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  1. Oh so let everyone suffer in the future? Ever consider it would work the same way if you wanted to relocate?
  2. I have just about given up hope on getting a new one. 8 Weeks homeless (since I had to give up the old one first) 8 Weeks of refreshing that stupid page, and on the very few times one has been available, losing it because of the second stupid page you have click on again and then it's sold out, try again Just sell lottery tickets and make it easier.. or.. @Patch Linden how about a SENSIBLE way to do this? 1. Let us go out to the new regions and look at the houses.. if one is not taken, click the mailbox and let us RESERVE it right there. Operative word. RESERVE. You do
  3. Six weeks I've been trying. A few times I've had one come up but by the time I go thru the claim it page, it's given it to someone else.
  4. I have given up hope. I've been homeless for 5 weeks (since you have to give up your old one first) and am sick of refreshing that page. The few times I've seen one pop up by the time you can go thru the confirmation page it's no longer available.
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