ahh - that makes sense. Seems a bit contradictory since they lose tier but who knows.
  3. Been away for a while and logged into an empty world? WTH happened? Has LL managed to kill things off faster than I anticpated? Stores that used to be thriving are barren wastelands. What a shame.
  4. It's pretty obvious where SL is headed. Until then I will just accept the theft of Lindens as part of doing business here. Once I stopped being angry about customers requesting customer service of a product they paid for and received and I got nothing for, it felt better. I recommend everyone else do the same. I'm happy getting something until the whole things comes to an end. I'll squeeze this lemon until there isn't a drop left :-)
  5. Sales are pretty good. My popular item is still highly ranked and a mid-range best seller. The problem is - I'm not getting paid for all of my sales. Customers are ordering, getting the product - I'm just not getting anything in return. Good times indeed :-)
  6. LL took the fun out of SL. It really is that simple. I would way rather go back to the days of the floating **bleep**, the crashed sim, the Anshe bashing etc. At least back then it was still fun, new, exciting. LL took a gamble on the direction of SL and failed. The world is dead compared to 3-4 years ago.
  7. The marketplace is a joke. However, a bad joke is better than no joke at all. I sure do miss the days of Apotheus and company.
  8. SL is swirling the toilet. Making sales and not being paid will do that.
  9. Wow - how nice. New categories. Meanwhile countless "sales" are being made without the merchant being paid. ...faceplant...
  10. Thanks for the info Toy but that's definitely not an option for me as my item is copy. I would end up with 1000's of IMs/emails. Really - what good would it do? I already know it's happening. LL should make this the #1 priority. After reading through some of the threads here it appears there are endless issues. Such a shame but not that much of a surprise.
  11. I am not a regular here on the forums anymore but I thought it would be best to let everyone know (if you didn't know already) that it appears that the marketplace is delivering products but not paying the merchant. In the last 3 weeks I have had 11 "customers" make inquiries about their purchase that I had no record of. At first I thought oh well, a small glitch. This weekend I finally realized it was no small glitch at all. I have one of the best selling items on the marketplace. I cannot imagine how many "customers" have paid for and received my product that I have not been paid a penny. I am assuming LL gets this money? Are you kidding me? After 5+ years in SL - I think the sky finally IS falling. Just a heads up :-)
  12. The flag police don't bother spending the time to see if the product actually is related. They just flag and ask questions later.
  13. I have a Mad Men inspired office scene in my HUD that fits the bill perfectly. I'm sure it will be removed soon though as it's not attire.
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