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  1. Mikayla Ares wrote: Okay so my inventory has been lagging badly since I've installed 2.8. When I go to try stuff on or delete or do anything it lags for a few seconds, its very annoying! Anyone else having this problem and is there anyway to improve it? My inventory is in the 18,000 and I've cleared all caches and have my graphics setting at mid. Yes, several others are having the problem too. It is mentioned in a few other threads on 2.8 as well. Personally, I have waited in excess of half an hour looking at a "loading..." message on a folder for shoes in my inventory within the beta 2.8 viewer. Literally had that inventory never actually load and be selectable because I closed the thing out rather than continue past 45 minutes. And this is with an immediately subsequent running of Firestorm Beta loading the very same folders in seconds. Along with this problem was dealbreaker-level movement lag. I didn't actually monitor for framerate, but if it was higher than 10 when I was using 2.8 at any time I would be shocked to hear it. This with 6GB of very fast ram, a dual core 64 bit Athlon processor and a GTX460, with no bandwidth issues on broadband and packet loss not a consistent enough issue to have affected Firestorm in any way.
  2. Imagin Illyar wrote: I guess server changes are going to have to happen before it launches out of beta. The Edit window still doesn't report the number of prims in an object when it's selected. Oh wait! Wow - I feel so silly! Now I see your banner at the bottom and realize you're "the" same Imagin from Willowdale. Duh - well the "k" in Kascha does not stand for Keen observation skills does it? You have created such a beautiful sim! I've gone there planning to buy several times and were it 3 years ago I definitely would have given the size of what I had then but I'm not in-world enough anymore to justify a dedicated home like before with the associated fixed expenses so...but so beautiful! Work like yours is what made me start trying to landscape in SL! As to the beta, I can't say I've done that much editing since I've been back, but I can certainly remember when I did and understand why what you describe is a non-starter for you. For me, the dealbreakers were the "nevah-rez" clothing, the 2 fps movement even in my house where every texture was cached and loaded, and the "nevah-Redi" inventory load process. It removes all doubt about what "beta" means, that's without a doubt :womanhappy:
  3. Imagin Illyar wrote: Anyone else having MASSIVE problems with inventory? In the 2.8 version it's really slow. I click something and the whole viewer freezes for a couple seconds. Try to scroll - same delay, try to open a folder, delay. It seems great otherwise but this is a HUGE problem for me as a land developer needing to landscape lots. Oh...yes. This too. There are folders in my inventory that never come off 'loading' status in this version of the viewer. Particularly the folders most of my pairs of shoes and boots are in. I think this is what immediately preceded my exit and uninstall from this beta and return to Firestorm and Official 2.6.1.
  4. I think Gemma Arterton could pull me off, with some blue contacts and slight eye shape accentuation :
  5. Machess Lemton wrote: I just downloaded 2.8 today and found it doesn't work on my one year old iMac at all. I can barely move! At least on 2.7.4 and 2.7.5 I can still run. Both Viewers 2.7.x and 2.8 give me very blurry textures unless I move the camera close to the objects, which is very annoying. When I switch to Firestorm, everything is back to normal. I've had the same experience on my machine, with a GTX460, Windows 7 x64, 6GB RAM, blah blah. Downloaded this, got about 4fps or something hilarious like that, and numerous crashes. I was able to run 2.7.x and the newest Firestorm both before that and after that with no unusual issues. Textures rezzed, I could move at will and smoothly, etc. For those it works for, congrats. I'll wait for the release version however :matte-motes-impatient:
  6. Can't they find at least one disgruntled programmer from Google and hire that person immediately?
  7. Storm Clarence wrote: Kascha Matova wrote: Wildcat Furse wrote: ty Venus ....... went back to my original shape settings and think this looks much better, at least Wildcat is still recognizible in it :smileyvery-happy: *meows* And so, pretty kitty. What can you tell us about this incident here? Hmmm? I think I know how to tell i fmy cat is plannin gto kill me now, that's for sure. Friend of yours? :matte-motes-whistle: Being the recipient of several wounds of the nature described, I can tell you one thing: it wasn't the cat. Bets a nickel it was the wife. Mmhmm. That's how these kitties have been running amok scott-free with clean records for thousands of years. It's "never" the cat! And the cat in that mugshot is clearly up to no good!
  8. Wildcat Furse wrote: ty Venus ....... went back to my original shape settings and think this looks much better, at least Wildcat is still recognizible in it :smileyvery-happy: *meows* And so, pretty kitty. What can you tell us about this incident here? Hmmm? I think I know how to tell i fmy cat is plannin gto kill me now, that's for sure. Friend of yours? :matte-motes-whistle:
  9. Ambashi Pherala wrote: My viewer just updated autmatically, I tried to log in and textures are all messed up, lamp texture loads on th wals and floor texture loads in my hair!!! some sculpties are all messed up too. I tried to clear my chache but exactly the same result. Anybody else having this problem? I had a problem where the hull of my yacht, which I have an instance of permanently docked next to my house, had the text of some notecard partially overlaid on it. It didn't matter whether I deleted the instance and then re-rezzed; the problem remained. I can't immediately recall what version I was running when this happened, but it was definitely 2.7.x. It seems to be intermittent (or was intermittent). A lot of things happened at the same time to decrease the tendency towards this, including Time Warner addressing latency issues in my neighborhood, me using Firestorm Beta for some time rather than official SL viewer, etc. I've heard there's some sort of bug that causes overlay like this if you give another window focus that is in front of the SL window while textures are loading, but I didn't have a notecard up during these instances, so who knows? Good luck with it at any rate. You don't even need to get into how annoying it is - I'm right there with you. :matte-motes-angry:
  10. Eloise Baily wrote: Mine looks about 30 and is not the standard "pretty" avatar...I get told often enough I could improve it, the cheeky sods. I just made her to suit me. I didn't really think about how old she is, so in that respect, no, I don't think I could dress her better. She is me and I am her, by personality, taste and habits. I prefer it that way The standard pretty avatar? What are you trying to say?! Hmmmmmmm??? :matte-motes-smug:
  11. Nyll Bergbahn wrote: My shape has remained the same since day two or three of my SL life in November 2006 apart from minor tweaks to a few settings. That's me and I don't change it. And for good reason too. You're a beauty! As for me, like I said in the "How Long Did It Take To become You" thread, I just can't can't can't not see the "me" I have known for 4 years when I log in. I am exactly what I planned, hoped, and dreamed to be - completely my own creation, and I haven't been able to get comfortable being curious about something else. I DO have other skins, but when I put them on it's only a few minutes before I feel physically uncomfortable, as if too much has changed for my simple sensibilities. It still surprises me when this happens. I walk around thinking I have far less of an attachment to my avie than I actually do. And when I confront myself on it, I actually wonder whether my viewpoints on other topics that have been discussed in the forums are as defensible as I have thought they were. As in how can I question anyone who relies on me being me, when it's so clear that I do as well?
  12. Jennifer Boyle wrote: Perhaps you smarter people will teach me. First, I didn't know that the hair base was in the tattoo layer, and, till now, assumed that it wasn't because we have had hair bases for years and the tattoo layer is new, and because they don't seem to interact. Also, I thought that my viewer baked the avatar, putting all of the layers on and making some cover others, and that what other viewers received was a baked avatar, and that they didn't know what layers had been used to create what they saw. I do remember that I could make myself transparent using the alpha layer, and viewers that did not have the alpha layer saw me as transparent, which is consistent with how I understood it worked. The reason I thought it was good to know is that there are some tattoos that I usually were that are more important to be seen than others. I agree that all tattoo layers were not created equal! Given a choice, I would rather I had a full head of hair than well defined cleavage, a full body tattoo, nice eyelashes and eye shadow, or perfect lipstick, so I always put any hairbase on via "wear" and any other tattoos via "Add". I haven't seen "dear God what is that THING" pop up in any chat bubbles yet with those funny white dots pointing from someone's hand to my forehead so I'm thinking it's got to be working... :matte-motes-whistle: You may very well be able to buy hairbases that go on other layers. I've just been using the tattoo layers for it because it's essential and I don't want to have to fiddle with things to compromise. I always have my nose piercing in, earrings, and usually have some sort of glasses on, so space on the head slots is limited. Then my hats make it even worse. People can't tell which items are on tattoo layers versus clothing layers I don't think. At least not from a simple once over. The layers do stack however and so it is important for compatibility to make sure the most important tattoo item is the one left standing at the end of whatever happens. The order can be modified as well from within the interface. It's a huge annoyance working so hard on a look for my avie only to be reminded with a pang that I might not look the way I do to myself, to anybody else in SL, and I will have no way of knowing whether I do or don't to anybody I meet.
  13. Josain Zsun wrote: I spent a lot of time trying to get my AV to resemble me physically…and he does in a reality long ago and far away…so long ago I can't remember. But that's part of the fun of virtuality. Nobody knows if you are pedigreed or a mutt. Me too, and she does, or at least she will once I can find a crow's feet tattoo layer item. As it stands, I think my avie is probably about 32-34. She is very comfortable with her style and in her own skin, stays in great shape, but not because she's a gym rat. More because she has a high metabolism and can eat like she wants without too much worry. She's got a few toys that cost money and she worked hard for them, as well as her absurdly awesome home, but when I corner her and try to find out what investments she made that paid off like this, she poofs, or tells me my ISP has a problem with latency, and then starts stuttering on purpose so I can't understand her. Nobody gets that good at dodging questions before 30, and she has no crow's feet, or wrinkles of any sort, so she can't be older than 35. Bingo - I've got her.
  14. Lynda Klossovsky wrote: I would not be surprised if this actually does happen, but you would have to be a little silly to believe it.. btw the way, your description .."qoute" the romance fell apart faster than setting a pile of unlinked prims to physical "unqoute" made me ROFL :matte-motes-big-grin: That part got me too :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  15. Wow. I spent probably $400 U.S. within the first month or so of joining in '07, on clothes, land, a starter house, and a bunch of other stuff. Then I bought out most of Kazami North sim so I could combine it and build my dream home and grounds and by the time I finished doing that I had probably spent another $1500 U.S. between land, home, and landscaping (tools, trees, bridges, fences, hedges, sound orbs, animals, etc). For my custom skin and shape, with all variations on skin tone, makeup, body dimensions, plus the .psd for the skins and a promise of exclusivity, I paid 30k lindens. I can't even estimate what I've spent since then. That was all in the first two years, but if I had to try and total everything, I'm sure I've spent upwards of $5000 U.S.
  16. Jennifer Boyle wrote: Lindal Kidd wrote: However, note that other people who are using earlier viewers will only see the FIRST tattoo in you "tattoo stack". That's good to know. Where good is spelled "f r u s t r a t i n g". Honestly, I can't see the point of multiple tattoo layers if 3/4 of the grid can't see them and you end up looking like some sort of alien with bald head and a ponytail unless your hairbase is always first in the stack. Good thing I decided not to use the tattoo layer version of my bikinis too, now that I think of it. I actually had my skin custom designed for partly this same purpose - to never have to use a layer of any sort for my tattoos again. Turns out that's the one thing my designer was less than 100% sure she could pull off well, so I pulled that request off the table.
  17. Okay. Am I the only one thinking of the legions of demonic coyotes lined up on the side of the desert road with the dead eyes in that Stephen King book "Desperation" right now? Or that episode of the Twilight Zone with the department store elevator where the people working on the first floor were all mannequins from the top floor? /me knows terror, and he's under my bed AS I SPEAK.
  18. Deej Kasshiki wrote: Very well said Cabbage and I echo your sentiments. After almost 5 years I find myself spending less and less time in world. I barely ever get out to explore and most of the great friends I made back in the halcyon days have long since left. It's beyond simple burnout as others suggest, it's something far deeper. The world has lost it's wonder, it's sense of excitement for what was coming around the next corner. There are no great new (resident-built) projects, no new concepts, no feeling of awe for what's possible. Most of the time I spend in world now I'm sad and longing for "the old days" that I know will never return. Now I truly understand the meaning of the word malaise. This is as perfect a summation of how I have felt as any I could have and have written. And despite whomever would say it's from burnout and a break would help fix it, I just got back from a break that lasted for the better part of a year. I still spend 10 times as much time in the forums as I do in-world. And sadly enough, when I go in-world now, I end up going to one or two familiar places, or simply staying at home. Now also with my new tendency to shop in the online marketplace, my penchant for wandering for new shops has diminished greatly too. I have about three close friends still that were made back in the beginning of '07 when I got here. Ironically enough, they are the original three that I made when I got here. Everyone else is gone, and my friends list was up in the 80's and more just with the people I hung out with and saw, or at least talked to every week. Acquaintences made it even more extensive. Now, I can't imagine the uphill climb meeting and wanting to get to know that many people would be. I miss GOL3 (as it was then) and Festival Island so so so much. The first two places I landmarked and spent time at. Packed with excited, energetic people, great music, wonder, and magic. There truly was something exciting around every corner, as you say. It was the sort of place that became even more outrageously ideal with every comparison with RL - to where in RL I'd be floating off in my head to places in SL like Ethereal Teal, and could almost feel my pupils contract because of the bright particles. It made RL feel like such a droll, uninspired place at times. I had so many plans for things to learn and do. Businesses to start. My friends and I all danced and had a hoochie crew that would all apply at the same clubs, dance as a big group, and take over the stages. So much fun. dating, laughing, being goofy... Sigh. Sorry for the book. It's just hard not to wax poetic and sad about what SL used to be and no longer is. I have many many culprits that I blame for this, not the least of which is SL additions that were supposed to be the next greatest thing, and the community changes that resulted, but that's a whole separate rant, believe me.
  19. Mayalily wrote: Yes they could and should do a whole lot better for their customers, especially women. I don't think LL has a clue on HOW females shop. They definitely could use a lot of female input to make SL better. Women tend to be the largest consumers in the world in general whether RL or SL, so female input is definitely needed (exclamation point). I mean just take no wish bar area on Marketplace... I have lost so many items I would have liked because I couldn't store them and now cannot find them. When creating a business, you need to take your largest demographic consumers into consideration. Your badge came out great sweetie! Congrats! :matte-motes-whistle: As for the current topic, I just wish we could party like it was 2007 again :matte-motes-crying:
  20. Orzo Silverweb wrote: Thanks for the replies! Dana: "The solution is most definitely to clear the texture cache." And the way I do that is...???? :matte-motes-smile: I am almost a complete noob when it comes to SL. Also, keep in mind that I'm on a Mac, not a PC. I searched the hard drive for files with "Second Life" and "secondlife" in their names -- including system files and invisible files -- but I didn't find anything that looked cache-ish. Thanks again! Well, you can go...oh. No PC. Okay well I don't know where SL stores its stuff on a Mac, but the preferences in SL should give you some location, right? I know there's a \texturecache folder under the main folder with the viewer's name in the logged in profile's \app data\local directory. Each user would have their own that was unique to them, so it would be in their profile subfolder instead of the main SL folder. I just Control-A and blow away the entire folder full of stuff including the \texturecache folder and all its subfolders.
  21. Chelsea Malibu wrote: Realize that the last time someone had a Tron region they got shut down over copyright issues. Tron is a registered tradmark of Disney. Not saying it will happen but I sure wouldn't use a Linden Labs forum to promote it. Yes Disney is also pretty pitbullish where their trademarks are concerned, so where other companies may let it slide, I wouldn't expect Disney to, especially after the conniption fits they were seen to have recently at the mere sight of anything that even loosely resembled the sillouhette of Mickey Mouse. I would think though that if it was billed generically, as in without any mention whatsoever of the Tron brand, and the adherence to the conceptual art and design were loosened, one could get away with claiming it was "inspired by" Tron rather than a "copy of" Tron. I am not a lawyer however, so don't quote me. I just know that in many other cases it was decided that there were limits to how invasive you could get on the copyright of a generic idea, and in the absence of anything that makes something truly one of a kind, copyright has less ground to stand on. At any rate, the design is very pretty and I admire the efforts gone to while trying for authenticity. Very nice job from the photos! :matte-motes-wink:
  22. Hey Dana! Would that also account for why the instanced copy of my yacht, which I have perma-rezzed in the inlet dock I created next to my house, sometimes is wearing the text from some miscellaneous notecard as a paint job?! It's the weirdest thing. I can understand that maybe the first time it happened it was because of something like having a notecard open while the textures rezzed. But it has happened numerous times since, despite having cleared cache many times, used different official SL viewers as well as Firestorm Beta, numerous machine restarts, video driver updates, etc. And even funnier is I haven't opened a notecard at home but maybe three times since within the first 10-15 minutes after rezzing at home. minutes later... "Oh! Don't sneak up on me like that, haha. You scared me! Hey, aren't you Rod Serling? Is this still SL??"
  23. Venus Petrov wrote: You can try Punchie Gumbo inworld. He owns Platinum Tattoos and he has done custom work. As his IMs may be capped, craft a simple notecard with your request. You may also need to provide him with a photo of your avatar face with the approximate location of the tatt marked on the photo. Good luck! Venus, what's the name of that store you sent me to when I was looking for eyelash tattoos with makeup? They actually have a mole tattoo set there with something like 6 or 8 different facial locations all in the same set. I think one is on the chin area. The name of the place escapes me! Arrrgh!!:matte-motes-confused:
  24. Ish you must tell me the secrets of your blissful ignorance one of these days. Simply must. I've had many opportunities to see and talk to Ron Jeremy having done so much work myself (not as an actress mind you) in the adult industry, where he knew or worked with a few of the production companies I contracted and worked for. And it is for this reason, that I beseech you. How have you denied his belly to yourself so successfully? It is as unavoidable as death and taxes! BLECCH!!!!
  25. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: koto Nizna wrote: if you can see naked( full frontal) actors in any national television program in your country today then its ok to be naked all the time in any sim in secondlife. ... I think that's for the sim owner to decide. My sim is divided into two areas: A store, where I expect people to leave their clothes on (even RL sex shops have a no-nudity policy), and a nude beach, where visitors may dress or undress however they like. It doesn't matter if a sim is rated adult, there might still be a dress code. I'm going to go with if you see the wrong actors naked in full frontal in any national television program in your country tonight at midnight then starting tomorrow, long before the sun comes up "it" will have decided to never be okay again in life!
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