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  1. Innula Zenovka wrote: I wholly agree. As you say, somewhere around Obsidian Butterfly she lost the plot (or, rather, seemed to lose interest in plotting). I get the impression she's signed a rather too arduous contract with her publishers about how frequently she needs to deliver new manuscripts, so a good way to fill in the time while she figures out what to do next is to have the ardeur strike and that's another ten pages or so accounted for. Which is OK, but not every thirty or forty pages. Shame, cos I really enjoyed the earlier ones. Ya, that's the going theory. And it's pretty much backed up by her blog, in which she can constantly be found pontificating about her relationships and how "in-demand" she is what with the 18 books she's trying to finish all at once and going on about the TV show/movie deal that got dropped like it was hot a few years ago. The quantity of series titles she's trying to write at once is making all the series suffer. Plus there's just the deus ex machina quality of the ardeur and the fact that it is obviously a device that keeps her from having to do what she's needed to do for the last probably 5 books to keep the series relevant and manageable. Which of course is to kill off at least 4 or 5 characters. Maybe more. Edward has lost enough teeth to where he's really useless now, Olab is too creepy and weird to be a continuing love interest, the Leopard pard is a bunch of sniveling crybabies who are far too dependent and needy to add much more to the plot and from what I understand, she's added half a dozen Lion weres and several more vamps within the last three books. It's ridiculous. And Richard needs to go too despite me liking him more than Jean-Claude, although I understood why JC could not disappear. Yet now even he's playing the background. I officially stopped buying at Skin Trade. After Danse Macabre I had to give her one more chance to make good, and she flubbed it. Shark not only jumped, but vaulted in spectacular fashion with a mid-air pike for form.
  2. The True Blood display wouldn't be complete for me without Sophie-Anne. And since I've had a girl crush on Evan Rachel Wood for years now, it's my duty to put her in. Am I right? I also like Russell and Nan because they were hilarious, Valek from J.C. Vampires, Selene from Underworld and Gary Oldman's Vlad from Bram Stoker's, but my favorite is Sophie-Anne.
  3. Innula Zenovka wrote: Considering the popularity of -- for example -- Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series, in which life (undeath, rather) seems to be pretty much one long orgy, at least if you hang out with the right sort of vampire, I'm always rather suprised more isn't made of this in SL, I have to say. And certainly there's a whole D/s aspect to vampirism that doesn't seem as widely explored in SL as one might expect (or maybe it is, and I'm not aware of it). It's funny you mention that series, cause I used to be a disciple of it until Laurell became completely unable to formulate a plot that was not predicated almost entirely upon the Ardeur. And now it is as you say, one big orgy for its own sake. The story jumped the shark pretty much right after Obsidian Butterfly, which I think the next book was Narcissus in Chains and longtime fans such as myself are pretty much the worse for it. The reviews section of amazon.com for her series is made up now almost 100% of longtime fans snarking on every aspect of the current concept. It's funny, but also sucks that such a great series went out this way. And the Meredith Gentry series went right behind it, although that one was pretty much a sechsfest from book one or two.
  4. Dana Hickman wrote: Kascha Matova wrote: Your AIR is very good advice. However, it makes SL an adventure in hopping from foot to foot trying to get on the wavelength of everybody you interact with on greater than "hi bye" level. Actually, I'm only talking about figuring out what other peoples "wavelengths" are, not using that info per se to change how you yourself behave. I would never suggest that someone change who they are or how they want to be in SL just for someone else. I'm only suggesting that it's smarter to pick and choose who you get involved with based on a similar, or non-conflicting SL-usage style.. and the catagories are the key to finding that out. Just doing that one thing eliminates tons of potential "usage style" conflicts that often end in hurtful or really awkward moments. You would be suprised at the number of people who don't include "play SL the same way as I do, in the same manner, and want the same things from the experience" in their personal list of criteria that a potential partner / fling / master / whatever.. needs to have. "Playing the same way" is not a normal RL consideration. We all play real life the same way, and so this is an additional compatibility consideration that's unique to virtual worlds like SL, and one not an awful lot of people actually stop and think about when considering who to get involved with in SL. Okay, you know what? When you break it down like that, it does force me to consider the adjustments that need to be made in the other direction as a result of the differences between SL and RL. Although there certainly are different approaches to how one can conduct real life obviously, there are also certain immutable laws of living it that one can't "opt out" of, lending far more standardization to real life conduct than one can find here. Good point. I guess my main thing is when people really start leaning hard on the "wear a bell so I know where you're coming from lest I get blindsided with my eyes wide open and my head on a swivel" thing. I've never been a fan of obligatory victimized speed bumps that the rest of the world has to wreck their cars avoiding. If you know what I'm getting at. But I can see you're not advocating that at all. So I feel ya gurl! :matte-motes-wink:
  5. Dana Hickman wrote: Kascha Matova wrote: But Dana, how is this combined with your last post on the subject not a mixed message? Because I was replying to 2 different people who had different concerns? The first was about RLers whose main goal is a RL identity to RL identity connection, and everything else in between is just a tool, a means to get to that. The second was about how you will always find hurt, trouble, or drama if you roleplay emotional stuff with people who are unaware you're just roleplaying it. Absolutely no mixed message there. Nobody is rewriting anything. The key to most things social in SL is to master the assumed expectations that you yourself, and others bring with them when the login button is pressed. Regardless of why someone is in SL, or how they personally choose to use the platform, it's nearly always a mismatch of expectations (personal or SL usage based) that causes issues like these being discussed. I always tell people "AIR... Augmentationist, Immersionist, Roleplayer.. learn it", and I don't tell people that just to have something to say. Figuring out which one of those approaches a person is using at the moment greatly narrows down what their motivations, intentions, and expectations might be. One can't enjoy a chapter with someone if you're both reading from different books. Gotta give you credit. You've got the right word in bold italic. That's the problem. expectations are a result of entitlement. Were those expectations preferences instead there would be no opportunity for emotional ruin. And in an arena where one has no real power to enforce the rules by which others interact? Entitlement is naive on the nice side and foolhardy otherwise. It will never matter what others "should" do. All that matters is that each one of us has the power to control the damage possible when others instead do what they "want to" do. The rest of this is really just conversation. Take your own emotional security into your own hands. Don't toss it towards others and then complain about their "alligator arms". Your AIR is very good advice. However, it makes SL an adventure in hopping from foot to foot trying to get on the wavelength of everybody you interact with on greater than "hi bye" level. Personally, I find that to run counter to what I came here for, and consider that sort of psy-op better suited to real life where I at least have the surety of face to face interaction to eliminate certain concerns. Why would one come to the most ambiguous environment one could find to start an egg hunt for transparency? Talk about ice skating uphill... ( by "you" I mean any person in question, not you personally dear :matte-motes-little-laugh: )
  6. 1. "I'm confused right now" ( I'm confused too - about why anyone would think that still works as a breakup line!) 2. "RL has to come first" (Then why the hell are you still logged on 7 hours a day like before, just without me now?!) GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! :matte-motes-sour:
  7. Dana Hickman wrote: JeanneAnne wrote: Stating limits & expectations upfront seems too legalistic & takes all the fun & spontaneity & romance out of it, seems to me like, anyway. Who would've thought that something thats supposed to be fun and "just a game" (sl) can involve such heavy medicine, emotionally speaking? Stating limits and expectations like you have to in SL isn't really in anyones book of favourite things to do.. it's something you *must* do in order to avoid false expectations and getting hurt, or hurting someone else. SL is *not* just a game, and assuming it was that kind of free-for-all atmosphere is why you run into these things. Many here have lots of themselves invested in their social relationships, and to trod over all that because "it's just a game" is reckless and inconsiderate. If you're roleplaying some kind of "expected reaction" and it's not really yours, you have a duty to divulge that info *before* what you say gets taken to heart, not after... or only do these things in a dedicated roleplay area where bluffing is the norm. But Dana, how is this combined with your last post on the subject not a mixed message? On the one hand, you classify RLers as people who blow right by the fantasy nature of SL with overblown sense of entitlement and dubious or even outright bogus regard for the role the avies play in these interactions. Which I agree with wholeheartedly as I stated identically in my own post. But then you imply essentially that approaching SL exactly as its charter says it is to be approached is a mistake and not deferring to the expectations of people who attempt to redefine that charter is reckless and inconsiderate. That heavily investing in SL is inseparable from tying one's emotional stability to it is a myth, if not an outright falsehood. Anyone who cultivates relationships on any extended level in a virtual world, taking real time to do so, and spending an inordinate amount of time customizing and personalizing a virtual representation of not only themselves but their surroundings, has invested heavily. That is not the same thing as having unrealistic expectations of the platform and the nature of the relationships it encourages or supports. There is literally no difference between this and your average guy who dives with sharks with no cages and then complains about getting bitten. There are certain realities about undertakings on the internet. Either face them and accept them, or stay off it. The same misconceptions and ridiculous assumptions are behind all these people coming up clinically depressed because they actually thought their Farcebook friends were equivalent to their real friends and when they come up woefully short, it becomes a reason for "trust issues" across the board and everyone is "deceiving them and being fake". Sorry. Caveat emptor lives, and in eras devoid of today's sense of entitlement and lack of accountability this is not even a debatable concept. The OP is not responsible for the refusal of other residents to accept the limitations of the platform they are using. Not every shark bites, but any shark can. If you're not prepared for that then stay out of the water. This entire platform is a dedicated roleplay area and the sooner people come to grips with that the sooner they're out of "harms way".
  8. Autumn Eleventhauer wrote: Krystal, I'm hearing what they are saying, but I'd really like to hear from a sub who plays in the BDSM community. I realize the responders are being hyper critical, but I did put my issue out there in a public forum. My real trouble stems from my wanting the person I am communicating with to understand I am a real person, really a woman (because so many men are paranoid that they are interacting with a man pretending to be a woman that many of them won't continue until they can verify who they are dealing with, and I understand that and respect this.... The problem is, closing that door after it's been opened.) In the future my profile is going to clearly state that I am not into voice (it hurts my ears after 5 minutes) or photos or blending my RL into SL, -but right now, I'm not even looking. Just being free of my recent hassle feels so good, I am reluctant to even try to find a BDSM community in SL. But wherever I now travel in SL, I'm going to clearly state that I'm in SL to escape RL, not to bring anyone from SL into my RL, at all- not even as friends. When I am inworld next, I will clearly state this in my 1st life tab of profile. Thank you for your response, Autumn There IS no closing that door after it's been opened. That is what everyone is trying to tell you. You seem to be misunderstanding that these guys are in fact pervs, who never had any interest in SL fantasy in the first place. SL is a convenient excuse through which they can get their rocks off on a woman with no obligation. If it was about SL fantasy there would be no "prove you're a real woman" phase at the beginning. What would it matter if it was about dominating your avie with theirs? You will continue to have these problems if you do not hold your ground at the outset. Sorry. :matte-motes-bored:
  9. Nyll Bergbahn wrote: Hi Jamiee, This happened to me a week or so ago and somewhat strangely affected one alt and myself but not another alt. I tried everything possible for hours and even into the next day but what eventually worked was one of what a friend calls the Big Four, skin, shape, bald base and eyes. I'd already tried shape, skin and bald base but the last one, eyes, is rarely the solution and I hadn't thought of it until the next day but it worked for me. Soon as I changed eyes, my avatar and alt instantly rezzed and have been fine since. I can even still wear the eyes I had on at the time when the issue arose. Ya that too with the hairbase. I can't understand why they cause so many problems with this. I honestly can't remember ever having this problem before going to V2 and wearing hairbases all the time. V1 still comes up instantly. They've really got to get this multiple tattoo layer thing sorted out.
  10. This used to happen to me for the longest time too after doing character tests. The polka dot stuff is actually not on the pants and shirt layer, it's on the underwear layer. Also, there is a pair of panties on the character test avie even when nekkid cause it's a part of her skin. Obviously SL doesn't feel as free about having her strip down to nothing as 3rd party skin designers. For some odd reason which I never quite figured out (maybe packet dropping), doing a detach all clothing or detach all after a character test will leave the polka dot items on, even if you can't see them showing "worn" so you have to do them individually. If you re-wear your preferred skin and detach everything on the underwear layer, the clothing you intended to put on that apparently isn't showing up even though it says "worn" will appear. Hope this helps and it's not something entirely different than what I experience! :matte-motes-wink:
  11. Baloo Uriza wrote: The GIMP. "Pics or it didn't happen" isn't proof positive in an age where any idiot can download photo manipulation software for free. And definitive proof of that little factoid simply fell into your lap. Is that it? We're supposed to just believe that? Pics or it didn't happen! :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  12. I've been wrestling with your question for I think three years now at this point. I still have something like 60 people on my friends list from '07-'08 after several cleanups, and maybe 4 of them have been on since that I've noticed. All my close friends, dancing associates, etc. are gone. And I had a lot of them. My entire SL life was spent surrounded by friends and lovers. Then I went away for 2009 because of drama. I've been trying to recapture what Sl was for me ever since, but I just don't have the...emotional energy to start over and make new friends/join new scenes, etc. I've tried. And so things have gone from what they were, to logging in only to landscape my houses and sail, to only logging in to shop which of course leads in turn to my only wearing my beautiful new clothes to go out shopping for new clothes. I got sort of screwed over by my new estate owner, so the new house I set up a few months ago simply disappeared back into my inventory after it had just been there one 5 hour night's sleep earlier. No warning. So I can't even stand around in my living room and listen to music/model clothes, etc. I'm a nomad again, which I haven't been since my second day in-world. The forums are what remains of my SL life now. Being in world is heart rendingly lonely (my drama flair 'flares'). I'm for all intents and purposes a bum sleeping on the dock at Ethereal Teal. In a dirty ballroom dress. Isn't that just perfectly horrible? So my answer to your question is...can I trouble you for a 5th of vodka on your way out of the store? It keeps me warm is all...:matte-motes-crying:
  13. Yup. That's it. Analog Dog was my favorite hair locale. I have that one from there and there's a pony-tailed version of it too which I also have. They have several colors in the hair packs and I do believe there is a blonde version. Here I am with it below (from my earlier badge photo, hence the white strip for my name)
  14. I had this exact same thing happen to me, except I was the poseball owner. I came on one evening after not having been on for a few days and before I could even get my bearings and notice that my lover was online she had tp'd directly to my house, walked in and confronted me about who I had been with with the poseballs. I was completely confused and shocked, and had no idea what she was talking about. My denials only made her more upset, which made me more upset too - I didn't even know which ones she was talking about at first. When she told me, I spent a good half an hour racking my brain in frustration and growing unease trying desperately to remember the last time I had actually had them out, and could not come up with anything. She left in a huff convinced that something was going on and leaving me almost crying in panic. It wasn't until several hours later that I was able to figure out what happened and beg her sufficiently so that she'd come back and hear me out. It turns out that several different poseballs from different manufacturers were listening on the same channel to my commands, so that when I issued an unhide to the sit balls on one of my newer couches, the sex balls I had bought from somewhere else that were next to the fireplace and had been hidden almost since I bought them unhid too. When I am sitting in a chair or on a couch and log off, I don't get up, which means the poseballs I'm sitting on are still visible, and so are any others that I did not tell to hide that were unintentionally made visible. The sex balls could not be seen over the back of the couch in the living room from the chair I was in, and I had never gotten up. I was just sitting there listening to music and looking out the windows. I had no idea what had happened, but it was innocent. Fortunately, my partner realized that she was stressed out about a lot of other things and that she was taking them out on me and never considered something like that. But it can and does happen. It would be very unrealistic to assume the worst over this, unless you had other reasons for suspicion. Born 03/2007 and no stranger to SL romances btw. Both lengthy and "flingy". Hope this helps! :matte-motes-smitten:
  15. Imagin Illyar wrote: It's the current SL beta viewer, V3. Best viewer I've used since being in SL. Download it here: http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/#download-Testviewers Under the heading Second Life Viewer Beta - not the big orange button at the top. Whuuuut?! What happened to the SL and associated viewers we all know? Where are the groans? Faith and belief have exacted such a heavy toll in the past! Is it a trick? :matte-motes-impatient:
  16. Imagin Illyar wrote: I have never been so happy with a viewer update! The horrible inventory delay problem - FIXED! Notecards are saving properly again! There is almost no load time on inventory at start up! Every sculpt I have it rezzing properly! FPS is better than ever! Stability is awesome, haven't crashed yet! Objects are reporting the number of prims correctly! I still get the viewer not responding thing but it is now very rare, a very big and noticeable improvement here. I am using it with the Starlight skins plugin and the new light teal color scheme which is just perfect - very easy on the eyes, very productive. Wait! Imagin, what viewer is this now? It's a new beta of the official viewer or a tpv? I get this where?
  17. I have a turquoise stud in my nose that I almost never dispense with because it matches my eyes. Or at least almost never, because maybe once every several months I'll wear my regular diamond one. Lately I haven't been able to get out of this hat I'm wearing in my badge photo either. It's to the point that I am accepting or rejecting outfits based on whether or not they work with my hat. That's no good!
  18. valerie Inshan wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: I will care when they make flexi mesh peni. LMAO! :smileyvery-happy: Then maybe I will care too. /me winks at my partner: but not too flexi though. :smileytongue: ZOMG! You so crazy Val! LOL! :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: Oh ya. The question...I still don't really get what it's supposed to do for us or the extent to which it's going to change things, and furthermore, am far too lazy to read up on it. Would that be the same as "no"?
  19. Chronometria wrote: Depends what you want to achieve out of it. People only pester female characters for voice "proof" if they are escorts or something. If you just want to be friends without that sort of intimacy, you are probably not going to be asked for that. That is as south of accurate as anything I've heard on these forums. In fact, in my four years in SL, the only time I was never pestered and pressured for pictures, voice, and whatnot was when I was dancing exotic. People didn't start pestering until we were having normal conversations as alleged friends that had nothing riding on what was similar or dissimilar between my RL gender and my SL gender. And no matter what should have made it obvious what I was, whether it was me discussing women's issues, me discussing my daughter and what it was like to carry and give birth to her, pictures of her, whatever, there was always an excuse for others to move the goalposts. The sense of entitlement within SL since voice came out is disgusting, annoying, and can be seen all over these forums even where half the people here seem to feel they have authority to demand whatever proof they want of whatever they want (although it never concerns anything but gender), and anyone who doesn't comply is a liar. Always the most negative connotation they can come up with. And nothing has changed since it started, so I wonder how anyone could think this is limited to escorts.
  20. I don't know enough about mesh yet to be lusting over it, but I do wish the 1.x Ascent and Singularity handled 2.x functionality, such as multiple tattoo, alpha, and clothing layers. They already handle single alpha layers, a single tattoo layer, and multiple attachments per point. Really that functionality right there is the only reason I'm not using Ascent/Singularity as my primary viewer to this day.
  21. Kasya Sciavo wrote: If all you people having these constant problems stopped using V2, you would not only enjoy your SL more but send a message to LL that we all told you about ages ago. Even after all this time to get it right, V2 is still a disaster. Worse, even on top end machines it is a veritable snail. The TPV viewers based on snowglove especially run rings around V2, and frankly if you continue to use the mess that is V2 I personally have no sympathy for you whatsoever. I suspect the people who sell snow to eskimos are keen to get your number. :matte-motes-silly: I'm sorry. Was this some half-assed attempt to tell me I reap what I sow? What part of "Ascent, Singularity, and Cool VL Viewer" says to you that I am tethered to V2? And what exactly does "V2" mean to you, considering that you mention third party viewers running on Snowglobe as if they are a direct alternative that doesn't run 2.x code. Are you talking about Firestorm or one of the others like Kirstens? So then what if the 2.x compatible viewer I actually use is in fact Firestorm, yet I still have wicked problems I didn't have with 1.x? Is my number still a hot item with shady salesmen then too? I didn't just get here yesterday. Can you know what's going on first before you tell me what a simp I've made of myself? Much obliged.
  22. Venus I have to agree. Most of those things make avies look like babies when they're loading up their diapers while you watch, and think that on-off smiling thing they're doing is about happiness, lol. It's actually more of a grimace though isn't it? :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  23. For my part, I've got to say that getting used to the V2 interface enough to where I could do the 80% of my core activities without hunting and pecking or consulting a help screen was pretty E-Z and is now in the rearview mirror. I still do prefer V1's interface, as it is familiar and simply worked. Like Ish, I'm not a huge fan of glyphs in the place of action words on buttons and such, although if they're intuitive, I'll deal. My main concern though, I'll have to say, will never be the interface where V2 is concerned. And that is because I have enough to deal with just getting my fug avie to rez fully and be able to change clothes and hairbases without several parts coming up missing or never changing at all, inventory folders telling me they're loading for periods of time beyond all reason, my notecard text appearing as the hull texture on my boats...you know, the fun stuff! Ya if V2 would just work for crying out loud...but then that's the mantra isn't it? "It Just Tanks" Just gonna keep using FIrestorm and hoping for the best, but if dreams came true, a V2 based Ascent or Singularity viewer with the current interface would be popping up really soon.
  24. There are days I spend so much time mixing and matching clothing that I never actually make it outside despite being in-world for three or more hours. I actually end up having to lie to myself and say that the only reason I logged in was to reconcile my inventory. Whatever that means! :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: I wish I could be satisfied with just one shirt, pair of pants, and pair of shoes!
  25. Piper Shan wrote: Thanks for the reply. I actually downloaded Imprudence to try and combat the lag untill the issue is fixed, and I find Impreudence runs amazingly! I guess that proves its client side. It seems as though since the update, second life is using more memory resources then it use to? I have no idea what more its trying to process? anyway, id recomend using imprudence for now. Is Imprudence version 2 based though? Rolling back to the 1.x codebase is an easy way to sidestep any problem with the latest version but it doesn't really solve anything. CoolViewer, Phoenix 1.x, Singularity and Ascent will also run flawlessly for me regardless of what's happening with any 2.x viewer whether official or 3rd party. And that's great as long as I'm okay with my avie never advancing past where she'd developed in 2009. Otherwise LL is going to have to do a far better job of figuring out what they've broken or bottlenecked with these V2 additions, and whether or not they are ultimately worth it.
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