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  1. Excuse the language but I have spent the day reviewing the top search listings in Places and I've found almost "ALL" of the top placed businesses are using bots to increase their traffic! How is this still happening in SL ? It is totally unfair traffic gaming and I would urge each resident who reads this thread to report them right now. As creators we dedicate our time & money to our work. Advertising is key for our businesses. So we are all potentially losing alot of money because of this. The only way to change this is to Abuse report each and everyone cheater that you find . It takes 5 abuse reports for a linden to take an AR seriously. So don't leave it for someone else to report.
  2. Contact Lynne Lusch for further details...or to view http://slurl.com/secondlife/INNER%20SPACE%20DESIGN2/105/204/35
  3. Taking offers now on homestead. Looking for quick full transfer . This is for sale. Not rent! Homestead must be moved. Tier due 28th June Please contact asap with sensible offers. http://myplacesl.ning.com
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