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  1. From what you've written I get the impression that you've only been on the website and not inworld. If I am wrong, sorry about that. If I am right, download the viewer, login and go explore! There's alot to see in SL. More than you could have possibly been to in one day.
  2. This isn't anything new. This decision was made well over a year ago and people have found pre paid cards that do work.
  3. Since most of us found GD to be entertaining, I figure this is the perfect place for the new GD.
  4. It sounds like a ghosting issue so check out Marigold's advice here.
  5. I've dealt with this very issue recently. I started getting spammed from a clothing designer's subscribo and I've never heard of the designer. I went to the location the message was sent from only to not find a subscribo and ended up having to simply mute the designer/object. I've also had the issue of owners moving the subscribo box to a location nobody but them can get to. That owner was nice though and removed me when asked to.
  6. If the message is from a subscribo, typically there will be a SLURL included somewhere, saying the message originated from such n such subscribo @ SLURL here. If there is the SLURL, click the link to go to the location, find the subscribo box and click on the unsubscribe button. ETA: You could also block/mute the owner of the subscribo group and you'll no longer see the messages.
  7. Oh you're correct. I didn't have it checked. I usually don't. Sorry about that. So yes, they are showing as long as Moderate/Adult is checked.
  8. Unk answered your question, look in the commerce thread. I just wanted to say that your links took me to the marketplace main page. Side note: One person has even had problems with an item simply because it had the number 5 in the name.
  9. If you didn't see it, it's because one of the other threads about the subject was removed by LL. It was full of "she didn't do anything wrong" posts.
  10. Sounds like great things are happening and coming our way. Thank you!
  11. /me wants some of your meds.
  12. Next time I need to pay more attention. I didn't realize this was posted in SLA otherwise the alt wouldn't have replied. I'd have replied with a simple "No, there's no way to detect. If you really want to know, ask the person".
  13. Have you reset your router/modem? I know it's helped with this issue for me and others in the past.
  14. I'll login and give you the name/LM of a great place to rent from. It's a fairly large estate/land owner but the staff is great if you ever have problems.
  15. It's understandable if you like living there but keep in mind, other landlords arent into spying on their tenants. For me, there's no way I could live in a place that I know I have to be on the look out for spy scripts etc. I'd start looking for a new place asap. But there's one estate owner I've always rented from when I dont own my own land.
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