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  1. Upgrading to Windows 7 or above is beyond my finances right now. Is there another viewer that I can use?
  2. I have been on SL since 2007 using Firestorm mainly, but as I am still on XP, Firestorm is no longer an option. I have downloaded Singularity but I cannot hear voice or voice, my firewall is set to allow SL voice. Is there a setting that I have missed on Singularity to allow voice?
  3. I'm a little confused here. How are you getting inworld if you did not agree to the TOS?
  4. Very stable private region for sale, not a rental Transaction will be through Linden Lab Please contact Claxton Msarko or Tikki Indigo if you are interested. Slurl to region: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Busted/128/138/23
  5. If a private region is group owned, does it need to be reclaimed by the owner before it can be sold?
  6. thank you very much, Dev, I really appreciate it :smileyhappy:
  7. I am willing to purchase one, this is for an event for RFL, just trying to find one.
  8. Hi everyone, I hope someone may be able to help direct me where I can find this script: I need a script that when you touch the object that it is in, it will give you only ONE random object inside AND allow you to only touch it ONE time Thanks for any help you may give :smileyhappy:
  9. Yes, Peewee, thats it, tyvm. Whatever it was kept coming back, must have been just the lag
  10. ok, when you click refresh, you can see who has prims there, the icon next to them is a gray head. The one I saw had a yellow head next to it and everytime I returned it, it came back. I am on Phoenix 373.
  11. hi everyone! When you click on the land info and then click on objects and click refresh in order to see who has what out..........what do the "icons" mean next to the person?  Where may I find that info?
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